Mr-142, carbine, smoothbore tools

Mr-142К– new initial version with the ability to alter barrels.

The Izhevsk arms factory has actually long been famous for its products and also its placement today is not lost. Great deals of interesting and also uncommon options allow you to produce brand-new models for all sorts of hunting or sport.

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Mr-142– the very first Russian weapon, which made feasible such a decision. The basis of the rifle was laid on the modular concept, allows to finish the rifle barrels for different quality and different size. The developer of the project– M. E. Dragunov.

  • Mr-142– duplicating rifle with a longitudinally moving entrance and also lock rotation. The attachment of the barrel the license is an initial design allows to achieve stable average point of impact after the treatment of removing and setting up brand-new shafts.

The design is brand-new and also as a result regularly boosting. So, lately, a new detail– removable handguard. It is anticipated the appearance of a round barrel of size 20.5 mm especially for followers of varminting.

  • Mr-142 is just one of minority domestic producers attempt to develop the gun, essentially made for hunting, not to adapt to this armed forces rifle. Hunting does not involve pouring the purposes of fire, it calls for high quiting power one solitary shot. Recharge and descent searching rifle should be as silent, no clicks. New rifle Izhevsk manufacturing facility was developed to specifically deal with these demands.
Disadvantages as well as advantages

New searching carbine has actually been created with the objective to simplify and also maximize the useful collaborate with the weapon. The change stems is called upon to boost the individual qualities, because it enables to make use of the very same rifle for hunting different game.

It should be noted that the treatment for changing the barrel is extremely basic, so any more or less experienced shooter will conveniently do the procedure. Appropriately, prior to the seeker of a various kind of RR to see is not required, and also to keep a couple of rifles for all occasions, too, is too much.

The main advantages of Mr-142 To consist of the complying with in its high quality.

  • Certainly, is primary as well as initial accuracy, as well as precision, given the modification of the barrel and using various quality. As shown by the examinations, regardless of the ability arrow precision at a distance of 100 m was less than one angular minute.
  • Module placing guns enables you to not just quickly transform barrels, yet likewise to maintain the typical point of impact.
  • Should have a different description trunks: they are made from high strength steel as well as based on standard reduction– cool rotary forging. This is a timeless for Izhevsk gunsmiths innovation enables to acquire the optimum accuracy of the geometric shape of the receiver channel as well as dimensional precision. Action rifling– 305 mm, 560 mm barrel gunning 6. The barrels are not chrome plated– at the Izhevsk plant believe chromium after decrease reduces the accuracy of the fight.
  • The receiver box is connected to the polymer resin– this gives higher security as well as architectural toughness.
  • Locking, double-row, knot it turns tough and sturdy. Diagram of direction of the shutter removes its jamming in the back placement.
  • In Mr-142 three-position appeared To fuse with the settings «« light », « secure discharge » and also « defense ». It is located on the top part of the neck, so it is hassle-free to utilize as the right-handed and also left-handed.
  • The trigger device is flexible.
  • Features Mr-142 To a mechanical discovery tool, however, offers the installing of optics. This band has a «« dovetail » on the receiver «and « strap weaver » that fit on the receiver collar.

The downsides of the product as the new design, slowly fixed. Today individuals report the complying with.

  • The descent is also limited, the force of descent should be minimized.
  • Rather high demands on the top quality of cartridges.
  • Very high expense– around 70-80 thousand thousand.

Mr-142– a hunting rifle as well as used as a civilian or sports is not intended. This is due to the layout of the ammunition as well as the rifle, for which it is created.

  • Designs with barrels with a muzzle constricting– traditional hunting rifle for medium-sized as well as small animal.
  • The larger quality permits you to search wolf as well as swine.
  • Models with a round barrel can be made use of for varminting– precision shooting at fars away. Hence kill small rodents.

Mr-142 too «« young » version, so based upon it have actually already appeared alteration. On its own, the style of the rifle allows you to alter the caliber as well as barrel size, which in fact leaves out the presence of essentially various alterations.

Today produced trunks for Mr-142 for such qualities:.223 Rem (5,56 * 45), 9,3 * 64, 30-06 Spring (7,62 x 63). The receiver of the rifle is so built that fits cartridges with a length up to 85, 6 mm and flange diameter as much as 14, 48 mm.


Relying on the caliber of the features of the carbine and the barrel are rather various. Nonetheless, all the same of the exact same design.

Settings MR-142
The caliber of the cartridge utilized .223 Rem (5,56 * 45), 9,3 * 64, 30-06 Spring (7,62 x 63)
Barrel length, mm 9,3 * 64 600
.223 Rem (5,56 * 45), 30-06 Spring (7,62 x 63) 560
Weight of rifle, kg 4,0
Total dimensions, mm Length 1170
Size 75
Height 183
The capacity of the store PCs 9,3 * 64 3
30-06 Spring 3
.223 Rem 4
The supply product Walnut, beech

Weight offered for an unloaded carbine.


