Ranger 5 × 42 Pro night vision Device electronic

Digital NV Ranger Pro 5 × 42 is the outcome of reliable application of electronic technologies in observation optics. Ranger Pro is defined by an impressive 5-fold increase, and the maximum distance of monitoring gets to 600 meters, implemented many thanks to the usage in the layout of very delicate CCD and software innovation brand-new Sum Light TM.

The illumination and quality of the photo Ranger Pro 5 × 42 competes with the picture intensifier TUBE based tools of the 2nd generation. The picture is displayed on a monochrome LCD display as well as is noted by a clarity and intensity across the field of view.

The gadget is able to record properly the light change of a broad wave variety in problems of all-natural night illumination. For observing on a moonless evening made use of a powerful and also adjustable infrared illuminator. The wavelength is 940nm (remote location of the IR range invisible to the naked eye) — — the observer is unnoticeable also when using the device in energetic mode.

The video clip out enables you to output to a screen or television. This assists in veteran stationary watching, as well as likewise permits video recording on an outside recording tool.

Aesthetic zoom, x 5
Lens size, mm 42
Resolution, lines/mm 40
The field of view, levels 5
Video camera resolution, pixels 510 × 492
The type of output CCIR (PAL)
Dimensions, mm 170x116x76
Weight, kg 0.65

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