Mr-135, pump-action, shotgun

Shotgun Mr-135 produced on the basis of semi-automatic Mr-155. Its layout is the same also carefully, differing just in the lack of a gas engine.

By inheritance it has received unrivaled integrity as well as simpleness to the procedure conditions, and likewise a lot of small problems that the supplier supplies the individual to fix it myself, as issues develop.

Summary weapons Mr-153

Shotgun 12-gauge with the cartridge chamber of 76 mm, the recharge of which is moving the lower arm in the pipeline grenade store. Barrel as well as chamber are chromed.

Lodge or polupoltina, solid timber, or plastic, with a folding supply as well as pistol grip. Establish the external discovery gadgets include an aerated band and also bronze flies or rifle back sight and also steel front view.

Disadvantages as well as advantages

The layout of the gun allows procedure in any type of conditions as well as regardless the kind of ammunition.

  • Optionally offered trunks, from which shoot steel shot, and is also furnished with internally threaded for removable muzzle constricting. The setup of the nozzle is inside the barrel that not all seekers are thought about the best alternative. When neocryte possible innovation of gases with the thread, failure or jamming of the nozzle.
  • Shotgun pump-action layout is standard for Russia is ruled out suitable for searching. The proprietor in a friendly group may be subjected to blockage. Although it is impossible to disagree with the fact that pump-action reload is a priori a lot more noisy process, except all sorts of searching it is fit.
  • In the rifle shop not to put the ammunition with pointed bullets, given that otherwise barging in the pipe. On top of that, they are an additional resource of sound. The shop layout enables to increase its capacity by establishing the extenders.
  • Rifle front sight and also rear sight are of such a construction that wearing the gun that they have, on the shoulder band is virtually difficult.
  • The gun is geared up with a system for intercepting bullets in the store, enabling you to quickly change the type of munition. Shutter delay makes it possible to lug the weapon with the activity open and also obstructed in the rear position forearm. This makes the functional designs of the tool is pretty good, utilize it safely as well as conveniently.
  • The trigger system has 2 levels of lock: trigger by sliding the button the fuse lies behind the trigger guard, and also bolt that can not be relocated when the cocked shooting pin. Most recent device makes the procedure of emptying of the store at the end of the quest is difficult. Nonetheless, the button retinaculum of the trigger (situated in between the front branch of the trigger guard as well as the bin shop) permits you to bypass this constraint. Generally, the procedure of deactivation of weapons is really complicated. Exactly how to recognize, and also literally.
  • Metal parts of the rifle have a weak rust resistance and the blueing on the external surfaces wears away quite rapidly. After unboxing, individuals usually locate a lot of little problems that need to handle a data as well as various other plumbing tools. All this does not add to the popularity of the tool.
  • The ergonomics of the butt poliestireno Lodge very good, the weapon easily suits the shoulder, allowing reliable to shoot in trip. The enormous shock soaking up recoil pad efficiently takes in recoil. The very same can not be said regarding the foregrip, which is located too far from the butt.

People with brief lower arms to utilize it can be uneasy.

Picture Mr-135

Purpose The weapon can be utilized for searching in Peru, as well as for manufacturing of other pet varieties– medium-sized as well as small carnivores, unguis. The noise of recharge recommends that the quest will certainly be dynamic. It appropriates for self-defense, particularly with a brief barrel length of 510 mm.


There are 2 fundamental design versions of this weapon:

  • standardsearching with poliestireno stock beech or walnut;
  • uniquemade use of for protection, which has a folding plastic buttstock and also the pistol hold is rectangular in cross-section.

Optionally set a rifle back view and also front view (and back strap and a bronze «« tree stump »), the system of obstructing bullets in the store. Component of trunks are made with permanent chokes, the other with the opportunity of installment of compatible nozzles.

Attribute The value
Type Shotgun with pump activity reload
Caliber 12, chamber 76 mm
Trunk Smooth, with chrome channel and also the chamber
Length of stems (mm) 510, 540, 610, 660, 710
The functioning gas stress in the barrel 105 MPa
The maximum allowed 132 MPa
The capability of the shop team 4 +1
The opportunity of boosting Yes, approximately 5 or 6.
Size with wood stock (mm) 1235 (barrel 710 mm)
Weight (kg) 2,9

Shotgun with a movable fore– pump-action type reload. Barrel with chrome channel and the chamber, exterior is covered with blueing.

