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The Remington 1100 is a design of smooth-bore semi-automatic weapons, which is available since 1963. It is thought about a cult standard, «« old-fashioned » style, based on which there have actually been several other searching rifles created all over the world, including in Russia.

Summary Remington 1100

Semi-automatic shotgun, the construction of which the Remington design 870 is a pump-activity weapon with the concept of reloading. Instead of rolling of the forearm, on the external surface area of the shop has a gas engine, as well as in the neck of the Lodge installed return springtime.

Disadvantages as well as benefits
  • Rugged building and construction– the weapon eats all kinds of ammo, he’s got great craftsmanship.
  • The larva paddle composite– it has a swing component that, when locking the barrel engages a tooth for a notch in the shank of the breech. This enabled the usage of the style of the receiver is aluminum alloy, making it simpler for the weapon.
  • Base model American Classic is extremely gorgeous, its receiver is inscribed with a gold notch, the bed is constructed from premium quality wood American walnut and perfectly enhanced.
  • In the American style missed 16-gauge, taken into consideration Russia’s global. A set of suggestions is composed of the 12th, typically related to the magnums, and 20th, which has in our country vast application.

The size of the cartridge chamber 70 mm just, so the range is limited to rifle searching in Peru.

  • There is an opportunity of setup of interchangeable muzzle narrowing. They are screwed to the muzzle piece, prolonging the barrel. The advantage of this design is an easier algorithm: if the threads do not wedge, then alter the nozzle it is feasible and also without a secret.
  • Now offered only for residential North American market. In Russia you can discover just a Commission with the capturing technique.
  • Barrels non chrome layered, yet the corrosion resistance is quite high.
  • As a result of the area of the return springtime in the neck of the box is not possible to update tools, making the butt or changing it with a folding pistol hold.
  • The surface area of the shop in contact with the exhaust of powder gases, not protected by anything, so it requires a great deal of interest and normal cleaning. The gas engine is quite basic, it consists of a piston and 2 rings anturyuma, so problems concerning its job during the production of rifles (over 50 years) is not located.

In comparison with the Russian «« Bekas-Auto » shotgun heavier at the exact same size of the barrel for 250 grams. It’s a small difference, yet it will noticeably affect the whole day in the area. Additionally, the functionality of American missing out on arm perehvatyvaet cartridges, which allows you to instantly alter the type of the munition.

Images rifle Remington 1100 American Classic

  • Purpose This tool for searching in Peru, in addition to for capturing on the bench. In the past generated a model that was made use of by rankings of the cops as well as used in protection. They differed reduced barrel and pistol grasp stock. Ranges Presently, the business Remington Arms produces rifles of the 12th as well as the 20th of qualities for civilian usage. The authorities models from the range of 1100 are excluded.
  • American Classic. Design with trendy poliestireno box of excellent quality wood American walnut. Blued completed receiver inscribed with gold cross-gold plated-made and also the trigger. The set of sighting gadgets consist of high vented trims and bronze flies. Buttstock with straight comb, inclined to the axis of the barrel. The shock-absorbing recoil pad.
  • Traditional Trap. Shotgun with extended (762 mm) barrel. Exclusively 12-gauge. The bed is made from more affordable walnut timber. On top of that, the butt has a cushion «« Monte Carlo, » with its crest alongside the axis of the barrel.
  • Competition Synthetic. A sporting rifle, lengthy (as in the previous design) barrel. Lodge, synthetic, polupoltina, height flexible comb and butt size of the backplate. Receiver is Nickel layered, the barrel is blued.
  • Sporting Series. A sporting rifle with a shorter barrel and also extended established caliber: added 28 and also.410 birthed. Polupoltina bed, dark timber American walnut, straight comb butt, obliquely to the axis of the barrel. Blued receiver, no engraving.
  • 200 th Wedding anniversary LTD. . Jubilee ringtonesia design just 12-gauge, with an especially elegant coating of the receiver as well as high quality refined supply of dark timber American walnut.

Number 1100 from Remington there is a sample showing Taktikal, yet it varies dramatically from the formerly specified models, as the practical as well as to the factor.

Traditional Catch Competition Sporting 200thWedding anniversary
Type Self-loading rifle with a gas engine
Caliber 12, 20 the chamber 70 mm 12 cartridge chamber 70 mm 12 cartridge chamber 70 mm 12, 20


Trunk Smooth, cold forged, polochak in the base case (substitute nozzle)
The length of the barrel 711 762 762 711


Shop 4 4 4 4 4
Total length 1232 1283 1283 1245


Weight 3,18– 20

3,63– 12

3,74 3,74 3,63



Of 2.83


Smoothbore self-loading rifle with a gas engine.

