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In 2015, the business Remington Arms (known versions 1100, 700 BDL, R-25, R11 RSASS, 700 Police, etc) began generating the semiautomatic shotgun the Remington Versa Max, the design of which is radically different from anything created by it informed.

Suffice it to claim that reloading happens in it, not by conventional gas engine with straight action and a short program of the trunk with turning of the cylinder lock.

Description the Remington Versa Max shotgun (Remington versa Max)

Grabovoi semi-automatic shotgun with tubular under-barrel mechanism. It utilizes an initial system of Versa Point venting system patented by Remington Arms.

It includes three teams of openings (total of seven) situated in the chamber. Due to this, instantly managed by the quantity chosen for recharge of the powder gases: the shorter the sleeve, the greater number of drainage openings is available. The impulse to reload in any case remains unmodified, independent of the sample powder.

Advantages and also disadvantages

When developing guns, special focus was paid to guarantee its reliability and survivability.

  • In the manufacture of the barrel use 4140 steel utilized in essential parts of compressors as well as wind turbines, the birthed is plated with Nickel, as well as the outdoors– Nickel anti-corrosion paint TriNyte.
  • All parts revealed to warm gases and also involved in the process of reloading, covered with a Teflon layer, resistant to high temperatures and having a low coefficient of friction.
  • The style of the chamber enables to use munitions of any type of dimension: from malaymuslim, with a sleeve length of 70 mm, to magnums (76 mm) and also supermagnum (89 mm).
  • On normal shop you can put the extension, boosting its ability.
  • Many thanks to the securing system with a brief recoil and also rotating cylinder bolt, recoil is almost invisible. Even when utilizing supermagnum 12-gauge.
  • Full exterior sighting gadgets used are not traditional bronze fly, and also color of a fiber-optic string, which assists in aiming. Additionally, it is complemented by the «« stump » in the middle of the back view that allows you to regulate the placement of the barrel with accuracy and also accuracy.
  • It is feasible to install the receiver optical view.
  • Changeable muzzle narrowing are installed outside, so no demand to utilize an unique secret.
  • Self-regulating gas system permits you to reliably operate the weapon with any sets of gunpowder. In contrast, for example, of the MP-155 and also «« Bekas-Auto » to like optimum equipment. At the very same time, there is reason to think that the shot malaymuslim cartridge big portion of tasted gases greatly lowers the thickness shot talus. Clay pigeon shooting excessively spread sheaf of shot even better, but on the actual bird it can create wounded video game.
  • Boosted comfort designs of the tool: increased the dimension of the deal with screw, removing the button from the slide stop and check the fuse. There is a possibility to change the tilt of the butt to the receiver, using the gaskets supplied. At the exact same time, some shooters have actually kept in mind that the butt for them too long, tough to get to the trigger.

With all due regard to the engineers Remington Arms, it is impossible to comprehend why they are so tough to bypass perehvatyvaet cartridges– the gadget is executed in «« Bekas-Auto ». This would certainly increase the use of the tool, instantaneously transforming the type of equipment of the cartridge, if the need develops.

Image Remington Versa Max

Purpose The gun was designed for searching waterfowl as well as upland bird. At the very same time, it is possible to quest ungulates or killers of tool size. Used it for firing sports, self defense and also tools for the police officers.

Varieties Of The Versa Max

The weapon is produced just in the 12th caliber. The version array is really broad.

  • Synthetic. The underlying model. The barrel length of 660 mm. or 711 Bed polupoltina, synthetic, with rubbing inserts of rubber on the manage and handguard. Sights– aired vent placket and also front sight the yellow fiber-optic hairs.
  • Sportsperson. Not altered from the previous version, no caliber, no barrel length of. The bed is rather simpler (or instead ascetic) style. Yellow fiber-optic string with white luminous «« stump »
  • . Mossy Oak Waterfowl Real Tree. Choices with various type of camouflage coloring box. Barrel size 660 or 711 mm.
  • Tactical. Model with shortened (559 mm) barrel and also enhanced to 8 rounds supermagnum (12) the volume of the store. The barrel is mounted muzzle brake. The set of sighting gadgets from the aerated band as well as front sight with a fiber-optic string supplemented with pre-installed Picatinny rail. Bed polupoltina, plastic, with friction rubber inserts on the take care of and handguard.
  • Competitors Tactical. Short barrel, magazine capacity of 10 rounds. The receiver is environment-friendly, the sights– aired vent placket and front view with a fiber-optic thread. Extra «« stub » is relocated to the breech. DTK is installed interchangeable muzzle narrowing.
  • Turkey Camo. Chopped (559 mm) slug barrel with gunning a bullet of the type «« Paradox.» » Sights– the back view on prismatic base and front view with a fiber-optic string. The color of the boxes as well as the barrel camo.


