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The Russian arms firm «« promtechnologii » specializiruetsya on the manufacturing of high-precision showing off rifles, which is the basis for searching rifles, created under the brand Orsis (e.g., AR-10, Alpine, seeker M, T-5000, 120 and also others).

Version Orsis SE Varmint and subsequent alteration of the index «« M » incorporate the high qualities as well as the sports projectile, and also utilitarian devices of the hunter. Summary of the rifle Orsis SE Varmint Repeating rifle with a longitudinally-sliding revolvingbolt as well as heavy, thick walled barrel cantilever

layout with flutes and muzzle brake.Polupoltina bed, laminated timber supply with an elevation adjustable comb and butt pad cushioning. The design with the index « M » has a four-chambered muzzle brake, which is placed on the barrel. Before that, he was a three-chamber integrated in the «barrel. On top of that, modifications in the layout of the slide. Its stem has a complex form with numerous spiral grooves, which he advises gear of the worm equipment. Purpose The carbine is a tool. It is utilized for precision shooting at ranges of up to 1 thousand meters in the technique

benchrest. Made use of for
  • hunting are limited due to the big weight. Photos of the rifle Orsis SE Varmint Advantages and also negative aspects Precision machining of the birthed, the rifling gotten by donovania– technology made use of in the manufacture of high-precision sniper tool. Superb ballistics and shooting efficiency. The worth of MOA when shooting at a distance of 100 meters not greater than 0.3.
  • The shooter can adjust the supply completely conformity with their physiological characteristics, preferences and also skills. His comb and also the recoil pad is geared up with threaded Vernier to do this with optimum precision.
  • The screw body of complex form might significantly lower the location of get in touch with to the receiver, so the shutter moves really smoothly, without initiative. The grooves on its surface, collect dust, which can not impact the integrity of the tool. It requires an extensive a normal cleansing as well as mindful handling.
  • The trigger Assembly can be eliminated from battle army, by clicking on the backplate of the drummer.
  • Muzzle brake significantly minimizes the recoil force, nonetheless, the audio of a gunshot is really loud, what serves in target capturing, if you have ear security, however, for searching it can become a resource of pain.
  • The carbine is equipped with a long Picatinny rail that enables you to install optical views of any kind of design as well as successfully build up from parallax. The absence of a rear view and also front sight rather restricts its use for hunting at brief ranges.
  • On the shank there is a devoted socket for installing bipod and also sling swivel is not detachable, as on the majority of searching rifles.
  • The bed of a laminate doubted that a carabiner can be used anywhere, regardless of the weather conditions. This product is prone to delamination after several cycles of swelling as well as drying if violations of producing modern technology. In addition, it is always larger than all-natural timber, and also plastic.

The manufacturer has lodges in the complying with shades:

  • Nutmeg,
  • Pepper,
  • Royal Jacanda.

On top of that, the ornamental finish of the trunk (Ceracote) can be shade:

  • Black Grafite,
  • Desert Sand,
  • Sniper Grey,
  • Green.
Attribute Typical calibers Magnum
Kind The rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate
Trunk Console, thick-walled, fluted
Gauges .223 Rem,.243 Win, 6,5 × 55 SE,.308 Win . 300 Win Mag,.338 LM
Barrel size (mm) 610 660
Action rifling 10″ 11″
Capacity 3
Total length (mm) 1175
Weight with magazine as well as range (kg) 5

A repeating rifle with a longitudinally moving entrance.

  • Trunk console (published), thick-walled, fluted. On the receiver reduced repaired four-chamber brake compensator. Receiver is a cylindrical, grated from a strong billet. Link with the barrel dealt with.
  • The screw with two lugs. Package of the fuse firing mechanism is located on the back plate of the drummer. It has two placements: Fire (open red factor) and also Stop. On top of that, there is the possibility of manual removal from combat platoon. To do this, click the shank of the shooting pin, having the kind of a convex button with the red round marking on the edge.
  • The trigger device is adjustable along the stroke length of the hook. Descent with still rate and also a warning. Setting shneller no.
  • On the cover of the receiver is fitted with a lengthy Picatinny rail. The back view and also front sight style is not supplied.
  • Store removable, lock the receptacle can have a couple of variations: switch in the front branch of the trigger guard bar between the trigger or the receptacle guard.
  • Bed polupoltina, of laminated timber. The take care of is established nearly up and down. The comb of the butt as well as the butt pad is flexible in elevation. The forearm has a customized socket for setting up the sustaining bipod.
Picking as well as packing

Suits plastic case. The carbine is supplied with a store as well as a Picatinny rail. Muzzle brake DTK 006 on separately. Can be additionally put a natural leather cover for the shutter, allowing you to use it for the competition separately from the tool. Connected ticket, minutes of the capturing, guarantee card, manual.

The concept of procedure

Prior to loading the carabiner is placed on the fuse, what is package on the back plate of the drummer relocates earlier. Shop is removed by pushing the latch bar of the receptacle located in the front branch of the trigger guard. He single-row, the cartridges are piled alternately, utaplivaja the previous and also inserting the following from the leading edge to the back. Because of this, packing in with the home window of ejector sleeves is hard.

To generate the firing setting the check box of the fuse progresses (noticeable red dot). Bolt handle is raised, the stem is returned. In the reverse motion of the cyndrical tube bolt grabs a round from the publication and accommodating it right into the chamber. Army projectile occurs when you turn the handle down.

Concerning finding the tool in the cocked state is signified by the red ring around the shank of the shooting pin. To shut off the rifle, you should press on the shank and also sink it so that the color ring was not seen.


First retrieves the store, then the shutter opens and plays back. Afterwards, making certain that the chamber has no cartridge and the breech is empty, you should click the left side of the receiver. The stopper is eliminated by drawing it by the take care of.

To divide the box from the trunk, remove both screws: one behind the trigger guard, the various other in front of the shelter shop.

Testimonials as well as cost of the rifle Orsis SE Varmint M (Orsis SE varmint rifle, M) is provided listed below.


Depending upon caliber as well as configuration the carbine is from 155 to 170 thousand rubles.


Proprietors claim the great ballistic properties of the barrel and the precision of the fight rifle. The worth of the MOA does not go beyond 0.3. At the same time, online there are criticisms regarding the top quality of the shooting system, failing of which result in spontaneous shots.

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