  • Barrel, chilly created, smooth throughout, carbon steel, non chrome layered. The chamber 70 mm for all models. The shank of the breech long, with socket to the stop turning larvae shutter. Channel of the concentration camp lies at half the length of the barrel.
  • There is an opportunity of installment of interchangeable muzzle constricting. Nozzles are prepared on the outside of the barrel, extending it.
  • Gas engine contains a piston, 2 abdulrosa rings and also pusher with 2 rods strictly attached to the base of the screw. It lies on the external surface of the tubular barrel, a shop as well as a shut fore-grip.
  • The receiver is of light weight aluminum alloy. Home window are expelled to the right, installing optics is not given.
  • The spring situated in television, prolonging inside the neck of the Lodge.
  • The larva of the shutter is round, with an oscillating bar on which a tooth will certainly for the shank of the breech at lock.
  • The trigger mechanism is furnished with a lever-delay, which quits the shutter when firing the last bullet. The withdraw button is located in between the hopper loading of cartridges and the front branch of the trigger guard. Adjustment of the stroke size of the effort and also the hook it is not provided.
  • The safety and security button lies on the posterior branches of the trigger guard it turns on and also off relocate perpendicular to the axis of the barrel: shift to the left is the placement of the Fire. On the left side of the button is the notched J-shaped cutout for the security key, the securing devices of the gun.
  • The collection of discovery gadgets are a ventilated lath includes a bronze fly.
  • Bed polupoltina. Solid wood American walnut or plastic. The butt can have a cushion «« Monte Carlo» » and flexible along the size of the backplate. The wooden lodges notches for convenience of grip have extravagant type in the type of floral ornament.
Picking and packing

The gun is available in a cardboard product packaging. The barrel is cleared.

Supplied with nozzle muzzle narrowing «« of pauchok » (predetermined) vital to alter nozzles, the essential safety system. Connected instructions as well as the ticket.

The concept of operation

During the shot part of the gases from the birthed is a piston which relocates the bolt and opens up the bore. Extractives is removed and also an invested shell casing, hammer cocked trigger device, a cartridge to be fed right into the receptacle. The return of the bolt occurs under the action of the spring situated in the neck of the Lodge. Heading back to the Elevator supplies the cartridge to the line of loading, cylinder bolt picks up his toilet in the trunk and also secures the breech, captured the tooth for his shank.

  • Prior to the equipment store placed the arms on the fuse. Feed cartridge into the shop with a window in the lower face of the receiver, pressing the lever of the Elevator into the midsts. Ammunition fit muzzle of a cartridge situation forward as well as tie in the store. Switch off the fuse and also distort the bolt. The weapon prepares to fire.
  • A solitary cartridge can charge the empty store. To do this, relocate the screw back, put the ammunition Elevator for feeding via the window of the extractor as well as press the bar of elimination from the slide stop.
  • To deactivate the tool, turn the safety button designed security trick is provided to ensure that the threat on package accompanied the Lock tag on the trigger guard.
  1. Release the weapon a number of times shivering the bolt to the factor, just how it will be on hold-up.
  2. Remove the molded nut on the front face of the lower arm. Eliminate it by sliding to the muzzle slice.
  3. Result from the barrel friends to the receiver.
  4. Get rid of obituarie ring as well as gas piston tube of the shop.
  5. Press the bar of removal from the slide quit.
  6. Pull the deal with of the screw.
  7. Knock senseless the two pins that safeguard the trigger system to the receiver, eliminate it.
  8. Turn the receiver bottom up, and also with her left hand, from the inside, press the bar of the disconnector feeder cartridges.
  9. Remove the pipeline shop utilitech rods and also the base of the screw.
  10. Get rid of the bolt with the demonstrator
  11. Knock the pin on the back plate of the larvae of the shutter as well as eliminate the firing pin, get rid of the securing bar.
  12. Get rid of the pin from the recoil spring lever, comparable to tweezers.

Remington Arms firm has actually developed a minimum advisable cost of the gun the Remington 1100 (the gauges from 12 to 20):

  • Classic– 1682 $;
  • Trap– 1334 $;
  • Competition– 1305 $;
  • Sporting– 1254 $;
  • 200 th Anniversary 1999 $.

The rifle has a sharp and load fight. Recoil is modest. Maintenance free, does not need a great deal of interest, no problem capturing rounds with repetitively reenergized cartridges

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