MP-18M-M, rifle, shotgun

MP-18M-M– very easy, trouble-free single-barreled shotgun. A deserving successor of the line single-barrel rifles Izhevsk mechanical plant, generated in different variations

It is no secret that the Izhevsk mechanical plant creates the lion’s share of the hunting as well as civil tools in Russia. Single-barreled, dual-barreled, pump-action, semi-automatic and also non-automatic rifles (e.g., MP-161K, Mr-142К, Mr-143, the Express, Mr-43КН, MP-133, MP-233 MP-18МН, «« North », Mr-155 K), are in consistent need of the customer.

MP-18M-M single-barrel single-shot design, a traditional hunting rifle, the maximum offered value.

Search guns MP-18M-M

Basic version of the hunting rifle is a version IZH-18. It is readily available given that 1964, yet has actually gone through lots of alterations and also changes. MP-18M-M is just one of the lines, developed on its basis.

This single shot shotgun, is identified by basic layout and reduced weight. Nevertheless, to consider it a variant of the category of «« just» fire » is impossible. The version describes the kind of sniper gets on the situation when the seeker chooses to kill video game with round, and not the sprinkled market of fire. Because of this, the version usually creates from a hunting to a type of simulator to sharpen their capturing abilities.

Offered in a number of various versions– sport, the Junior, criterion. The Izhevsk plant uses a version of exactly how stable a muzzle narrowing, as well as changeable muzzle add-ons, which broadens the range of the rifle.

Disadvantages as well as advantages

The weapon is designed for various types of hunting– a variety of calibers it permits along with for sporting activity as well as for self-defense. Easy design and integrity makes the rifle very durable and dependable.

To unquestionable advantages of this version consist of quality.

  • High precision– a sign of this rather depends on the skill of the shooter. However, competitors varminting the very best of the shooters were made from a distance of 350 m razmernosti, not exceeding one quarter MoA. The average is definitely reduced, yet still impressive.
  • The barrels are made from steel of the best. The wall surface density at the muzzle is 2.5 mm. the Barrel depending on the quality can withstand the pressure of powder gases from 65 to 90 MPa. Muzzle channel as well as a chrome plated chamber, which adds to high precision.
  • The minimal weight of versions from 2.9 to 3.3 kg. Junior model is particularly designed for shooters, not possessing wonderful physical toughness teenage ladies.
  • USM is set up in the receiver, that makes the design extra easy however more reliable. The locking shaft is an oscillating lever.
  • To stop unintentional discharge gun is outfitted with a non-automatic fuse and also a special estimate on the trigger that avoids get in touch with of the trigger with the striker, otherwise pressed the trigger.
  • MP-18M-M is offered for different quality, with a long-term muzzle narrowing and also with changeable pads.
  • The gun has a high prekladatelu as well as excellent equilibrium.
  • The advantages can and ought to be credited to the budget-friendly rate of models with excellent quality of the gun

The disadvantages include the quality of the product.

  • In manufacturing models, there is no opportunity of placing optics or collimator. Fly, the included, regular, and also in the dark is not lit, which is inconvenient for evening searching.
  • Below are some rifle quality only produced the piece.

Picture of the weapon MP-18M-M

Purpose Izhevsk mechanical plant uses under shotgun caliber 12 to 45-70 Govt– the latter, certainly, not commercially created. Such a wide choice enables you to use the weapon for hunting almost any kind of game:

  • manufacturing of moderate as well as tiny animal, including fur;
  • the hunt for a big pet– wolf, swine;
  • bird hunting;
  • varminting– specific capturing at long variety. The superb precision of the fight rifle delivers excellent results.

For shooting sports the factory generates a special model, various structural features. To create the skills of exact shooting any type of great version of this line.

  • Burst rifle, MP-18M-M are manufactured under the caliber.222 Rem,.223 Rem,.243 Win, 7,62 * 39, 7,62 * 51 (308 Win), a 7.62 * 54 R,.30-06 Spring.
  • Item design can be calculated on the caliber 5,6 * 39 R, the 7.62 * 53 R, 9 * 53 R 9,3 x 74 R,.270 Win, 45-70 Govt.

