Sabatti FOREST 20х76, rifled gun

However strong the telephone call of the wild and also the need to bring excellent hunting victim, contemporary life and its rapid rhythm dictate the regulations of the video game. Even one of the most passionate hunter often not able to devote to his leisure activity, adequate time is usually banal absence of persistance and money.

One follower to wander through the timbers or overload with a gun can afford to have both rifled and also smooth bore weapons, and also the other was acquired from my grandpa checked by dozens of years the old shotgun.

For real fan’s specifically important to appreciate the procedure an excellent excitement when you fly a bird or stir the beast. In this scenario simply needs a great, reliable and also basic tool. Such as Sabatti FOREST 20х76 mm with a rifled barrel.

Summary of weapons

For the connoisseur does not call for comprehensive description of the technological performance as well as marketing performance of the well-known Italian arms company «« Sabatti ». Version woodland recommended as optimal for the problems of Germany as well as Russia, where lengthy hunters renowned for their ability and also wit, as nature can provide a range of shocks.

The business generates a completely huge variety of consolidated rifles to a wooded area. Long-term research of hunting preferences allowed us to created a range of FOREST– shotgun with a smooth upper trunk of 20.0 as well as a reduced gunned for bullet capturing, length 76 mm chamber for each and every barrel has a different trigger.

On a combination weapon, Sabatti forest has modern-day optics (optical sights), as it is outfitted with a steel receiver, box shutter Anson-delay devices with dependable non-automatic fuse.

Disadvantages and also benefits

Like any weapon, rifle ««, Sabatti » has its disadvantages and also advantages, it is perfect for searching in the woods. The primary favorable impacts are the following:

  • For the manufacture of steel elements utilized in a reliable and durable chilly forged high grade steel.
  • Tool view has a flexible rear sight and also sight range of 100 m.
  • A chrome finish covers the barrel top.
  • On the rifled barrel is shneller.
  • Perfectly crafted honorable walnut was the material for the pistol box.
  • The tool is comfortable to make use of with plastic butt pad as well as detachable forend.

Amateurs as well as professionals, fans of the brand name think the major drawback of the lack of chrome gunned barrel. When there wants reducing of the rear view will be a bobble of the rifled barrel, as well as when gotten will not have the ability to intend from smooth, top.

The objective shotguns Sabatti FOREST 20х76

The rifle is intended for searching big and tiny game, flawlessly leveled for the extraction of field as well as marsh birds. High humidity, frost, exposure to dirt, leaves or needles does not influence the quality of shooting.

FOREST Sabatti shotgun with a rifled barrel cal. 22 Hornet

Varieties Today the Italian arms manufacturer offers good quality and so far the only variation of the version of the weapon integrated type SABATTI FOREST, 20 scale x 76, with the barrel threaded kind caliber 222 REM, butt– wood honorable selections.


Incorporated choice has the complying with technical indicators.

No. Name Ed. dimension Data
1 Quality size mm 20 * 76, 222 Rem
2 The complete mass kg 3, 20
3 Features of the trunk section combo smoothbore/ rifled
4 The producer nation Italy «« Sabatti»
» 5 The length of the chamber mm 76, 0
6 Barrel, overall length cm 60, 0
7 Butt wood walnut

Universal design combines two different-sized barrel — — threaded bottom and smooth leading. The gun is outfitted with a fuse guidebook use, has a box-shaped stopper and also 2 trigger.

Safety covering boosts the operational properties of the butt, forging technology steel allows the tool is to carry a variety of lots.

Packing as well as choosing

The weapon uses a broad buyer in a disassembled state with separated and also breech system of the gun. All things are processed the specialized lubricating paste, wrapped for waterproofing. technological material, packaged in basic tough case with a firm logo.

Connected are the initial technological ticket, directions for Assembly and upkeep, a duplicate of the certificate and also the certificate of the global sample. All files are prepared in Russian translation for the Russian connoisseurs of hunting.

The concept of procedure

The conventional auto mechanics of the shot lies in using complimentary power of bestowal, which is transmitted to relocate the massive framework of the shutter. This concept is intrinsic in all without exemption reps of the series of hunting rifles SABATTI FOREST.

Disassembly of weapons is accomplished according to the technical suggestions of a General personality and directions provided by the maker to every circumstances.


Currently the primary focus of tuning is to embellish the chamber with steel plates etched with scenes of hunting life.

Evaluations of combination weapon, Sabatti woodland (Sabatti FOREST 20х76) discussed later.

Shotgun SABATTI FOREST 12/30-06

Reviews and also costs

Rate classification average, the fundamental version is 13, 450, 00 bucks. United States on the Russian market.

Proprietor reviews are saying concerning the dependability and also high quality of tools. The very best quality gotten is the difference of qualities and also different output system fee.

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