Mr-155, rifle, smoothbore weapon

Mr-155 K– a new advancement of the Izhevsk mechanical plant. Dependable, high accuracy rifle, including cost effective price as well as unusual layout in the design of «« Military ». The birth of semi-automatic rifles, MP-153 at the time created a great deal of sound.

On the arms market of Russia, it was the only gun, allowing the usage of any type of ammunition with a size of the lining 70 to 89 mm. Tool has actually won numerous awards and also has actually produced greater than 10 years.

The arms market is not fixed. And the most innovative model can end up being also much better. Ultimately, the Izhevsk mechanical plant in 2010 began to release a brand-new design MP-155 K.

Review of shotgun MP-155 To

Mr-155 K and, or instead, the whole range of Mr-155 made under the hallmark Baikal. The development began costing the optimal of Mr-153. It was necessary to fix the shortcomings of the version, while retaining the simpleness of design and also dependability.

The main drawback of self-loading rifles was its weight: at the time of the study need international counterparts of such kind took the weight from 3.1 to 3.3 kg, while the MP-153 consider a minimum of 3.6 kg without ammunition. Furthermore, the lack of harmonizing as well as the lack of choices such as the capacity to readjust the butt and the absence of straps under the optical sight considerably minimized its competitiveness.

All these disadvantages have been corrected in the new line. As for the Mr-155 To what functioned below not just designers, yet also designers. The new design has an initial design in the design of «« Military », created particularly to bring in a new generation of shooters, quite requiring to the design of the gun.

The main layout components Mr-155 To similar mechanisms of Mr-155: engine gas, securing device, modification of the pulse and so forth. At the exact same time there are some distinctions: the trigger device at its base, band weaver and so on.

Advantages as well as disadvantages

Mr-155 K– smoothbore autoloading shotgun is developed for hunting and also sport capturing. The phone is readily available with bolts of various sizes that provides an «« omnivorous » guns: 76 as well as 70 for a 12 scale.

  • The main parameters of fire for the hunting rifle remains the precision and uniformity scree shot and sharpness. Target rifle with 35 m and then 50 m. Figures Mr-155 To completely adhere to GOST, which calls for:
    • the deviation of the STP from the facility up not surpassing 150 mm;
    • the downward inconsistency is not greater than 50 mm;
    • variances to the right and to the left is 75 mm.

In justness, not with all the ammo the rifle can reveal a correct result. Seekers are advised to try out several kinds of ammo to locate the one that offers the best precision.

  • Refilling the gun is carried out immediately by the procedure of the powder gases. The vapor-automatic flexible, permitting you to accomplish an enough degree of integrity when making use of any fractions.
  • Power is from detachable box-store. Ability depends on quality– 4-5 rounds.
  • The receiver likewise, the version MP-155: the leading part made from light weight aluminum alloy, the bottom– fiber-reinforced plastic. The latter includes the pistol and the butt grasp. As the experience of running the Mr-155, this alternative is greater than reliable.
  • USM installed on its own base, fully removable. Weapons can be discharged only single shots, which corresponds to the requirements of a hunting rifle. USM MP-155K is outfitted with a non-automatic fuse. Attribute of design MP-155 To is shutter delay: it holds the shutter in the back setting in the absence of cartridges in the shop.
  • The barrel is made from premium quality weapon steel. The receiver channel, the chamber as well as part of the gas engine– the gas chamber and piston, chrome layered. Thus, avoided the corrosion of steel.

Trunks initially developed for shooting lead as well as steel shot. Izhevsk plant (also understood carbines MP-94 «« Express », Mr-43КН, MP-133, MP-233 MP-18МН, «« North », MP-161K, Mr-142К, Mr-143) provides compatible chokes of different value choke tightness that boosts the range of the weapons.

  • Making use of plastic in the design of the rifle is enabled to reduce its weight: without ammunition all the model range, consisting of Mr-155 To weigh in the variety of 3.5 kg.
  • The rifle includes open views as well as the back sight has 2 possible settings: open and optical sight. In addition, Mr-155 is provided To strap the weaver rail that allows placing on a rifle optical view, and also electronic guidance system. It is necessary to remove the removable lugging manage rifle.
  • The appearance of the item a lot more hostile as well as brutal than a regular rifle Izmena. Anodized light weight aluminum, black plastic complement and stress the style in the design of «« Military »
  • . Versions are readily available not only for the right-handed as well as for left– handers with the handle as well as overcharge the window, tossing coverings right as well as left, specifically.

The disadvantages of the rifle Mr-155 To the following.

