Mr-161К, rifled weapon

And the carbine Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR), a combination of modern-day patterns stylishly as well as layout, uses its owners excellent opportunities for shooting and also guaranteed fun from it.

As a result of the qualities inherent in this version by the supplier recommends that this is among one of the most successful for those who are just starting to find out the basic abilities of capturing firearms and also for those that proactively participate in searching medium and also large pets.

Today on the market you can see numerous intriguing models of carbines, which are made from various materials with exceptional features and also having various application locations: from acquiring the initial abilities in capturing as well as finishing with engagement in specialist competitors and also searching.

Review of carbine Mr-161К

The initial attracts the interest of the buyer appearance version carbine Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR): stylish, even somewhat predative look, as a result of the brevity of the kinds as well as using modern-day high impact plastic with exceptional attributes, lack of extra parts, which would certainly interfere with the rifle made the version a bestseller. And although plastic is not for all buyers the perfect alternative of product for the manufacture of any kind of version carbine, carbine Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) incredibly integrates basic kinds with the greatest simplicity of usage because of the layout of the component, which directly takes part in the execution of the shot, even more comfy as well as soft materials.

So, having a high degree of elasticity of the materials in the location of the hold as well as hold of the rifle ensure the absence of unpleasant sensations also during the procedure of the rifle in unfavorable weather conditions — — frost as well as wind. No slip cheek and also shoulder when terminated because of the moderate recoil, which is important for beginner shooters and females utilizing this version.

Advantages as well as drawbacks

Thinking about any kind of version of a modern rifle, need to initially focus on its comparative features. After comparing comparable designs from various other producers should be taken into consideration the most crucial requirement for the most unbiased analysis of the rifle.

The benefits of the version Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) can be credited to the adhering to features:

  • compact dimensions that allow the optimum convenience to deliver the carabiner;
  • a small carbine size because of the reasonably little weight of the tool, which is likewise essential when utilized by women or teenagers is very important in the process of transportation;
  • the opportunity of resizing the rifle for a particular arrow that adds ease to the process procedure and also enables one of the most accuracy shots;
  • the possibility of adjusting, or improve the version via the installation of added equipment — — this helpful attribute designed by the maker, is specifically vital for those participants and also proprietors that make every effort to make certain the accuracy and milked the perfection of weapons. Nonetheless, it should be included that fundamental gives an excellent set, which is sufficient in the point of view of most of owners are thinking about the rifle for comfortable and also accurate shooting.

The possibility of making use of cartridges of different qualities enhances the value of the design because of greater opportunities when you defeat the purpose. Enough variety (over 50 m) permits to cope with the job to beat the objective of even novice shooters, as well as reasonably inexpensive makes it feasible to understand the factor for the constant demand for model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR).

The drawbacks, according to the majority of owners consider a carbine, not revealed.

Some believe the disadvantage of the style of the carbine polymer products; however, the appearance can be called an issue of taste of each consumers.

Photos of the rifle Mr-161К

Purpose Make use of the version Mr-161К 5.6 mm(22LR), subject to its technological qualities. Originally designed for professional searching, the carbine as a result of its simplicity of use and also convenience of use is perfect for instructing shooting abilities to beginners and additionally for sport shooting. Selections You can see the model completely made of durable plastic and additionally a component of the tree. Caliber is 22LR or 5.6 mm.

Technical qualities of the rifle Mr-161К defined listed below.


Many thanks to the technological specifications put down by supplier, model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) can be thought about one of the most worthwhile as well as interesting for a shooter of any degree. The optimal mix of size carbine length barrel, for firing bullets of various quality (the preferred cartridges of caliber of 5,6 mm (22LR)), and also excellent striking ability — — the most enlightening functions of any kind of sort of modern-day carbines. However, the most total list of technological information are presented below in the form of a table, to obtain one of the most thorough image of the model.

Specifications Carbine Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR)
Country of beginning Russia, Izhevsk
Visit Searching
Sight Semi-automatic carbine
Sort of quality . 22LR
The complete length of the body 1 000 mm
The size of the barrel 525 mm
The elevation of the design 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Size 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide finish

An optimal balance of size and also weight, good series of shots and targeting are necessary specifications that figure out the level of need for the version Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR). The ability to mount the forend, front view and also telescopic view of the 3rd party permits tuning of the rifle.


The simplicity of the style makes it possible for one of the most simple to keep design. This comfort shows up like arrows beginners as well as specialists.

  • Carbine includes a weapon, body as well as butt barrel. The barrel is fifty percent of the complete length of the hull. The barrel is made of created steel, hardware its front sight and a telescopic sight, permitting to increase the level sighting shooting from a carbine.
  • The trigger has the smooth ride, his scheme is basic. The possibility of using 9 cartridges makes certain no sluggishness when capturing.
Packing and also picking

Carbine model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) is readily available in the marketplace in plastic product packaging that shields from outside mechanical damage to the body of the rifle, as well as in a cardboard box, the surface of which is coated with the version name and also its manufacturer.

Likewise suggested carbine optical sight having excellent characteristics, necessary for the conduct of most capturing. A ticket to arms and in-depth guidelines offers the chance to the optimum level to grasp the process of capturing from a carbine.

The principle of operation

An attribute of using this design should be thought about to reduce clinical depression and also smoothness of the trigger, which carries out the shot. In the store at a time should be 9 rounds, which can be quickly released when firing in automatic, the charging system of the rifle.

After charging the rifle is picked the target for devastation with the optical sight and also the front sight, and also with the aid of the trigger (trigger) is shot.


The barrel with the body of the carabiner is connected with the trigger system, buttstock and forearm with the assistance of securing screw, which just permits the disassembly of the rifle.

Die and fly are removed from the surface area of the barrel by eliminating the screw.


The execution of improvements, samzareulo carbine Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) is a straightforward and also reliable event, yet several owners specified that there was no need to carry out tuning: readily available in the fundamental configuration, an optical view, handguard as well as front view enable you to make excellent sighting shooting.

The simpleness of setting up an optical sight third event enables to a specific degree to improve the price of firing of the rifle.

The cost as well as the evaluations of owners of a hunting rifle Mr-161К explained listed below.

The product cost

The expense version Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) can be taken into consideration one of the most offered today: relying on the seller it varies t 24 500 to 26 850 rubles.

Proprietor assesses

In the opinion of most of proprietors of the rifle version Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR), superb technical features make certain a high demand for it. The opportunity of use in the professional hunting and during target technique shooting prolongs using the rifle.

Numerous kept in mind the unusual and stylish layout version, as well as durable enhanced plastic covering makes it insensitive even to substantial mechanical stress. As well as dealing with the stock of the carbine with special material ensures no slip when put on the cheeks and also slipping when making a shot.

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