Ranger 5 * 42 night vision Device numbers.

Ranger 5 × 42 is an essentially brand-new, has several unique advantages, night vision device, which is a result of a combination of contemporary optical as well as digital modern technologies. Ranger is identified by the clarity and intensity of the image throughout the field of vision, including in the peripheral zone.

In reduced light problems making use of the built-in IR illuminator with functions of stepless power change as well as remembering of the chosen level of radiation strength.

The IR illuminator gadget runs in the remote infrared array(940 nm), which eliminates the likelihood of detection of the observer, despite most of the image intensifier TUBE based equipment. Ranger 5 × 42 is completely self-supporting (powered with 6 AA batteries)but can likewise operate outside resources

. The readjusting wheel on the front panel enables to readjust the brightness level of the LCD. The device is furnished with a video clip output for photo broadcasting to the video and the display. For prolonged monitoring and also video recording it is suggested to mount the gadget on a tripod place 1/4 in. 42 mm lens of the device is distinguished by improved regularity as well as contrast attributes. The lens use lens is multi-coated, made from premium quality optical glass. The device can run from outside power sources, including onboard cars and truck or dealt with networks (for this purpose, it is outfitted with an unique adapter), and also is self-supporting batteries or AA batteries.

For monitoring of far-off things or in reduced light problems provides high power IR illuminator with features of stepless power modification as well as memorizing of the picked level of radiation strength. In Ranger the picture is revealed on the LCD present. Hands-on adjustment of LCD brightness is done by means of the modification wheel. Functions: IR illuminators run in the invisible variety Video clip The brightness of the image at the degree of the NVD gen. 2 Twin system infrared illuminator The observation range of 250 m High resolution Aesthetic magnification — 5x Lens size — 42 mm. Resolution — 40 lines/mm.

Field of vision —

  • 5 levels. Restriction refocus eyepiece —+/ -4 diopters. The wavelength of IR illuminators — 940 nm. Power IR
  • illuminator — 2000 mV. The watching range from 5 to 250 m. The output signal standard is CCIR( PAL compatible).
  • Operating voltage 7,2-9 — V(
  • 6xAA ). Electronic camera — resolution — 510 × 492 pixels.
  • Operating temperature level variety-— 20 —+35 C °. The hrs(with IR —/ without IR)—
  • 3/10 hours. Measurements — 170x116x76 mm
  • . Weight 0.65 kg(without — batteries).

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