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But when in 2000 TSKB-14 was charged to establish a relatively affordable sniper rifle, the three-line again thought of.

Regarding the famous three-line Mosin understand, also individuals really far from the weapon. The rifle has actually remained in service for greater than 50 years, but after the Second World battle it was discontinued due to the loss of value of tiny arms.

Testimonial of carbines OC-48/ 48K

What is fascinating concerning modern-day tools developers old model from the very early 20th century? The reality is that the tests revealed that the well-known three-line with a distance of 100 m places bullets in a circle with a diameter of 3.5 centimeters, while the regular sniper rifle– SVD, positioned at 8 centimeters from 100 m. additionally, when the automated recharging shooting accuracy falls a lot more. In the three-line this issue does not exist

The result is stored in the storehouses of small arms have actually found a brand-new life. Carbine OC-48 is produced by changing a sniper rifle Mosin. Defense improved to successfully utilize the benefits of the rifle and make up for its shortcomings.

Rifle the OTS-48K (photo)

Advantages and also downsides Carbine OC-48 was developed as a searching weapon and as a choice for the sniper systems as well as unique forces for the last fight there is an alteration OTS-48K. The barrel and also the securing node stayed from trehlineyki, and also bed, and also the stock has set

a much more modern-day. As an outcome of all changes of the model has the adhering to benefits

  • . Accuracy– the range of 100 m you can shoot at a target with a diameter of 3.5 see
  • The optimum effective variety of almost 1300 m, which is greater than the shooting series of the SVD.
  • Soft down ««»sports ». This needed equivalent changes in the trigger device.
  • Foldable front view– offers a more convenient transportation and does not conflict when using the optical view.
  • The barrel has a flash suppressor.
  • Elevated the butt to collaborate with optical sight and also is fitted with recoil pad. The latter has a comfortable shape, made from rubber. The shape of the carabiner will be diminished.
  • There is a possibility to settle protivovirusnuu movie– therefore protecting against the home heating of the barrel in the sunlight and also stopped the oscillations of air before the gun.
  • Battle alteration of the rifle– OTS-48K, is done by the scheme «« bullpup ». It is feasible to reduce the length of the tool to 850 mm.

Drawbacks of items however existing.

  • The layout of the rifle is hardly modern: the axis of the barrel rises over the butt plate, which by itself negates the idea of a «« bullpup »
  • . Eviction in the Mosin rifle was not originally identified by a minor swing. The carbine does not settle this problem. On the other hand, the shutter is connected with an extension cable, making it challenging to move. In fight problems when it is impossible to accomplish the cleaning, average individuals merely can not cock it with one hand. This quality dramatically lowers the price of proliferation.
  • Longitudinal-a moving shutter is located above the butt, not in it, what if fast recharge can lead to punching people in the face.
  • The telescopic view of the rifle is countered to the. In addition, there is no other way to identify a disturbance in the discovery optics, except on the shooting results.

Release 2 variations of the model with a somewhat various purpose.

  • OTS-48 sniper rifle for accuracy shooting, the main purpose of which is hunting for big animals. Cartridge carbine OTS-48 TOZ– 7,62 h54r, including high-precision sniper 7H1.
  • The OTS-48K is an armed forces adjustment is used in unique ops. The model is created in little sets and also only under the order. As opposed to a flash suppressor you can place a silencer. The main view– a four-time PSO-1 or PKS sevenfold-07. Instead of the day view you can establish evening, like PKN-03.
Settings OC-48 OTS-48K
Caliber, mm The 7.62 7, 62
Size, mm 1250 850
Barrel size, mm 630 730
Weight without cartridges, kg 6,0 5,5
Capacity 5 5
Sighting variety, m 1000 1000

The weight is provided with an optical sight PKS-07У.


Carbine OC-48 is a major alteration, yet additionally custom-made. «« Raw material » in the actual sense of the word are Mosin-Nagant rifles kept in army warehouses. For alteration of weapons choose the most effective on the precision of fire instances and also send right into trouble.

  • The barrel and also lock remains unmodified: trunk, made according to old, virtually ««» hand-operated » innovation has the very best efficiency, while producing the now detail for that reason uneconomical.
  • The trigger system is remodelled in order to give a smoother descent.
  • Longitudinal-a sliding shutter is gotten in touch with an expansion cable and is equipped with bent down deal with. In shutter– drummer with the fight platoon. The shutter is the main disadvantage of the product since it needs a significant effort when charging.
  • Shop long-term, Mosin etched in the butt is created in addition to the bed. The cartridges in the store needs to push individually.
  • Regular folding bipod can be hidden in the box– there is an unique specific niche.