  • Shutoff with oscillating bar that involves a tooth for a notch in the shank of the trunk. Mirror larva smooth, without sides. 2 teeth of the extractor, the shooting pin is spring filled. Glide– strong construction, strictly linked to the fore end.
  • The receiver is of light weight aluminum alloy window are ejected to the right.
  • Store tubular underbarrel, with the possibility of extension and capability constraints.
  • The gun is furnished with the optional mechanism of the slide quit switch which lies on the best side of the receiver, as well as perehvatyvaet the rounds in the publication, the bar is installed on the left side of the receiver.
  • The trigger device on the basis of impact-resistant polyamide. Has two levels of lock: mechanical, package of the fuse (located in the posterior branches of the trigger guard), as well as automatic that protects against a shot if the shutter is not shut until completion, as well as likewise his movement with the cocked firing pin.
  • To empty the shop, a lever retinaculum, which is shifted back to the butt, after which you can move the screw without anxiety of arbitrary firing. It lies in between the front branch of the trigger guard and hopper.
  • Views in basic variation, the ventilated strap as well as bronze fly «« stub»». They are replaced with optional adjustable rifle totally as well as fly.
  • Wood bed polupoltina, buttstock with a straight comb, inclined to the axis of the barrel. The bed has a folding plastic butt as well as handgun grip of rectangular sample.
Packaging devices

The weapon is available in a cardboard packaging. The barrel is removed. Supplied can be set muzzle contraction with key for setup and also an added barrel. Also have a set of shims to transform the placement of the stock about the receiver. Instruction manual and technical key.

The concept of procedure

When relocating the forearm back the bolt carrier relocates along with it, remove the invested cartridge situation, cock the shooting pin. At the same minute the Elevator is fed round from the publication. En route back, lower arm munition rises and is picked up by the cyndrical tube bolt, which bathroom it right into the chamber. On the last millimeters of the tooth swinging the shutter lever involves the notch in the shank of the trunk. The recharging process is required to create vigorously.

The gun can bill a solitary cartridge through the window of ejector sleeves. This slide is moved back as well as placed on hold. The cartridge is positioned on the Elevator, press the deactivate hold-up as well as shutter accommodating ammunition in the chamber.

When charging the shop need to transform the fuse by moving the switch from left to. The cartridges are piled through the window of the bunker when assigned right into the receiver arm of the Elevator.

If you wish to use ammunition with a various type of equipment, relocate the lever perehvatyvaet cartridges (located on the left side of the receiver) back. Draw the shutter (prior to that click on the retinaculum in front of the trigger guard) and get rid of the cartridge from the chamber. Put in the box the ammunition with the right kind of gear as well as click the launch button with the slide stop. If the lever perehvatyvaet not switch off, the weapon will end up being on the delay upon each opening of the shutter.

  1. Release arms, rotating pushing the bar retinaculum and also the activity of the lower arm.
  2. Unscrew the nut on the store, get rid of the handguard.
  3. Take the bolt carrier Assembly back, postponed.
  4. Print the barrel from the receiver, gliding axle-ring around the store.
  5. Press the release switch with the slide stop and hold the shutter at the last few inches of stroke. Get rid of deal with squad.
  6. Remove the follower, the bolt and cyndrical tube bolt.
  7. Knock out two pins on the receiver and also remove the trigger device.

The gun you can transform the design of the stock or replace it with the handgun hold.


The weapon is from 19 to 24 thousand rubles. For comparison, the MP-43 and murk will set you back 15-25 m. p., 15-16 Tr is Mr-18ЕМ-M sporting, 27-33 Tr — — Artemis.


The rifle requires the proprietor the capacity to utilize hand devices and also to bring the item that is called to mind. Firing the 2nd cartridge with pomadkoy barrel for the purpose of extremely bothersome because of the variation of the sighting line when reloading.

This adnetwork with a fast reload. When shooting rounds with a complete fee of gunpowder is extremely strong, recoil. Buttstock gun grip can transform the brush.

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