PN-23 (EOC III) evening vision Sight

Night vision view NPZ PN-23 Saracens differs amongst similar evening light dimensions and reduced weight (670 g), given that his body is made of steel.

This design is equipped with AOP Ohm only generation III. The sight from the refinery evening view PN-23 Saracens

When it comes to the constructive component of — — sight is made in the form of the optical component as well as compatible brackets (offered individually) that enable you to protect the night sight NPZ PN-23 on practically any type of sort of weapon.

MON 23 meant for observation and also aimed fire from the searching tool in conditions of natural night illumination from 3×× 10-3 (moonless night), 1.5 Lux (twilight).

Built-in IR lighting permits you to use view in complete darkness and also is outfitted with a special mechanism for changing the light beam instructions of the lighting.

Shock resistance view permits you to place it on such calibers like the 9.3 mm (for a rifle) and 12 Ga (for a smoothbore). The sight stands up to both frost -40 ° C and warm to +40 ° C. All the sights of the company’s refineries seek Assembly test for the confirmation of stamina and effect resistance

. Attributes: Gen III tubes. Modular style. Swivel IR. Adjusting the brightness of the grid. Generation: Gen. III Zoom:

  • 3 x Variety target
  • recognition: 400m Photocathode level of sensitivity:
  • 1800 ua/ LM 2000 Resolution limitation: not less than
  • 64 gr./ mm Lens diameter: 50 mm Field
  • of view: 12,5 ° Interpupillary distance
  • : 50 mm Departure pupil diameter: 8 mm Limit refocus
  • eyepiece: ± 3 diopters The focal size of
  • the lens/ Rel
  • . opening: 80/ 1:1,6 The spacing of the view: 1 centimeters at
  • 100 m Power supply: 1.5
  • V(1хАА)Temperature range: -40 ° C to
  • +40 ° C Measurements: mm 209х93х81 Weight: 670 g

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