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Today, the model MP-94 Sever has a high need amongst newbies and also specialist seekers, who value the balance of a weapon and also the opportunity of using it to involve big and middle video game.

Reduce of use is established by the reasonableness of appearance as well as functionality, and the design MP-94 Sever ideally show themselves criteria like reduced weight, which gives convenience in transportation, the use of all-natural as well as contemporary polymeric materials having improved resistance to mechanical tension, and also the rate indication, which is one of the most important for any buyer.

Modern types and also brand names of shotguns thrill their proprietors with perfect look and hassle-free attributes that is purchased them by the maker. As a result of the positive client reviews you can understand what are their toughness and weaknesses, what are the specific features that influence the extent. The gun design MP-94 Sever, having a relatively small dimension while having a high index variety: of the target happens at a distance of up to 50 m.

Overview introduction carbine MP-94 Sever

The feature of the design weapon MP-94 Sever is their classic style and also capability to strike even far away objective. The possibility of utilizing cartridges of different calibers (in the top barrel utilizes cartridges of caliber 20 as well as 12 in the reduced cartridges of any quality by the visibility of cuts) increases the value of the version due to higher chances when you beat the function.

Adequate array (over 50 m) permits to cope with the task to beat the purpose of also newbie shooters, and also relatively inexpensive makes it feasible to comprehend the factor for the consistent demand for the version MP-94 Sever.

Analysis of client comments and also allows owners to determine the strengths and also weak points of the model, and to identify opportunities to carry out adjusting as well as refining of the gun. Presenting an extra polished variation of the weapon the previous model (Il-21), MP-94 Sever allows you to get a higher array and also greater accuracy via the use of additional equipment.

Disadvantages as well as advantages

The greatest gun design MP-94 Sever should include such characteristics as the presence of clips in the accessory factor of the lower arm, which significantly promotes the procedure of re-installing, in addition to density as well as lightweight. These attributes guarantee optimal comfort when utilizing it, which is especially crucial for teens or females. Real estate material weapon — — natural wood, treated in a special way that enables its use without worry of shedding the original high qualities.

Regarding the benefits of rifles version MP-94 Sever might include the complying with features:

  • the visibility of a surefire clearance on the barrel for installment of trunks permits you to make sure of the impossibility of spontaneous variation of typical point of effect;
  • the possibility of readjusting the dimension of the tool for a specific arrow that adds convenience to the process of its operation and allows accomplishing the optimum precision of the shots;
  • the existence of soldering or an unique coupler, situated between the upper and reduced trunks, permits to control them in relation to each other that has a lot of favorable reviews from proprietors of the model;
  • modern-day look, immediately brings in the focus of customers.

We can recognize the factor for the popularity of this design if these features add schedule and cost indication. The drawbacks, according to most customers and also owners of guns MP-94 Sever, it has not.

Rifle Mr-94 North (image)

Purpose The use of the weapon MP-94 Sever is determined by its technical capacities. As well as because this design has the qualities of a great discovery each shot, array, opportunity of setup of additional devices, it is most often made use of for professional hunting, which needs the ability to strike a

moving target as well as the accuracy of the shots. Likewise the gun can be utilized for training precision when target capturing, to get skills of newbie.


You can see the version under the brand name «« Baikal»», the types rely on the quality of ammo made use of. So, for the top of the trunk can be made use of ammunition caliber 20 and 12, and also the reduced rifled barrel allows the use of qualities nearly any price without lowering the high quality of made shots.

All-time low of the barrel quality is 5.6 mm Caliber cartridges, which can be made use of for rifled barrel:

  • 9,3 x74R;
  • 9x53R;
  • 8x57JRS;
  • The 7.62 × 63 (30-06Sprin.);
  • 7,62 x54R;
  • 7,62 x53R;
  • 7,62 × 51 (308Win.);
  • The 7.62 × 39;
  • 7x65R;
  • 7x57R;
  • 6,5 x55SE;
  • 5,6 x50R Mag;
  • 223 Rem (5,6 × 45);
  • 222Rem (5,6 × 43).

