Mr-43 KN, trigger, double-barreled rifle

Mr-43 KN– of the line version MP-43. Refers to set off a smooth-bore rifles in which it is feasible to alter choke tightness. Available with different length stems, which just enhances its popularity.

Smoothbore «« flat » generated by Izhevsk mechanical plant for over 55 years. Durable design, reliable operation and also exceptional efficiency of combat provide ongoing appeal of the item. Mr-43 KN– Russia’s only trigger double-barreled shotgun, which is commercially readily available.

Search guns MP-43 KN

Mr-43 KN or IZH-43, as they were called previously– traditional searching rifle with flat situated barrels and also revealed hammers. This function and also expenses boards offer an one-of-a-kind beauty. After 1990, Tula trigger rifle TOZ-80 was stopped, MP-43 KN is the only option, classic hunting model.

Conflicts about the top qualities korkovyh and also a shotgun did not discontinue never. Also after the disappearance of the capacity to contrast, it was located that «« Markovka » it is still preferred and not since of the original look.

Mr-43 KN in contrast with its precursor, has certain structural differences. In particular, a trigger system that does not enable a shot without fully pressing the trigger. Item safety and security is offered maximum attention: the design of external dicks does not enable you to make the shot when the exterior shock on the trigger.

Created several alterations of the product. The best interest among seekers creates the design with an extremely brief barrel for hunting quail. 10 years earlier, when there was a shotgun MP-43 KN, it was a real transformation in the Russian market.

What is a double-barreled hammer shotgun MP-43KH negative aspects, will certainly be described listed below.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mr-43 KN– straight shotgun with the possibility of transforming the barrel. This design entails unique system of connection of a trunk to a box, and specificity of the trigger. Izhevsk mechanical plant (aka ««» writer » of such designs as the MP-94 « Express»», MP-133, MP-233 MP-18МН, «« North », MP-161K, Mr-142К, Mr-143, the OP-SKS, etc) to produce a sporting rifle. resolve these problems by themselves.

The advantages of the weapon ought to carry the following qualities.

  • Excellent accuracy with any barrel size and also the standard model, and also a shotgun with a shortened barrel with 35 m are put at a target with a size of 5-6 cm At a qualification hand can be accomplished better results.
  • Rifle is prekladatelu. The tree butt is fertilized with oil, on the stock fixed plastic butt pad is the best alternative for capturing offhand.
  • The barrels of the MP-43 KN are readily available with various muzzle narrowing from the cyndrical tube with a tightening equal to zero to narrowing down to 1 mm. Made from high stamina steel cannon. The barrels are supplied with assembled forearm. On a replacement barrel as well as joint shows the sequence number of the trunk. On the clutch barrel system suggest tightening. The surface area is oxidized. Excellent machining as well as drilling has actually always been a distinctive feature of rifles from the Izhevsk plant.

The trunks are connected to the slats, in the breech– receiver coupling. Unlike the previous design, the MP-43 KN eliminated the upper little hook which was formerly utilized to avoid transforming. Its elimination has offered a big area adjacent the cut of the trunks to the control board, which consequently enhanced the safety of the shotgun.

  • Dual locking, very reliable, is made by repairing the locking bands on 2 under-barrel hook. Arm irregular bowel movements is taken care of to the head lever of the securing strap.
  • USM original design is located on a different larva. Demonstrators are accomplished independently from Kurkov. Screw mainspring as well as the concentrate on the pin assembled as a different device. When opening up trunks, compression springs and also the cocking Kurkov instantly. Shot without pressing the hooks can not be applied.

The highlight of the style is that both voditelya in the form of hooks are functional as well as allow you to fire with both barrels. Front does a series is right-left and rear– left-right. You can fire in the usual way, i.e., turning the finger on the trigger one by one. Not all the models were finished USM-th Kalinin– defined kind. In addition, 90-year made shotgun with a single trigger pull.

