Pulsar Edge GS 1 × 20 night vision Goggles

Pulsar Edge GS 1 × 20 has superb attributes for security in low light or during the night. No gain considerably facilitates the orientation in the terrain while hunting, driving and performing numerous operate in the dark.

To improve the picture top quality and also the ability to work in complete darkness evening vision goggles incorporated IR illuminator. Based Upon Pulsar Edge GS 1 × 20 is utilized, the IIT brand CF-Super, which from many various other photo

intensifier TUBE 1st generation offers a substantially clearer picture around the edges. Innovative eyepiece design containing 5 lenses ensures clear images without distortion over the whole field of vision. Automatic turn off when it goes beyond the optimum brightness level will shield the TUBE from light. The situation of glasses and also metal and also plastic and also is entirely sealed, permitting them to be used in high humidity problems.

A wide variety of running temperatures from -20 to 40 degrees permits you to utilize your factors at any temperature level. The optimum battery life from 2 AAA batteries is 50 hours. Features: CF-Super TUBE attributes. The discovery variety of 90 metres. Safeguard the TUBE from light overloads. A clear picture at the sides. Reduced weight of just 200 grams.

Excellent battery life. Protection

  • from dirt, moisture and dust. Set
  • The Edge GS 1 × 20 assy Mask with adapter Situation
  • The manual Napkin for cleansing of lenses Warranty card Kind CF-Super TUBE attributes(EP-33-SF)
  • Magnification, x 1 Lens size
  • , mm: 20 Resolution field of view(facility/ periphery ), lines/mm 42/ 36 Angular
    field of vision,

    • degree 40 The maximum distance
    • of observation, m * 100 Diopter change
    • eyepiece diopter
    • . ± 4 Diameter of leave student, mm
    • 4 Nourishment, 3(
    • 2xAAA )Operating time with one collection of batteries(IR
    • off/ IR included),
    • hour 50/ 20 The operating temperature level array, -20 ° C … +40 ° C Course dirt — and water resistant(according to IEC 60529): IP44 Measurements: 163x113x60 Tool weight, kg: 0.65 Headgear weight mask, kg:
    • 0.2

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