In addition, the schedule includes a few modifications.

  • MP-18M-M— the base design, the most cost effective. Available as with a routine barrel and unpredictable chokes. The plan of the weapon can get in rib. Stock as well as forend of a rifle made from timber– walnut, beech. A large range of qualities permits you to use the gun for searching as well as exact shooting.
  • Mr-18M-EAT— is geared up with ejector tool for automatic ejection of cartridges. If desired, the ejector can be disabled by transforming a bar directly throughout the search. The ejector is activated instantly at the next opening of the trunk.
  • Mr-18МК-M— alternative the trigger of the weapon. The trigger is performed by a launch as well as a security side.
  • MP-18M-M ««» Junior » version to begin with is light. The forearm and butt are lowered in size, adapted to the makeup of the target group– adolescents and also women. The butt is outfitted with a head-shock-absorber. Produced under the small evaluates.
  • Mr-18ЕМ-M– showing off design for target shooting. Provides much better functional designs– butt kind «« Monte Carlo»», in the muzzle of the barrel holes– they cancel toss the rifle when fired. Improved discovery gadget– a discovery plank is bigger with two flies: the front color and back round. The rifle is equipped with ejector. The barrel and muzzle narrowing of the best quality.

Maybe a different implementation of the gun: the ordinary, that is, with the typical finish, and also traditional– with engraving or carving.

In each available quality rifles with barrels of different lengths.


Rifles designed to shoot bullets as well as lead shot. Designs that you can use steel shot, significant as necessary: the barrel has the mark «« steel shot », and detachable choke restriction for steel shot have the classification «« STEEL ». The table shows the characteristics of the choke constrictions for lead shot.

Setups The worth of the specification
Quality 12 16 20 28 32 12 20 .410
Length, mm The chamber 70 76,2
Trunk 660, 710, 750 660,

















Trunk size, mm 18,4 16,8 15,7 14,0 12,5 18,4 15,7 10,3
The typical maximum gas stress, MPa 65/74 68/78 72/83 90/105
C 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0
IC 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,15 0,15 0,25 0,25 0,12
M 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,25 0,25 0,5 0,5 0,25
IM 0,75 0,75 0,75 0,4 0,38 0,75 0,75 0,38
F 1,0 1,0 1,0 0,6 0,5 1,0 1,0 0,5
Product of a butt and tsevja Walnut, beech, birch
Weapon weight, kg 2,9

These choices are noted on the hook of the barrel in the breech. If the model indicates an adjustment in the muzzle narrowing, the breech appears the icon «« Var ». The relevance of shutting shown on the muzzle of the nozzle.

Hunting shotgun MP-18M-M 12/76,710 mm, plastic


All modifications of the line MP-18M-M include 2 architectural parts– the box with supply as well as detachable barrel with forend.

  • The locking barrel mechanism is easy and also dependable, the swinging lever. Open up the rifle by relocating the lever upwards. Outdoors state, the lever holds the delay. Most current automatically releases the bar when the trunk is closed.
  • Enhanced the link node of the forearm and the shaft latch bar type. This approach gets rid of thermal distortion when shooting.
  • USM is mounted in the receiver. The trigger refers to the return kind, the shooting pin is made separately and is springtime loaded. Lever locking up as well as opening of the barrel the trigger is cocked. At the very same time, it prolongs the index and cocking the trigger.
  • Security from accidental discharge ensure the safety and security lug on the trigger and also handbook safety. To allow it, you require to relocate the fuse to the right to turn off to the left. At the same time with the left side on information ends up being noticeable red mark.

MP-18M-M attends to a smooth descent. To do this, turn off the fuse, transform the lever to secure the leading as well as hold it, and push the trigger. After that lower the locking lever.

  • The butt is performed from high-end timber– walnut, beech, birch. The wood is impregnated with a special oil. Recoil pad depending on the variations constructed from plastic or rubber. In the budget models, the butt is made of plastic.
Picking as well as packing

Devices Izhevsk rifles are typically really simple:

  • cardboard box;
  • the key of the item.

