NVB Edge GS 2.7 x 50 evening vision Binocular

The NV binocular Edge GS 2.7 × 50 is meant for use in different areas: security of commercial centers as well as personal property, patrolling, hunting, search and rescue, armed forces and sports games, tourist, evening orienteering.

Built-in IR illuminator, flexible power of radiation allows the use of the Edge GS 2.7 × 50 in low evening light for observation at a distance above average, consisting of in complete darkness. Wheel change of the radiation power, like various other federal governments, is at the top. The case of the tool is a plank that

allows you to install added, a lot more effective infrared light. Made of steel as well as plastic housing makes certain long life and functional reliability of the Edge GS 2.7 × 50. An original mix of a CF-Super TUBE functions particularly developed optics and also wide-angle eyepiece guarantees almost full lack of distortion( distortion), quality, geometric precision throughout the field of vision. The tool has a system of defense of television from the blown highlights(in excess of threshold degree of lighting is immediately lowered or quits the supply of existing to the TUBE).

At the core of the evening vision binocular Edge 2.7 × 50 is the one-of-a-kind combination of specifically designed optics lens R-Contact and electro-optical Converter CF-Super, functioning as a single system. The result of this special advancement — high resolution, great contrast and absence of photo distortion beside the field of view, common for other customer evening vision devices of the exact same class —. Edge field glasses 2.7 × 50 is a modern style and also boosted performance. The soft rubber eyecups hide the radiance of television, permitting the observer to continue to be unnoticed

. For monitoring a short distance in the absence of the moon, there are clouds and in full darkness, the tool has a built-in broad angle infrared illuminator.

Edge binoculars 2.7 × 50 is outfitted with a Weaver rail for installing additional devices (e.g., high-power IR flashlight Pulsar-805). Binocular is completely self-contained and can develop to 50 hrs on two AAA at a temperature level of from-20 ° C to+40 ° C. Edge binoculars 2.7 × 50 is ideal for specialist and also Amateur use, including: Night observation in all-natural setup Rescue and search Evening orienteering Fixing and also upkeep of devices Searching

Features: Stable image high quality throughout the field of vision. The resolution, CF-Super TUBE includes a various consistency(a drop of resolution from the center to the edge does not surpass 20

  • %, while the distinction between the resolution in the center the resolution around the side for eveningvision systems based
    • on picture intensifier tubes of the 1st generation is usually five times). Shield the TUBE from light. Gadgets Edge GS is geared up with the defense system electro — optical Converter from clipping( threshold level of lighting is immediately minimized or stops the supply of existing to the TUBE). Built-in IR illuminator. Powerful integrated IR illuminator must be made use of in reduced light problems
    • for monitoring at a distance that was above standard. Planck Weaver 7/8 ″. In addition to the covering is a plank type Weaver, serving for the setup of extra IR illuminators. The eyepiece. Five-element eyepiece with a diagonal rubber Eyecup gives top quality image throughout the field of view, high definition as well as contrast. When rotating the eyepiece, the position of the Eyecup continues to be the same. Body. Resilient covered real estate made of steel
    • and plastic has the ability to properly hold up against dust, influence and wetness, enabling you to use the gadget in extreme conditions. Controls. Changing device and the infrared illuminator by pressing the matching buttons(ON as well as IR)situated on top. Additionally, the NV Edge devices have the function to constantly readjust the power of IR illuminator.
    • Generation/ TUBE Type: CF-Super/ APTS-SF -Visual increase, Krat: 2,7 Light lens size, mm: 50 Resolution(facility of field of vision), strokes/mm, min: 42 Angle field of vision, deg
    • : 13 Optimum ligancy of detection, m *: 150 The range of the diopter setup eyepiece, DPTR.: ± 4 Size of leave student, mm: 6 The elimination of departure student, mm: 12 Running voltage, V: 3 (2xAAA)The size of the installing thread to tripod install, inch: 1/4 Atmospheres, functions from 2 batteries( without/with IR), hour 50/20 Temperature variety: -20
    • ° C-+40 ° C Dimensions, mm: 203 x 122
    • x 65 Tool weight, kg: 0,85

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