Remington 700 SPS Tactical.223 Rem rifle weapon

The least prominent design was its straight descendant– gunned carbine series 700 SPS Tactical. Its reliability in all weather condition and temperature problems is proven in the procedure of testing and also years of technique, and the layout has become a fantastic base for searching designs of noncombatant locations.

A similar fate befell lots of little kinds of sniper rifles, even a legend of arms– AKM became the prototype of the terrific carbine. Was no exception and also the famous American Remington, which has actually ended up being a trustworthy tool in battle and a buddy of the good guys in literature and movie.

Review of carbine Remington 700 SPS Tactical.223 Rem

A noncombatant carbine is a rifle, magazine type, Remington 700 made in the USA. Production by the company Remington Arms. In the modern arms business today recommended several modifications seven hundredth of the version under cartridges of different quality.

Criterion option– 7, 62/ 51 mm is a rifle, with rotating bolt longitudinally-sliding design. The clip is created for 3 and five ammo depending on caliber. Similar functions of the base variant and also conserved in a searching weapon.

Disadvantages as well as benefits

Any weapon, be it military or noncombatant is valued according to a single characteristic that can not be extra identifies searching Remington. This special capacity to constantly, continually and also under all problems properly and also to generate a load of shooting out of the box without any additional setup, as well as maintenance of tools. This can not be better for hunting problems and also in extreme situations, when there is a danger to human life and required legal self-defence.

Additionally carbine has the complying with high qualities:

  • The supplier of the barrel and breech components from chrome-molybdenum steel alloy.
  • The butt has a rubber shock-absorber. The bed utilized for polymer black.
  • The model is created with a hinged cover as well as a built-in shop.
  • Carbon cold-rolled steel used for the barrel, which on top of that is covered only matte paint to avoid reflections when shooting.

The negative aspect professionals think the widespread usage in modern-day models of synthetic products, which is a separation from the complete metal principle rifle design 1962.

Carbine Remington 700 SPS Tactical.223 (image)

Purpose The basis of the rifle was the tactical guns customized into a rifle, which is completely adjusted for hunting purposes. The guidelines for its application on the area of Russia according to guidelines PP of the Russian Federation No. 18 of 10 January 2009. The carbine is the best programs their information in civil usage. Bullet shooting and also a long exhausting searching in remote areas for Remington 700 SPS Tactical.

Presently, the alteration in a much more fast variations with the very best efficiency remains in the process of job. However fans of this kind of alternative widely known version collection SPS Buckmasters Edition, Special Purpose Synthetic Stainless, Classic De Luxe, BDL, RS, and ABC XCR carbine Remington 700 SPS Tactical.223 Rem.


The primary technical indicators dependable and strong rifle 700 models consist of the following:

Name of the sign Information
Caliber 223 REM 308 WIN 30-06 Sprg.
Barrel length centimeters 61, 00 61, 00 61, 00
Store 5 4 4
Total size, cm 110, 9 110, 9 113, 0
Alloy barrel steel + carbon steel + carbon steel + carbon
Weight, gr. 3, 20 3, 30 3, 35
Weight, leaving out view and also butt, kg 3, 30 3, 30 3, 30

In the design, the carbine preserved the fundamental principle of his armed forces predecessor. In the version of Remington 700 SPS layout utilized the triangular section of the barrel that permits the very best method to cool as well as intending to fire.

  1. The stock just can be tailored to the physiology of the seeker, the size of his arms, cheek change the level height.
  2. The bed is made from artificial material and covered with a modern OD Green ®.
  3. The framework of the butt is made in a simply tactical kind.
  4. Used a system of quick trigger X mark Pro. Swivels are repaired with unique curtains on the shank and also box.
Picking and packing

The carbine is disassembled and also Packed in unique waxed cloth as well as robust wooden situation with locks. All the dismountable components are refined in the manufacturing facility anti-corrosion oil. The set consists of the adhering to records in English and Russian versions:

  • Individual technological certificate.
  • Qualification documents and a copy of the license of the manufacturer.
  • Be sure the application full instructions on upkeep of the warranty as well as the rifle card of the producer.
The principle of procedure

At the core mechanics of the shot searching variation of the Remington 700 is the principle of making use of adequately large quantity of energy when effect sent from enormous totally free shutter system. This concept is integral in all previous models, consisting of army weapons.


To dismantle the weapons ought to be only discharged, after checking for the lack of a cartridge in the chamber. All procedures for the avoidance of small repair mechanism need to be made exclusively on the connected to the technological ticket of the user.

Tuned in the full feeling of this idea version is presently not imagined due to the substantial diversity of production designs SPS Tactical.

The cost and also the testimonials on the rifle Remington 700 SPS Tactical.223 Rem is given below.


The Russian market uses almost a full range of schedule of searching rifles the Remington 700. Prices begin with 51 500 beginnings, 0– 52 000, $ 0.

Proprietor reviews

The proprietors of American searching of the brand will certainly value the top quality and reliability of auto mechanics, which completely eliminated the shortcomings of the military idea of its precursor. Completely eliminated the possibility of obtaining dust in the device and also raschitana wooden butt drunk of remain in the outdoors or in the water.

Nevertheless, some objection is a lack of quality Russian-language translation of technical documents as well as handbooks for use. Verification of the success of this brand state a substantial quantity of sales and also the degree of market saturation.

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