Mossy Oak Waterfowl

Actual Tree

Tactical Turkey Camo
Type Self-loading rifle with short barrel
Caliber 12, universal chamber under the sleeve 70, 76 and also 89 mm
Trunk Smooth, Packed with muzzle of the tightenings Rifled (Rifle Sights)

Step 1:20

Barrel length (mm) 660


559 559
Capacity 3 routine

2 supermagnum

12 normal

10 supermagnum

3 regular

2 supermagnum

Size (mm) 1194


1092 1092
Weight (kg) 3,52 3,52 3,52

Semi-automatic weapon, reloading is accomplished with a brief program of the trunk.

  • Barrel, cold created, architectural steel 4140, Nickel layered channel. In models with a smooth barrel is threaded for the installment of adjustable muzzle tightenings. Nozzles are screwed from the outside, extending the length of the barrel. In the model shot barrel with vast superficial grooves.
  • Into the breech of the barrel, three teams of venting holes (total 7), which partially overlap, long sleeve, or totally open if short. Manage the quantity of exhaust gases. Gas engine two pistons positioned alongside each various other.
  • Overcharge is a brief recoil and turning the cylinder lock. Something comparable is made use of in the Tula weapon GSH-18, yet he had the shutter dealt with, and also revolved the barrel.
  • The bolt runs on rails of the receiver to its shank pivotally attached pusher return spring. This style resembles the mechanism of the Mossberg 930. In the semi-automatic Remington past editions of this item were removable and also not specifically dependable. Return springtime mounted in the tube situated in the dental caries of the neck of the Lodge.
  • The receiver is of light weight aluminum alloy, with a home window are ejected from the right side and a bunker load of ammo on the bottom.
  • Store explosive, it can be lengthened by boosting the capability.
  • Trigger system without any control. There is a slide catch. The bar (button) elimination is under the window of ejector sleeves. The fuse box is a button situated in the posterior branches of the trigger guard. It moves perpendicular to the axis of the barrel. The position Fire– left change.
  • There is a bar situated above the trigger guard on the right, which blocks the squad drummer in the abduction of the bolt. It is utilized when eliminating cartridges from the store.
  • The set of sighting devices consists of an aired vent lath as well as flies from a fiber-optic filament. For ease of intending, there is an intermediate «« stub»».
  • Bed polupoltina, plastic. Supplied with a collection of shims that allow you to change the tilt as well as angle of the butt. The shock-absorbing recoil pad.
Packing as well as picking

The tool can be found in a tough instance. The barrel is removed. Provided with 4 compatible muzzle narrowing, a collection of tools– wrenches for nozzles and disassembly of the gas system, security lock on the trigger guard, a set of shims to customize the supply. Attached instructions and also the ticket.

The concept of procedure

Throughout the shot part of the gas gets in both cyndrical tubes, in which are set up spring-loaded pistons. The momentum changes the barrel, creating the shutter cyndrical tube is revolved in Capernaum the groove and also disengaged from the breech.

Afterwards, the shutter prompted by the recoil momentum, relapses, compresses the return springtime and also eliminate the discharged shell from the barrel and also the receiver is returned to the original place. At the same time, the hammer cocked shooting system, the cartridge is fed to the Elevator.

In the reverse activity of the shutter Elevator elevates the cartridge to the line of loading, the larva selects it up as well as takes into the breech of the barrel. At the last phase the larva turns, captured in a groove of the breech.

The cartridges fit into the shop through a window in the lower face of the receiver. For this we need to relocate into the Elevator and also put the ammo muzzle of a cartridge instance onward, achieving its fixation in the shop.

If you require to bill one cartridge, draw the screw back and place the weapon on the gate delay. Place the ammo on the Elevator feeder via the home window of ejector sleeves. Press the release button with the slide stop.

If you require to get rid of the cartridges from the shop, press the lever located above the trigger guard. In this placement the slide might not return totally, uzveda drummer. Distort the bolt a few times, make certain the chamber is tidy and the store is empty (when recessed right into the inside of the Elevator visible red or yellow feeder cartridges).

  1. Slide the bar on the trigger guard, rack it a couple of times and also clear the weapon.
  2. Get rid of the molded nut at the end of the store.
  3. Eliminate the spring store with the applicant cartridges.
  4. Eliminate the handguard.
  5. Print the barrel Assembly with gas system from receiver, remove the axle ring from the pipe store.
  6. Eliminate the take care of bolt.
  7. The result gateway of the receiver with the front (receiver) window.
  8. Knock the pins connecting the trigger mechanism, eliminate it from the receiver.

If necessary taking apart the gas engine, put the barrel vertically, Unscrew two screws with an internal hex port and eliminate both pistons from the cylinders.

  • Remington Versa Max Tactical with a barrel length 559 mm 93 thousand rubles.
  • The Waterfowl model with a barrel size of 660 mm– 106 thousand rubles.
  • A long-barreled model Synthetic– 160 thousand rubles.

The weapon is exceptionally reputable, also after firing numerous hundred rounds in a row, it continues to function generally. Recoil approaches the designs of 20-gauge.

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