Mr-142– modular rifle. Structural it is divided right into the following components:

  • receiver— holds your ammo with an overall size of 85.6 mm. to unload the box, put together the chamber with straight locking. Between the trunk and also box has a receiver combining;
  • barrel— made from cannon grade steel AR 50, by chilly rotating building, the network is not chrome. In the box the barrel is fixed with a front Klimovo-wedge connection. After installment you require to inspect the securing lugs. With a length of 560 mm barrel has 6 grooves– such a solution is optimum for bullets evaluating from 3,56 to 4.08 g;
  • the shutter Assembly is locked in the trunk 6 lugs, positioned in 2 rows. The release angle is 60 degrees. Stopper hex, substitute combat larvae. Dealt with larva with a cylindrical lock. For larvae supplied a spring-loaded reflector. The signal projection is integral with the drummer: if you cocked it depends on a back entrance that is a signal regarding the play of the drummer in combating trim. The fuse is put on the shank of the box has 3 settings. When moving in the instructions of capturing guard off– there is a red dot, the displacement against the direction– on;
  • the shop— box-type, removable, holds 3 or 4 cartridges relying on caliber;
  • USM— taking place its very own basis and also is secured to the box by 2 pins. Trigger pull is flexible, 10-30 H. it Is feasible to set up on carbine trigger system with shneller;
  • the bed is made from beech timber or walnut.

Comes with a carbine front sight and also entirely. Their shared arrangement provides compatibility of the student of the eye with the line of view. In addition, there is the mount kind «« sync »– 16 mm, as well as «« Planck weaver» »– 12 mm, under a typical view.

Images of the rifle Mr-142

Equipment The rifle comes pre-assembled, the plan is very easy:

  • cardboard box;
  • the key of the product.

The model can be retrofitted to the picked compatible barrels.

The concept of procedure

Mr-142– a rifle with a longitudinally moving gateway, and also its principle of procedure is no various from any various other «« batowice»».

  1. To charge the rifle, you have to push down on the tab to the left to remove shop downwards. The shop is charging patrons individually, is inserted back with a click.
  2. When the screw deal with shows up, the carabiner is opened, the shutter can draw back. The drummer goes on to the frame of the shutter as well as fighting presses the spring. The screw moves ahead, the cartridge shall be sped up in the chamber, and by turning the manage down and to the right the barrel is locked.
  3. As an outcome of the manipulation of the projection of the shooting pin requires to stick to the fight overview murmured.
  4. The trigger, when pressed, turns and also shows sear № 2 out of interaction with the sear No. 1. Thus the spring straightens, pressing the drummer, the last utaplivaet whispered to No. 1. The sear moves forward as well as breaks the capsule. Hence made the shot.
  5. To refill you open the shutter by pressing it back to the limitation. In this situation a covering casing ejected from the chamber, and on the line chambering the following cartridge is fed. The shutter is moved on the cartridge gets in the chamber.

Altering the barrel is of higher passion for the hunter. The substitute is made with battle larva.

  1. First of all package, which Unscrew the screws.
  2. Partially loosen the screws of the link trunk with a box. Transform the barrel clockwise and also take the movement forward.
  3. Mounting a brand-new barrel generates in reverse order.
  4. To change the combat larvae shutter revolve head clockwise until you match the grooves on the barrel as well as the forecasts on the back of his head. After that the head is eliminated.
  5. Relocate the drummer in the back position to release the latch. Secure the retainer, and then get rid of the screw.

Installation of brand-new larvae is carried out backwards order.


For the application of the partly disassembled rifle. Complete disassembly is just needed for repair work of guns as well as produced just in a pinch.

Pre-inspect chamber for the presence of ammunition. The procedure for disassembly the following:

  • push down on the tab on the left, divided from the store;
  • transforming the screw manage to the left, pull him back. With the various other hand push the stop on the left side of the box;
  • Unscrew the 2 screws of the receiver;
  • take out the barrel in addition to package of the bed;
  • the screw carrier team apart according to the same system that was used to transform the fight larvae: turn the head of the screw, take off, get the drummer together with the spring. After that remove the clip as well as withdraw the larva.

Mr-142 To entering reverse order.

Enabled change of the trigger: informs, sear involvement and the initiatives of descent. For this the design consists of modification screws.


The Mr-142 has not yet come to be a manufacturing design, its style continues to be changed, so the opportunities of tuning is challenging to evaluate. Might be replaced with mechanical discovery tools optical. It is additionally possible to mount a brand-new bed.

Concerning the proprietor testimonials, as well as costs on hunting rifle Mr-142 To check out below.


The cost of the rifle still refers to estimated– concerning 70 thousand.


Today you can focus only on the reactions of those users who had the possibility to participate in the tests. The model was presented at some competitions where arrowheads could obtain acquainted with the brand-new gun.

The possibility of changing the barrel was valued. High precision likewise attracted attention. The constant delays in the launch of the manufacturing model considerably lowered the passion in the Mr-142 K.

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