Nikon Monarch E 1.1-4 x 24 M IL R4 riflescope optical

A brand-new design with a broad field of vision and versatile zoom range, making it most ideal for shooting brief and also medium ranges. The low 1.1 x magnification is excellent for hunting at brief ranges, for such game as deer or wild pig.

Objective lens size 24 mm, the size of the exit pupil 6mm at 4x magnification-great for reduced light conditions. Manual setting of modifications for wind and elevation, combined

with the eyepiece with quick emphasis to boost the speed and comfort with a minimum of required procedures. Surefire water-tightness, protection against fogging and impact resistance. Genuine boost (x)1.1-4 Lens size(mm)24 Outcome sracek (mm)21.8-6 Departure pupil distance(mm )94 Instance diameter( mm)30 External size of lens( mm) 30 Outer diameter of eyepiece(mm) 43.6 Step setups(ang. min/1 click)1/4 Max. Inner setting

(ang. min.) 80 Parallax setting(m) 91.44 ~ infinity Field of view at 100 m(m)

36 ( at 1.1 x)/ 9,8
(at 4x )Length a (mm) 267 Weight(g)480

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