  • On Mr-43 KN there is an automatic fuse mounted on the shank of the box and also is spring filled. The guard secures the trigger and also the sear activates, that is, not just shoot, also simply shoot difficult.
  • Mr-43 KN, and also all the trigger the tool is allowed to shop and transportation ammo in the chamber, since the ammo does not damage the mainspring.

The regard to operation not less than 15 thousand shots.

Negative aspects of the version are additionally offered.

  • Outside triggers trigger complaints due to its too much nuance, also special. Furthermore, the axis offset hooks under the pillow trunks.
  • Trigger pull also reduced.
  • Extremely solid influence and also toss. Unfamiliar to the weapon hard to hold in the hands, so handling it takes some obtaining made use of to.

Photo rifles Mr-43КН as well as IL-43КН

Purpose 12 scale is probably one of the most preferred among hunters, regarding be extremely versatile. Go with him on small video game such as rabbit, Prairie canine, and in the tool– Fox, deer, wolf, and bird. Mr-43 KN is consistent with its purpose.

  • Different size shafts allows you to use the design for running hunting for an ambush. Generally, the gun is developed for fishing the monster in the Bush, where evaluation is minimal and the distance to the target is little.
  • Mr-43 KN can be utilized for self defense. Below a weak trigger pull and the capacity to shoot utilizing a single trigger can be extremely useful.
  • Design with a shortened barrel utilized for capturing birds, specifically quail. This alteration was originally conceived as imported, however, the Russian market was in demand.

Mr-43 KN– design MP-43. It’s the only choice the trigger of the tool with compatible barrels. Developed for 12 gauge.

Modifications of it are readily available, but various barrel size enables you to pick the finest alternative for different types of searching. Barrel size may be 750 mm, 725 mm, 610 mm and 510 mm. ultrashort in This specification impacts the option of ammo.


The precision of the fight smoothbore shotgun check only cartridges packed with buckshot. Accuracy when shooting bullets is not controlled.

Alternative The value of the criterion
Caliber 12
Barrel size, mm 510, 660, 725, 750
The size of the chamber, mm 70
Diameter barrel channel, small, mm 18,4
The amount of choke restriction, mm 0,0; 0,25; 0,5; 0,75; 1,0
Product stock as well as forend Birch, walnut, beech
Weight, kg 3,4

The weight offered to a released shotgun.


The layout of the Mr-43 KN comparable to the device of the remainder of the shotgun line, however is device trigger. Much more exactly, the distinction in between those designs in which was mounted USM Kalinin.
The staying parts of the rifle are identical to the Mr-43.

  • Trunks removable, located in the horizontal aircraft. To boost firing rates of the receiver networks and the chamber chrome plated.

When dealing with the locking straps on 2 under-barrel hook, locking of trunks occurs. Control the system making use of the bar located in the upper component of the receiver. Unlocking is when you transform the lever to the right.

  • Detachable handguard dealt with bar lock type. Hinge and lock are reinforced as well as fixed with 3 screws.
  • Cartridge instance from the chamber, the ejector presses– one for 2 rounds. He places the spent casings, but not throws. Last disposal is accomplished by hand.
  • USM Kalinina outfitted with return exterior trigger «« lights out»». On the premises Kurkov has a safety and security squadrons. The demonstrators made independently. The cocking is done manually. Feasible bumpless trigger pull with the squad. Holding the triggers, press the triggers as well as relocate the trigger ahead. Let go of the hooks and activates placed on alleviation armies.

The descent produces two triggers: the front responsible for the design, right-left, back– left-right.

Provides the mechanism for the stopping of the shot when not pushed the trigger. In package there is a frame lock, which restricts the stroke of the passes away. When pressing the trigger frame frees the hammer.

  • Automatic fuse is triggered at opening: locks the sear and hooks. The front setting of the switch indicates the setting to «« off », back– « on»»
  • . The butt is protected to the focal point, in between the larva as well as the shank of the box, the front end is preloaded with the pinch screw. A tightening up screw in the back end closes the backplate.

