Mr-18 MN, rifled weapon

The famous Russian «« three-line » in the grandeur of our nation and also among our neighbors, the enthusiasts of Russian tools has actually long been the undeniable icon of reliability.

Its easy style, the technical simpleness, the simplicity of the device and also fundamental principle of procedure has been and also continues to be an unmatched mix of residential or commercial properties. It was the consistency of all these elements, and today continues to be the concern when picking trusted small arms, by both experts and also budding Amateurs.

In spite of the massive variety of contemporary weapons for the application of civil jobs, including such versions from globe well-known makers like Blaser R 95, Brunner ZBK 99, Merkel Kl, Heym 44B, Sabatti SKL 98, as well as «« Merkel », « blazer » or « Heim », products of the Izhevsk masters continues to be prominent and popular.

An evaluation of the gun MP-18 MN

Frequently, novice hunters curious about one of the most very easy as well as most notably economical models of domestic manufacture, which are very easy to make use of when executing cleaning as well as lubrication. Consultants on-line shops and specialist video game supervisors recommend one of the most simple, not subjected to any type of artistic improvement of version kind– fitting Mr-18 MN caliber. 308Win, aka 7, 62 * 51.

Improving the top quality of the discovery of clay pigeon shooting or hunting chances, the nipple area can be linked by establishing optics. View VOMZ R 8 * 48 L serial type «« Pilad » is fixed on the crowns matte place 18 mn.

Used for capturing domestic ammunition manufacturing refinery, in addition to German — — RWS as well as Prvi Partizan Serbian ammo.

Age brand name IZH-18 MN has already gone across the twenty threshold, notably for hunting fittings threaded kind with a lack of chromium in the layered muzzle the network.

Advantages as well as downsides

The primary benefits I take into consideration a good discovery precision of fire, convenience of upkeep, capability to make use of in severe temperature level conditions– cool or hot, in addition to in very high humidity. Important as well as affordable price group.

The most considerable downsides– it’s hard and loud descent as well as regular troubles in the implementation procedure of shooting domestic ammunition. In this situation you shed such an important number, as the precision of firing. Some users have insufficient processing of timber stock that calls for sanding timber as well as varnish processing.

Rifle Mr-18 MN (image)

Purpose Considering the shotgun choke kind Mr-18 MH is intended for searching large video game as well as birds. It can be as trophies in the form of upland game– grouch, capercaillie, beavers, killers and hares– wolf, Fox.

No much less efficient rifle for searching North or Sika deer, red deer, red deer. Our compatriots are encouraged not to use Mr-18 MN for the removal of a bear. Flawlessly shows itself as showing off guns for target shooting on the bench.


Popular, demanded and liked by our seekers the following model offers rifles in different caliber options.

  • Caliber 223 choice 7. 62 x 39.
  • In quality 308 7. 62 x 54.
  • A lot more pricey model 243 a variation of 30/ 06.
  • You can satisfy the export alternatives of quality 222 as well as 270.
No. Figure Data
1 The barrel length quality 12 72, 50 cm
Calibre 16 73, 50 centimeters
2 The size of other qualities 67, 50– 68, 00 centimeters
3 The covering of the barrel Alloy with chrome
4 Overall curb weight From 2, 60 to 2, 80 kg

Structural service allows you to purchase healthy weapon that allows you to intend swiftly as well as even without special abilities.

High dependability of the shot achieved by positioning in a box trigger. Open up the design 18 is produced by continuing the obturator arm.

Due to the simple layout gun developed for 8 thousand battle rounds without large repair work and also much misfires.

Packing and selecting

The set includes the going along with documentation is a key, directions, certificate and user’s manual and also upkeep. Marketing weapons is taken apart, the metal components are covered in waxed paper, final packaging in cardboard box branded with the logo of the Izhevsk Mechanical plant.

The concept of operation

Shotgun choke kind LL 18 PL is a popular choice as a result of simpleness and reliability, a high degree of safety that makes certain a legitimate as well as trustworthy fuse safety lug of the trigger.

Excellent accuracy as well as rate accuracy is given an improved design of the system at the junction of the barrel and forend. Consequently, this technique categorically excludes the appearance of thermal deformation of the trunk part in the shooting procedure.


The disassembly of tools must be performed just after the launched breech system and also receiver network no ammunition. All treatments are accomplished specifically according to guidelines provided with the tools by the maker.

The adjusting for this series of searching tools presently, the supplier is not considered.

Regarding the price, as well as proprietor testimonials on the carbine rifle Mr-18МН (9 × 19, 9 × 18, 7 62x54r in the plastic, with interchangeable barrels, etc) reviewed listed below.


Rate classification General budget plan level and also makes the Izhevsk suitable the most accessible to newbies with greater than moderate revenues. The price differs depending upon caliber ranging from 140, 00 to 355, 00 dollars. United States.

Proprietor assesses
  • A lot of the sights of owners point to the many priorities of a weapon. It stops working when capturing in any kind of weather and any type of environment, without fractures and also breakage.
  • Very searched for compatible muzzle constricting, the chamber size 76, 00 see
  • Searching lovers stress the convenience as well as simplicity in blood circulation, actualize the low price of ammunition and weapons as a whole.

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