Remington R-25, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Design American semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, created in 1957 by Eugene Stoner, an designer at ArmaLite, became the basis of countless clones created worldwide.

The firm Remington (famous for designs such as the Remington 700 Police, XCR, VLS, SPS Tactical, VTR, as well as R11 RSASS, 750, and so on). it is likewise not continued to be unsociable from style adhering to that brand and also has launched a hunting semi-automatic R-25 under a key rifle cartridge for NATO 7,62×× 51

. Description The Remington R-25

Semi-automatic duplicating rifle, automatic reloading which deals with the concept of utilizing part of the powder gases removed from the birthed. From the design of the benefactor, the AR-15 rifle adjusted trigger as well as return devices, is divided into two halves of the receiver as well as handgun grip.

A take care of for bring is missing out on, customized form of the forearm, which changed the perforated case of carbon fiber as well as likewise butt, which is made in the kind of fixed «« foot doctor» » with a substantial shock-absorbing butt pad.

Advantages and also negative aspects
  • Layout, examined by time, the initial sores and also drawbacks which are gotten rid of for the past half a century, many thanks to what became rather a dependable weapon.
  • A reasonably long barrel with the grooves, which allows the swimming pool to establish greater first velocity, which can strike targets at distances up to a kilometer.
  • Universal and also widespread ammunition– 7,62×× 51 bullet has excellent quiting power, which enables you to hunt with this weapon for nearly all type of video game which is located on the territory of Russia.
  • Lengthy Picatinny rail, which allows you to mount optical tools huge multiplicity and strength, as well as also properly to look into from parallax.
  • One more strap under the forearm, it is possible to mount tactical kit– flashlights, target designators, evening vision devices.
  • There is entirely no outside sights, which limits the scope of use of tools. For drive and driven pursues when you intend to shoot fast-receding and also close objectives, it is of little use. It is unlikely for the same factor, it can be taken into consideration expeditionary tools.
  • This carabiner is left fatal and genetic flaw of the AR-15 is a direct impact of the powder gases on the mechanism of reloading, which it is vulnerable to rust and require normal cleaning.
  • Cleansing the rifle needs much time and significant willpower, because the details have lots of cavities of intricate shape.

The weapon is reasonably portable and also light, the bed constructed from influence resistant plastic allows you to manage them without much reverence.

Photos Remington R-25

Purpose This tool for hunting tool to huge ungulates and killers. Selections Created in only one quality 7,62 × 51, the bed can have a different history camouflage tinting– red, green (mossy oak), light grey.

Attribute The worth
Type Semi-automatic weapon with a gas engine
Quality 7,62×× 51
Trunk The console from chrome-molybdenum steel
The rifling Six keystone, appropriate rotation
The pitch of string (inches) 10
Barrel size (mm) 508
Store Detachable, steel, dual row, 4 rounds
Complete size (mm) 991
Weight (kg) 3,5
  • Self-loading carbine, servicing the concept of gas engine. The powder gases are fed directly to the screw service provider down the lengthy tube.
  • Trunk thick-walled, with 6 longitudinal grooves. Made from chromium vanadium steel. Six trapezoidal right-hand man thread, obtained by donovania.
  • The design contains 2 devices: the upper, which includes a receiver, a barrel shroud (handguard) and the bolt; the reduced, consisting of a base USM, container shop and also butt.
  • Gas piston has a securing split ring, like the inner combustion engine.
  • Cylinder bolt with 7 lugs, so to unlock the barrel it needs a turn at extremely tiny angle.
  • The return of the bolt happens due to the spring with weighting product located in television of the supply. To remove feasible delays in the filing of the cartridge on the appropriate side of the receiver is a pushrod.
  • The manage of the bolt located on the back plate of the receiver, it is used only for the preliminary cocking of the trigger. In the process of shooting is not entailed, stays fixed.
  • Home window ejector sleeves closed steel shutter, it immediately folds up away when the squad USM.
  • On the top side of the receiver located Picatinny rail for mounting optics. It is supplemented by a brief band of the same type under of the lower arm, which are mounted bipod, laser sights, or various other tactical body kit.
  • The circuit box is on the left side of the receiver, it has 2 positions: Fire and Stop.
  • Store steel, dual row, detachable. The eject switch gets on the best side, over the trigger guard.
  • Butt-podiatrist furnished with a substantial shock-absorbing butt pad.
Picking as well as loading

Comes Packed in a cardboard box. Provided with two shops. Affixed a ticket and the handbook.

The concept of operation
  • Recharge as well as army shooting system takes place under the action of a portion of the propellant gases appointed from a birthed. The concept of direct impacts on the screw.
  • Powder gases become part of the cylinder of the bolt and also press the piston connected with the cyndrical tubes of the linking pole. The motion of this mechanical system in Capernaum the groove revolves larvae as well as opening the breech. The recoil impulse tosses the framework back, it presses the springtime of the shooting pin, hing on the weighting. All at once cocked spring impactor and expelled the cartridge. In the reverse motion of the cartridge is fed from the shop into the chamber, the larva reverses as well as closes the birthed.
  • For filling the publication it is eliminated from the receptacle. The cartridges are stacked in two rows.
  • Prior to the shot you will certainly have to pull the T-shaped screw handle back. Its left branch is a lever-latch. If it does not click, the slide does not move.
  1. Get rid of the publication, put the gun on the circuit box down.
  2. Pull the screw back and also ensure the spring clip right into the butt (with repeated motion of the frame does not really feel resistance).
  3. Squeeze the rear pin holding the fifty percents of the block of the receiver.
  4. To turn the system shaft at the axis of the front pin, opening up access to the USM as well as the bolt provider.
  5. Pulling the deal with, eliminate it together with the slide structure.
  6. To separate the take care of and the frame of the shutter.
  7. Get rid of the pin on the back plate of the screw, eliminate the firing pin.
  8. Revolve the pin cyndrical tube shutter opernogo along the groove as well as eliminate it, extract the larvae.
  9. Remove the gas piston to eliminate the o-ring.
  10. Press the latch situated at the back plate of the reduced block of the rifle, near where the dealt with supply. Get rid of the spring return device with weighting product.

Altering the weight of weighting agent of the recoil system, it is possible to enhance or lower the power of the cartridges as well as rate of fire.

Testimonials and price on the rifle Remington R-25 (Remington R-25) are offered listed below.


The carbine is from 90 to 100 thousand rubles.


With regular cleansing and lubrication of the rifle is fairly reputable. If the return mechanism is well-oiled, Works better. Consequently, in extreme frosts there can be hold-ups. Returns the typical strength, the precision of the fight within 3 MOA.

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