A shotgun created to terminate ammo that is no more than the length of the chamber, which is shown on the trunks. Describes the length of the lining to spin. You can not shoot bullets, whose diameter is bigger than the diameter of the receiver network at the constriction website. The diameter of the bullet must go to 0.2– 0.3 mm much less. In any case, you can not use bullets made from hard materials– steel, brass.


Shotgun MP-43 KN supplied constructed. Prior to Assembly, thoroughly clean the parts from the factory oil.

Standard is simple:

  • cardboard box;
  • product ticket;
  • possible doukomplektovat compatible barrel Assembly with fore -0,25, 0,5 and also 1,0 mm. In this instance the package includes the wrench to change the barrel.
The principle of operation

The design of the weapon is easy, very unpretentious, so the secret when taking care of a shotgun is not the application of too much initiative. With proper application of customer effort is not needed.

Billing the carbine is as follows:

  • transform the release bar to the right to the limitation;
  • rotate the barrels down up until it stops;
  • constantly put the bullets in the chamber;
  • return the stems to the original position. The release lever must inhabit a Central setting, if you concentrate on the shank. If not, the bar is readjusted by hand.

Unique interest should be paid to adjustments with changeable chokes. In this treatment, you need to accomplish a variety of requirements:

  • all adjustments have to be performed just on the released rifle;
  • before each shooting and also after the change of contraction to check how well lengthened the tightening. To tighten up use a special secret from the package. With insufficient tightening up of the powder gases burst right into the gap in between the tightness and the barrel, which results in deformation of the parts as well as even the separation of constricting;
  • changeable muzzle narrowing have to be flush about the muzzle or a little sink;
  • muzzle constricting screwed up to the quit end of the projection on the barrel, however between the trunk as well as the narrowing of the space remains;
  • after installation, the channel is checking out: at the point of call of completion of the tightening as well as outcropping of the network need to be seen ring. This means the contortion of the tightness or seats if the stability of the ring. The shooting in this situation is forbidden.

The rigidity of the muzzle of the contractions need to inspect after 50-100 shots.


For care of rifle periodically procedure partial disassembly. The procedure is as follows:

  • examine the chamber for any type of bullets. Withdraw them;
  • draw the lower arm latch on the lower surface area as well as turn the front end of the forend from the barrel. Disconnect the shank;
  • transform the bar of bowel irregularity in the top of the box to the right. Turn the barrels down up until it is as well as stops separated from package;
  • if you want to clean up and lube the firing device, proceed as adheres to: Unscrew the screws and also separate the head from the butt, transform the preserving screw and also remove the bushing. Loosen the screw which passes through the butt, and afterwards a little hit the box on a wooden surface to loosen up the link of the butt and also box. After that remove the butt.

If you plan to store or lug the gun, the foregrip is attached to the removed stems.

Assembly Mr-43 KN in the reverse order. Complete disassembly is called for only if damaged or very dirty rifle.

For cleansing and lubrication will need gun oil, dustcloths, brush and also cleansing pole.


A huge field of task for tuning no. It is possible to replace the butt on a piece of timber or with a more intriguing ornament.

  • You can install fast release sling swivel on the take care of butt.
  • Excellent alternative– bandolier for a few rounds in the bag on the butt.

Owner testimonials as well as the rate on double barrel hammer shotgun the MP-43KH (MP-43 KN) 510, 725, and so on defined listed below.


The cost of the Mr-43 KN are quite affordable, varying from up to 21000 17450 R. R. barrel Length has little impact on prices.

The expense of the cartridges relying on the ballistic qualities ranges from 15 to 58 roubles per 1 piece


Followers of the typical trigger of the weapon I believe the design is rather effective, regardless of extreme thinness and also agility of the trigger. Not much less eye-catching is the ability to establish various muzzle of the contractions.

The size of the barrel was the 2nd most appealing feature. Version with a shortened barrel– 510 mm, was ahead of all the others, as vital for hunting little bird.

In any case, there is a high precision, as the standard distances as well as even more considerable– 50 m.

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