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Smooth-bore semi-automatic shotgun MP-155 (not to be puzzled with the Mr 155 K) is created in the Izhevsk mechanical plant in the last seven years (also generates Artemis, North, Express, MP-18ЕМ-M, Mr-27, Mr-43 KN, etc).

It is the result of modernization of the prominent model MP-153 which has actually enhanced the comfort designs of the tool, increased its dependability and also functionality. Rate, features, evaluations of the proprietors regarding searching shotgun MP-155 will be talked about in this short article.

Description shotgun MP-155

Smooth-bore semi-automatic weapon with a gas inertial engine located on the under-barrel tubular shop, classic style made use of by a lot of weapon business in the world in the manufacturing of the searching semi-automatic.

Advantages and also disadvantages
  • Unpretentious and also reliable in procedure of weapons, are detached to the kind of ammunition made use of.
  • Upgraded gas engine that you can adjust using ammo with different sets of powder.
  • The weapon can shoot both lead and also steel shot. There is an opportunity of setup of compatible muzzle narrowing.
  • Guns with chamber size 76 as well as 89 mm, which permits the usage of ammunition with cartridge instances of all dimensions. The maker uses 4 choices for the size of the barrel.
  • The set of calibers are limited to 12-m and also 20-m the Sixteenth Russian arms in current times tough to ignore, although it is recognized by most hunters as a global.
  • Button guard and gate delays end up being longer, which increases the usability. A device for intercepting the rounds in the publication, it became possible to promptly refill a different type of ammo.
  • Reduced receiver is of light weight aluminum alloy, which has actually lowered the weight of the tool.
  • There was a possibility of installment of optical sights– on the upper side of the receiver is constructed from 2 parallel undercut 11 mm wide, forming bench type «« ingest tail»»
  • . It is possible to install the expansion shop.
  • Fly made from a red fiber-optic hairs, which increases the simplicity of intending.
  • The base of the trigger device and also safety and security clip constructed from impact-resistant polyamide. Utilize it in the layout of the army AK is a small consolation for fans of the Armoury classics. Additionally, the clip is fairly angular, which is not entirely visually pleasing.
  • The developers made the box more sophisticated, making polypetalous the handle is flatter and much less projecting. Lastly fine-tuned the lower arm, which in the version MP-153 was more like a loaf. Without jambs not done at this time. Why the designers made it the setting of the receiver is vague. This angle mates can play a vicious joke on the search, caught at a weird hour for branches or anything else.
  • Provided with a set of spacers to alter the angle of the butt to the receiver.
  • Changed the layout of the shock-absorbing recoil pad, it came to be more effective to dampen recoil.

Adjustable muzzle narrowing placed in the package without additional packaging that ruins a great thread on them.

The gun came to be much easier, approaching this sign to the very best foreign models.

Picture of shotgun MP-155

Purpose In a better level Mr-155 is a weapon for hunting video game birds. Cartridge with a bullet can be extracted and the typical dimension of a wild boar or elk. Great ballistic top qualities permit to utilize it as a sporting activity.


Shotgun is readily available in 12-m and also 20-m quality. The bed is constructed from walnut, beech or high effect plastic.

  • Shotguns 12-gauge can have a retractable supply or the included pistol hold.
  • There is a variation of guns outfitted with rifle entirely and also fly.
  • Not all versions are furnished with a mechanism for intercepting bullets.
  • There are designs with the left setup of a manage of the screw.
Calibre 12 20 scale
Kind Self-loading rifle with a gas engine
Trunk Smooth, with chrome network as well as the chamber
Installment of replacement limitations Provided
Size of bolts (mm) 76, 89 76
The diameter of the barrel at the breech (mm) 18,4 15,7
Barrel length (mm) 610, 660, 710, 750 610, 660, 710
Capability 4 with the chamber 76

3 with the chamber 89

Rise store capability 9 chamber 76

To 8 with the chamber 89

The weight of the gun with the barrel 710 (kg) 3,1 2,8

Self-loading smooth-bore tools with a gas engine.