  • Weight, of course, still far from the ideals. Offhand capturing is rather hard, and also after 5-6 hrs of strolling rifle appears to be as well heavy.
  • Uncontrolled butt produces considerable pain.
  • There is no possibility to change between detachable as well as rifle shop.
  • Style is developed for its individual group. Experienced hunters typically like an even more lightweight and stylish version.

Picture of shotgun MP-155 To

Purpose Mr-155 To originally was viewed as a hunting rifle. High accuracy and capability

  • to shoot steel shot makes the rifle best worth for searching tool animal as well as large bird. Expanding the ability to establish an optical sight. For varminting it is,
  • neverthelessHowever not goodExcellent Aggressive styling makes the gun reveals pledge as a way of protection: beat a significant portion from a range of 20-35 m will quit any assailant. High accuracy gives struck at the very least 80% of the portion.
  • This number allows you to use the rifle for sporting activity and leisure capturing, in which a huge weight is an advantage, as it decreases the influence.

Regarding the special variation of MP-155 will be reviewed listed below.

  • Mr-155 To produced for the 12 gauge, yet with different size of the chamber 70 and 76 mm. This enables you to utilize cartridges with case of different sizes.
  • The design includes various length barrels– 510 and also 610 mm.

Customized quality rifles MP-155K is similar to the features of the entire line Mr-155. Muzzle constriction for Mr-155 To offers for lead as well as steel shot, ear suitably marked.

Settings The value of the parameter
Quality 12
The size of the chamber, mm 70, 76
Barrel size, mm 510, 610
Typical optimum stress of powder gases, MPa 90/105
Muzzle constricting, lead shot, mm C 0,0
IC 0,25
M 0,5
IM 0,75
F 1,0
— Muzzle restriction for steel shot C Extension of 0.2
IC Extension of 0.1
M 0,2
IM 0,3
F 0,4
XF 0,52
Material of a butt as well as tsevja Reinforced plastic
Weapon weight, kg A 3.5-3.6 kg

Gun weight is noted without bullets.


Rifle Mr-155 It includes a number of primary modules.

  • The barrel with the gas chamber– the trunk is carried out from stainless-steel, the channel and chamber chrome layered. Lockable trunk turning larvae: it lies in the stopper as well as involves with the shank of the trunk. The publication tube is hollow, it is the return spring. Annular gas piston located around the magazine tube under the barrel. The vapor-automatic can be changed, however it is needed to make a partial taking apart. On the barrel as well as receiver has charge.

Shutter– longitudinal sliding, locking occurs due to the lugs of the wedge, which is consisted of in the groove in the clutch barrel. Increasing wedge in a back position with the bolt.

  • Box perehvatyvaet and also under-barrel shop contains two parts: the upper is made of plated aluminum and all-time low of impact-resistant plastic. Look for 5 rounds, box kind. The unlocking bar is level, on the top handle. The shop can be installed limiter.
  • The mobile system is a shutter structure, shutter with a wedge, arm overcharge as well as the piston controling the rate of the rollback of relocating parts. The speed controller is set up on the piston and includes a shutoff ring, a springtime and adjusting nut. This device permits the use of ammo with various ballistic features. Furthermore, making use of the controller can make up for the result of temperature and humidity, eliminating the excess pressure of powder gases into the air.

Shutter hold-up enables you to quit all moving components of the rifle in the back position at the moment when all the bullets are invested.

  • The recoil springtime remains in the magazine tube, offers automated reloading of the rifle.
  • Trigger mechanism– is placed on its base, hammer type. USM is located inside the housing of package and also is removable module. The device is equipped with non-automatic push-button guard that obstructs the trigger. It lies on the rear location of the trigger guard.

On a weapon with open view: the back view is flexible horizontally, fly up and down. Has 2 positions for open sight as well as diopter. The back sight is placed in a detachable bring deal with rifles. In addition, there is strap weaver: after eliminating the manage can be installed on a rifle optic or reflex view.

  • Buttstock with pistol grip is made from high impact reinforced plastic.
  • The lower arm is of kind aerated, constructed from plastic.

The gun works with all produced chokes.

Packing as well as picking

Conventional products includes:

  • cardboard box;
  • 3 choke tube;
  • the universal secret;
  • ticket MP-155K.

Muzzle substitute liners marketed independently. The layout of the Mr-155 permits you To replace the barrel extra without any prior control.

The principle of operation

Mr-155 It connects to self-loading rifles. This device is based upon using stress, which is produced by the powder gases. The bore is connected with the gas chamber of the airing vent channels. Porohovye gas passing through them, applies adequate stress on the mechanism of recharge. The existing speed controller allows you to decrease the gas or raise stress.