Reduced combat shotgun, the trigger Assembly and arm to fire ahead of the receiver. Hence reduce the length of the rifle.

Packing as well as selecting

Carbine OC-48 is offered with the complying with collation:

  • views: day four– time PSO-1 or PKS sevenfold-07, night– PKN-03;
  • the flash suppressor;
  • tactical silencer PMS– installs on the barrel as opposed to the flash suppressor;
  • protivomoroznyh tape;
  • glasses tiny;
  • gun oil from different producers;
  • case for an optical sight;
  • gun case;
  • noise-canceling earphones.

For shooting from a carbine OTS-48 KBP TOZ make use of the cartridge 7.62 х54. fit:

  • cartridge regarding tompakova refinery– shell case bi-metal bullet tompakova. The weight is 13 g;
  • cartridge Extra shell tompakova, cartridge brass. Tompakova shell has minimal impact on the state of the borehole;
  • noise refinery cartridge– with bimetallic cartridge case;
  • cartridge enhanced precision– tompakova shell. Bullet weight 9.9 g;
  • cartridge S&B jacketed hollow-point bullet. Weight– 11,7 g. Has a really high ballistic performance.
The principle of operation

OTS-48K refers to the kind of rifles with bolt launch — — longitudinally sliding entrance with hands-on rotation. This device closes a bore with the size of armed forces protrusions right into the grooves of the receiver. The layout is basic, however nevertheless can hold up against high stress propellant gas, thereby when terminated from a carbine bolt-on paddle, you can utilize the bullets even more power.

The principle of procedure is as adheres to:

  • the birthed is closed at propping up with state of the piece stopper, that was available in the front placement;
  • locking mechanism avoids possible waste of the shutter because of the pressure of the gas when discharged;
  • when terminated the bolt is held from the state of the piece;
  • after the shot the shutter is open– it rastaplivaete with the barrel and opens the bore;
  • the shutter is taken out back, opening up the barrel channel. Generate recharge.

When refilling, the major drawback of bolted shutter– the requirement to stress and anxiety. In the OC-48 recharge even more challenging as a result of the extension wire.


For evaluation as well as cleansing of the rifle is partial disassembly. Called for in the repair service or in situation of hefty contamination of tools. Surgery are advised not to repeat frequently, because full disassembly promotes quick wear of parts. Assembly and also disassembly are on the table or tidy clutter. Make sure to inspect whether the discharged weapons.

The sequence of partial disassembly.

  1. Press the trigger and the various other hand open and also eliminated the shutter.
  2. Unscrew and bring up the pole.
  3. Eliminate the cover from the joint bolt.
  4. Dismantle the shutter, hold down the bolt head and the manage, shot and turning left, release, then bring bench forward with the larva is removed from the screw body. The larva is separated from the band. In the upright setting press the manage of the stem, squeezing battle springtime and screwed the trigger from the shooting pin. Carefully loosen the screw and eliminate the shooting pin.
  5. In the last instance eliminate the spring from the shooting pin.

Constructing the rifle after cleaning and lubrication is carried out in the reverse order.

Full disassembly entails dividing the trunk from the bed and also disassembly of the trigger system. The splitting up of the other parts is possible only in the Armory workshop.


Usually, the rifle will certainly enhance by securing instead of the usual slabs with dovetail bar of the «« Picatinny»». Possible to mount side bar under more severe sight.


The cost for a searching rifle the OTS-48 is 21200 R. Rifle, made use of, can set you back as much less or extra: it depends upon the type of renovations. Yet in this situation, the selection should be specifically mindful, as modified, any type of proprietor of the weapon goes into, focusing on their own requirements, abilities, and also physiological features.

Carbine is a certain plus– ability to make use of cartridges of the old version in addition to modern-day items that fulfill the demands of PMK Brussels Convention. Appropriately, the cost of ammunition is very different:

  • the usual noise from the refinery is 22 p. per item;
  • 20 PCs tompakova shell is estimated at 399-499 R;
  • cartridge S&B costs from up to 2480 3220 p. for 20 PCs.
Proprietor evaluates
  • As a hunting rifle modification of a rifle, certainly, found lots of owners say the excellent precision as well as the capacity to collaborate with a selection of ammunition.
  • According to evaluations, the bullet punctures the oak inside out at a range of 200 m.
  • However, most of the owners of guns have to consider the modifications, most often shared the dream to extend the fly.
  • The possibility of military alternative is not so glowing. Specialists believe that the format of the bullpup itself preclude making use of the rifle OC-48 as a sniper rifle. In addition, the difficulty of recharge affects rate of fire. Practical data on just how the rifle acts in fight, no.

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