PN-23 (IIT II h/b) Sight evening


IIT generation 2+white and also black. Built-in IR led Illumination change The range of acknowledgment targets such as«a life-size figure of a male », m: 400 Magnifying, times: 3 ± 0,1 Angular field precede of «things, levels: 12 Diameter»of departure pupil, mm: 8 Interpupillary range, mm: 35

The variety of the eyepiece diopter, diopters: ± 3 Focal length, mm: 80 The modification variety of the line of view height and also instructions(T. D.): ± 0-10 Supply voltage: 1.1 to 1.5

Time of continuous operation from 0 to40, hrs: without IR with the IR illuminator 15 6

Power resource: 1хАА

Dimensions without owner, mm: 209х93х81 Weight without installing bracket, g: 760

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