  • Barrel, cool built, with chrome network as well as the chamber. On the muzzle string is scheduled the setup of adjustable muzzle tightenings.
  • Gas engine located on the under-barrel tubular store. It’s flexible by utilizing a spring-loaded shutoff piston. The pressure at which the powder gases stravlivaya through the tooth cavity of the forearm, is changed by increasing or lowering the tension of the piston springtime.
  • Store tubular, there is the opportunity of its prolongation.
  • The receiver is of aluminum alloy, the home window of ejector sleeves is to the right or left (left-handed). The home window of the shelter shop is located on the bottom face. On the top is made of two recess, the range between them is 11 mm, they create the securing strip of the type «« dovetail» » for setup of optical sights.
  • When locking, the shutter suspension tooth that involves the shank of the barrel. The mirror of the larvae without sides, both teeth of the ejector.
  • The recoil springtime is set up with the gas engine, so there is the opportunity of removing, adjusting the setting or replacing of the butt.
  • When shooting last bullet, trigger system with the bar positioned on hold. Button bar is located in front of the trigger guard, between her and also the bunker store.
  • There is a device for intercepting the rounds in the publication. The brake bar is located on the left side of the receiver. If he’s laid back, the weapon will certainly come to be on a shutter delay after each shot.
  • The safety switch located in the posterior branches of the trigger guard, it has a triangular shape. To bring weapons in fight setting it must click right to left, the result will certainly be a red ring mark. The security locks just the trigger, the hammer remains cocked.
  • Views– vented placket and front view red fiber-optic strands. Optional set rifle rear view as well as front sight.
  • Polupoltina bed, with a gentle hold as well as straight comb supply.
Picking and also packing

The weapon can be found in a cardboard box with shot weapon. Can additionally be included an additional receiver system.

Provided with a set of compatible muzzle narrowing– cylinder, choke, polochak, as well as the secret for their setup, which is made use of to readjust the preload of the spring gas piston. There are shims to change the angle of the butt. Attached directions and the passport.

The concept of operation

The gun services the principle of gas engine: the shooting of a barrel chosen component of the propellant gases, the power of which is used to relocate the bolt and reload. Before filling up the magazine the tool is positioned on the fuse.

The cartridges are piled via the home window of the shelter download, getting rid of resistance of a springtime feeder, as well as dealt with in the shop. If you want to send out added cartridge in the chamber, activate the mechanism perehvatyvaet cartridges, which glide the lever on the left side of the receiver earlier. Glide the screw carrier and placed it on hold-up. Put the ammunition on the Elevator feeder. Move the lock lever, but not until completion, but just stranov it. Mount the shutter will return to its initial placement, and also the restriction of the bore.

If you have actually made it possible for the system of perehvatyvaet rounds, the gun will discharge solitary shots.

To alter the tension of the springtime piston gas engine is utilized the end key for interchangeable muzzle narrowing, which has an arc shape with tooth at the end. He engages in a rectangular cutout in the nut of the piston. To assist in as well as understanding of the procedure in the springtime are color-coded risks.

  1. To discharge the weapon a number of times, jerking screw provider and having it positioned on hold.
  2. Remove the nut at the front of the store.
  3. To eliminate the fore-end.
  4. To take out from the barrel friends to the receiver, sliding his muzzle along the axle of the shop.
  5. Press the bar of removal from the slide quit, holding the paddle by the manage from too great a return.
  6. Take the hand to the piston of a gas engine, stick your butt to the table, to relocate the screw a few inches back.
  7. Remove the manage bolt.
  8. Progressively launch the piston of the gas engine, allowing the return springtime to align.
  9. Remove from store and also gas piston Assembly with frame shutter and demonstrator.
  10. To remove store the return springtime.
  11. Separating the framework of the valve from the piston, remove it from the larva.
  12. Knock the studs of the trigger, remove it from the receiver.

You can make use of shims to change the placement of the supply about the receiver or to totally alter the butt, changing the pistol take care of.


The weapon is from 23 to 28 thousand rubles.


The gun is fairly reputable and has a great battle. The effect is trivial. Customers distressed by the low develop high quality, and occasionally discovered crooked trunks. Screw manage is held freely, so it’s best to stock up on a couple of backup. Even more like bullets, rolled with an asterisk.

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