OHB Sombat-124, 2+ evening vision Goggles

New series Combat Elite has a number of considerable advantages:

Combat Elite just utilized television with a resolution of 57 lines/mm. analogues just 45 lines per mm, as well as this suggests that You understand 1.5 times clearer!

Only devices Combat Elite have a water resistant instance that unlike the process enables not only to use them in the rainfall, and also allows immersion in water!

Along with the gadgets of this series are the low weight as well as measurements, that makes them even more appealing!

Kind picture intensifier very 2+ generation with integrated protection from light flashes (automatic brightness control).

Specifications Generation of EOP: The discovery series of the development number, m:
Magnification, times:
Angular field of vision, deg:
The emphasis variety of the lens, m:
Diopter motion of the eyepieces, diopter:
IIT resolution, lines/mm, max:
The voltage, V (2 AA-size batteries ):
Working time without lighting IR illuminator, h:
Operation time with lighting IR illuminator, h:
The interpupillary distance of eyepieces, mm:
Diameter of departure student, mm:
The removal of exit student, mm:
Goggles weight (with batteries), say goodbye to, g:
The mass of the mask, say goodbye to, g:
Weight of bag, g
Appointed resource, hours:

Permissible operating conditions
  • ambient temperature level °, C ± 40
  • relative humidity at 25 ° 98%
  • shock resistance 5g
  • water resistance 2.0 m (2 hrs)

Dimensions: 187х132х58мм

  1. You can make use of evening vision goggles together with a mask (in kit) to release arm (very easy as well as comfy mask enables you to readjust the setting of points in regard to eyes and also provides them a fast tilting and also fixed in upright position).
  2. The switch as well as cover of the battery compartment comfortable to make use of even with handwear covers on.
  3. Angle of IR-illumination guarantees a completely field of vision (controlled throughout Assembly).
  4. The tools are made in corrosion-resistant housing.
  5. The reduced battery indication.
  6. Led IR lighting.
  7. Switch to quickly turn on the IR lighting.
Additions to the bundle

A simple as well as safe process to alter the lens in terms of doing observations/ field problems.

  • A 5-fold lens
  • Adapter to utilize devices head mounting type PVS
  • Device automatic shut-off tool rotated
  • Defense device against long term high-light direct exposure (off. When E>> 40лк, 60 sec.)
  • Switch momentary IR button
  • The screen from misting
  • Safety glass

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