On request the shotgun can be equipped with exchangeable smooth trunks, adjustable muzzle accessories, as well as the brace.

The concept of procedure

MP-18M-M is made for shooting smoke and smokeless powder, cartridges, metal, paper as well as plastic sleeves. All items can be used for firing lead shot. Steel shot is allowed only in unique designs, which are significant as necessary.

  • MP-18M-M chamber length of 76 mm is charged with any kind of cartridges with a length not going beyond 76 mm, consisting of cartridges, developed for weapons that can hold up against the pressure 1320 bar.
  • A weapon with a chamber length of 70 mm can be billed with any ammo, no longer than 70 mm, other than the cartridges marked «« 1050 bar»». Under the cartridge size means the length of the lining to twist.
  • The size of the bullet used for shooting must go to 0.2– 0.3 mm much less than the size of the muzzle restriction. Quality bullet of steel or brass must not be used.

Just appreciating all the needs to make certain the rifle is really long life.

Weapon transferred to the purchaser unassembled. Prior to Assembly, tidy all parts of grease and also lube with weapon oil. When shutting the trunk feasible negohot lever lock. In this case, the bar needs to be brought by hand, or else when shooting feasible misfires.

There is constantly the opportunity of a protracted shot– slow work the guide, so if the shot did not occur promptly after pressing the trigger, you should wait 30-40 secs without going down the gun. If the shot did not occur, the rifle needs to be restrained.

  • MP-18M-M offers the capacity to establish various choke restriction. To make use of this, you need to effectively protect the nozzle. Muzzle tightness is screwed to withdraw to the walk on the barrel. In between completion of the barrel as well as the cylindrical part of the narrowing the gap stays. Regarding the muzzle narrowing must flush either be, or be recessed a couple of.
  • During the evaluation of the birthed at the point of joining completion of the tightening and also outcropping need to be viewed ring. His Nezalezhnosti shows the damage of compression and the inability to use it.
  • The rigidity of the restriction need to inspect every 50-100 shots.

Maintenance MP-18M-M is partial disassembly. She is done when you require to transfer or store a lengthy weapon.

  1. Pull and also hold the lock centered at the end of the forearm.
  2. Turn the forearm far from the barrel and also different it. Efforts to separate not attached.
  3. Move the locking lever up to the limit.
  4. Turn the barrel down up until it leaves from the receiver.
  5. Foregrip with storage or transport connects to the trunk. For that, after the defined control decreased the shutter bar: press the delay securing bar, then the trigger as well as slowly reduced the lock bar. While down the trigger with cocking.

If necessary repair, heavy contamination, the rifle apart entirely. For this, along with the above, do the adhering to operations.

  1. Unscrew suggested in the layout the screws and get rid of the head.
  2. Easily hitting a box on a wood things, threatening the connection box with the supply and also remove the butt.
  3. You can dismantle the trigger Assembly as well as the ejector if required. It is suggested that complete disassembly of conduct just in regards to the tools store.

Feasible for little adjustments.

  • Usually, the adjustments associate just to decoration carving or substitute of the stock.
  • Popular is the attachment of the cover of the bandolier.

The cost and the testimonials on the MP-18M-M 12-76, 20-76? 410. cal. offered below.


The price of MP-18M-M, the most that neither is available. The version without ejector with a plastic butt is just 7050 p, design with a wooden stock is a lot more expensive than up to 10050 R. modification of the ejector is 10560 R.

The expense of ammo is determined by their ballistic efficiency capacities of the range of the weapon gives a whole lot.

Proprietor reviews

A tiny cost and a large option of calibers is not the only benefit, which is kept in mind by the proprietors of the MP-18M-M, although this aspect is important.

Many point to the unusually accurate modification of components of the gun, the rifle is viewed as a monolith. Such testimonials are intermixed with the description of the poor high quality products, poor processing, supply as well as so on. Evidently, as the tool of various years of launch is dramatically various.

Accuracy– the main benefit of MP-18M-M. To practice abilities exact fight version is optimal.

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