Use regulator is recommended only after shooting about 50-100 rounds. The readjusting nut located on the piston, turn counter-clockwise 1-2 changes when the pressed retainer. Make use of the global secret. When shooting hefty bullets transform the screw clockwise.

The system of activity can be defined by the complying with scheme:

  • when you push the trigger the hammer strikes the firing pin and also acts upon the retinaculum. Latest releases perehvatyvaet, and also round from the magazine is fed to the tray;
  • intoxicated of the powder gases, the piston with the bolt service provider relocates backwards, the bolt provider acts on the wedge as well as generates the unlocking of the barrel;
  • the movable system in its entirety relocations in reverse: while the used cartridge situation is drawn out from the chamber as well as eliminated from package. The hammer cocked;
  • the return springtime creates the movable system to progress: the tray, the cartridge is elevated as well as the cartridge is in the chamber;
  • when the breech returns to its forward setting, the barrel is locked by motion of the bolt with the forward piston is increased and also the wedge gets in the recess of the combining. You can carry out the adhering to shot;
  • nevertheless the cartridges are expended, the screw quits at the back placement due to back delay.

Mr-155 K is made for firing ammunition with lead as well as steel shot. Nonetheless, the muzzle of the narrowing is not as flexible: inserts, planned for shooting with lead shot, there is a marking Lead, steel shot is «« Steel ». Cartridges can be charged separately, however it is required to follow the maker’s recommendations and not to alter the link of gunpowder as well as weight fraction.

Choice is provided to ammunition with plastic cartridge, cartridges with a steel sleeve is not advised.

Usage bullets with a size of 0.2– 0.3 mm much less than the size of the barrel or muzzle of the contractions. Quality bullets from strong products– steel, brass, do not utilize.


For care of rifle– cleaning as well as lubricating, adequate partial disassembly of the mechanism. It is required to pay attention to specific components. So, when you remove the wedge from the shutter of the side groove of the wedge releases the sphere. The thing is simple and tiny to shed.

Disassembly of the regulator to perform extremely unwanted: the preload of the shutoff spring is produced with terrific effort, as well as to recreate that initiative at home is almost impossible.

Partial disassembly includes the complying with actions:

  • Unscrew the fore-end cap and also eliminate it;
  • with the grasp change back 10-20 mm shutter and also take the weapon out of the box;
  • get rid of the handle overcharge, using pressure perpendicular to the axis of the shutter;
  • regularly eliminate the piston, screw provider, bolt with a wedge, then the return springtime and a ring buffer;
  • out of the box, knock senseless the 2 pins that hold the trigger Assembly as well as gotten rid of last.

In this state the rifle is offered for cleaning as well as lubrication.

  • If repair work are needed, permitted, as a complete disassembly of the rifle, that includes the defined manipulation, the detachment of the buttstock as well as disassembly of the USM.
  • Additional disassembly is permitted only in the weapons store. Assembling the rifle in the reverse order.
  • For lubrication use weapon oil, cleansing brush, cleaning rod as well as tidy wiping material. To eliminate solid svintsovy enabled the use of brass mesh or brush.

Stored Mr-155 in a disassembled, unloaded. Ammo must be stored individually.


The layout of the Mr-155 It supplies some opportunities for adjusting. The option of components depends upon the function of the rifle.

  • Replacement open view collimator or optical adjusting even tough to call. And also, incidentally, the weight of the gun in this situation comes to be plus so no limitation on the weight of the view.
  • Be installed and other fixtures: gas muzzle compensator, for instance, or an underbarrel flashlight.
  • One preferred option is the lengthening of the store. For hunting, possibly this is an improvement to anything. For shooting sporting activities the boosted MAG dimension to 10 rounds much more.

Cost as well as proprietor reviews on a semi-automatic shotgun Baikal MP-155 K (Mr-155K) is provided listed below.


The cost of Mr-155 in the Moscow stores gets to 30800 R. the gun used can be located for 20,000 R.

The cost of ammunition is identified by its ballistic qualities.


Almost all the proprietors of Mr-155 To keep in mind the high accuracy of the battle, as well as regardless of exactly how you are shooting buckshot or bullets. A big plus is that the barrel does not overheat also throughout active shooting: the excess of the powder gases are directed through recesses in the forend.

  • Handguard fits in insurance coverage. His product– plastic, is a little awkward: slips out of the steamy hands.
  • What is the clear negative aspect is the sharp edge of the receiver above the trigger: quickly rubbed on her finger.

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