Additionally the ranges consist of the type used to create the butt of the tree: this is beech or walnut, which are most immune to modifications in ambient temperature and to high levels of moisture.

A lightweight variation of the gun with a smaller barrel dimension.


Technical parameters put down by the producer, allow us to estimate the complete range of abilities of the version gun. A clear advantage must be taken into consideration such as having a high degree of elasticity of the products in the location of the grip as well as hold of considered guns, which guarantee the absence of unpleasant experiences even when running in damaging weather — — frost as well as wind. No slip cheek and shoulder when fired due to the light recoil, which is necessary for beginner shooters as well as women utilizing this version.

Below are the technical qualities of the version, enabling you to obtain one of the most complete photo about the model.

Specs Carbine MP-94 Sever
Country of origin Russia, Izhevsk
Visit Hunting
View Shotgun
Opportunity of use of cartridges of numerous qualities Attributes: upper barrel 20 as well as 12 quality cartridge, as well as the reduced rifled barrel — — ammo of any type of caliber
The overall size of the body 1 000 mm
The size of the barrel 525 mm
The elevation of the version 202 mm
Weight 3,54 kg
Width 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold creating, has an oxide finish

Boasting modern design, the weapon quickly attracts the interest of purchasers, and also by specialists will be appreciated the best mix of technical capacities and also availability of the model at expense.

The types of cartridges that can be set up and used in rifled reduced barrel of the weapon, adheres to: 9,3 x74R; 9x53R; 8x57JRS; 7,62 × 63 (30-06Sprin.); 7,62 x54R and also 7,62 x53R; 7,62 × 51 (308Win.); The 7.62 × 39; 7x65R; 7x57R; 6,5 x55SE; 5,6 x50R Mag; 223 Rem (5,6 × 45); 222Rem (5,6 × 43.


A straightforward tool gun involves no problems during its procedure. The level of smoothness of the trigger pistol-grip style offers delicately shoot, making the most precise shots. Is the design of the real estate block as well as the receiver component. Their simple link supplies simplicity of disassembly and also reassembly that may be required in the repair work, cleansing as well as renovation of this gun.

Node locking these two parts is regulated by the demonstrator plate, forend is attached with a lock on the side of the trunk. Both barrels are positioned in a separate receiver, with smooth trunk goes to the top and also threaded bottom.

  • The standard set includes the gun selected caliber, certification, assuring quality along with detailed guidelines for usage.
  • Shotgun is a polymer film, warning of the negative effect of exterior factors, and in a cardboard box that has actually the called for details on the name of the product and its supplier.
  • Box, if readily available (might be marketed a gun without a cardboard box) is in the traveling bag that will do the giving this gun a memorable present for any type of event every enthusiast of firearms.
The principle of operation

Because of the reasonably easy gadget to utilize shotguns design procedure it does not trigger difficulties also for beginners of shooting firearms. A function of the version is the automated cocking unlocking of trunks.

After loading the store with bullets, you define the target making use of front sight and an optical view as well as press the trigger.


Ease of disassembly is established by the absence of intricacy in version design. The barrel with the body of the weapon connected with the trigger mechanism, buttstock and also forearm with the aid of securing screw, which just permits the disassembly of the rifle.

Disassembly is generally done if essential, fix the weapons, cleaning up the weapons and also the setup of added equipment.


Improvement of the model can be executed by mounting other optical sight or lower arm. Costs as well as proprietor evaluates concerning the gun, MP-94 Sever (22Лр, 20х76, 5,6 х39 etc.) are provided listed below.

Prices and reviews

The price of the gun can differ within the following ranges: from 46 to 61 580 210 rubles.

Positive reviews are based both on the eye-catching appearance of the gun, and also on its broad technological capacities. The use of Mr-94 North to expert hunting as well as target practice, the existence of natural timber in the hull as well as opportunity of use of cartridges of various quality most frequently reported by proprietors.

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