Sabatti Rover 870, rifled gun

Their style is extremely simple– it is based upon the Mauser 98 system, which they refer to weapons of mid-range, yet the high quality of handiwork puts them comparable with advanced designs.

Shop rifles bolt-on paddle Rover with a design index of 870, which are manufactured by Italian arms company Sabatti, is large-caliber rifles used for hunting large predators as well as ungulates.

Summary of the carbine Sabatti Rover 870

Repeating rifle with bolt lock. Trunk published (console) steel with enhancements of molybdenum and also chromium, made by cool building. All steel components other than screw, blued.

Establish Sabatti Rover 870 quality:.308 Win.,.30-06 Spr., 9,3 х62, 7 mm Rem. Mag and.338 Win. Mag.

  • The bolt with 2 lugs and flat, as the firm Mannlicher, handle. The receiver is milled from a single item, open.
  • Bed polupoltina, walnut, oiled. Butt most often directly, without ridges and also pillows take place in the marketplace and also the type of Monte Carlo, and Bavarian cheek. The rubber recoil pad, repaired.

Carabine sabatti wanderer 870 in supply performance comes without bands and also weaver places for extents, there are only mounting openings with statistics thread on the top of the receiver. There are a number of adjustable rear views– front sight. The rear view on a high bracket with a slider as well as a remote line. Metal front sight, repaired open.

Advantages and also negative aspects
  • Reliable as well as easy design, in field conditions we can limit the normal activity of conserve, not to treat the weapon like a porcelain vase.
  • Effectively crafted, pricedata bed. The lower face of the forend is level so it friends with the bipod, it is additionally hassle-free to fire from close range.
  • An easy algorithm operating fuse– fire and lock– permits not to be sidetracked from the procedure of shooting and aiming.
  • That receiver is open is an and also and minus. You can bill the feeding the cartridges from above, as well as, if wanted, be restricted to one cartridge. Nonetheless, the ingress of dust, water and snow in the receiver is inescapable.
  • The very same can be stated regarding the bolt with two lugs. It is simple and trusted but does not guarantee one hundred percent that the powder gases will certainly not break into the chamber and the receiver on the stem also has an opening for drainage.
  • Store this rifle actually, there is a cover with a springtime that pulls down when you click on the switch situated on the front branch of the trigger guard. The clip itself visually looks close for winter shooting with handwear covers and mittens it can be unpleasant.
  • Trigger system with flexible stroke. It is soft stress and anxiety not greater than a kg, nevertheless, alert the failing might be a surprise to the shooter.
  • Carbines Rover do not apply to sniper weapons. Spreading ellipse suit 2 and even 3 MOA, they mainly rely on the quality of the used cartridges.

On the monitorings of seekers domestic 7.62 rounds occasionally zakleivayut in the cartridge chamber. This is because of the fact that residential boring has a diameter of 7.92 mm, and also international 7,82 mm.

The presence of an acquainted set of outside discovery devices is a big plus, the quest can proceed even if harmed optics.

Carabine Sabatti Rover 870. cal. 308 WIN (pictures)

Purpose Threaded civil weapon, created for searching huge ungulates and killers.

It is feasible to utilize for shooting sports.

Selections Carabine Sabatti Rover 600 have precisely the exact same design, however made for smaller sized calibers:.223 Rem (5,56 × 45 mm) and also 7,62×× 39 mm.

Attribute The value
Type Duplicating rifle with a screw breech
Scales .308 Win.,.30-06 Spr., 9,3 х62, 7 mm Rem. Mag,.338 Win. Mag.
Barrel size (mm) 560-610 (relying on set)
The range in between SP. hook and butt plate (mm) 365
Complete length (mm) 109-114 (depending upon batch)
Weight (kg) 3,2
Ability 3 rounds
  • Duplicating rifle with a longitudinally moving (bolt) screw. Trunks gaming console, of steel with enhancements of molybdenum and also chromium (stainless steel), gotten by cool building.
  • The screw with 2 lugs the take care of is flat (Mannlicher), the larva is repaired. To secure it in the receiver the bar is offered with a lock situated left wing. On the stem of the stopper there is a hole for exit to break out of the chamber gases.
  • Receiver is machined from a single item, open top, front and back Windows, utilized for filling and ejection of coverings, there are holes with statistics thread for installing straps or braces for optics.
  • Trigger system with adjustable stroke, direct rifle– without shneller as well as avoidance (graduation of initiatives). The circuit box is to the right of the receiver, with the manage of a paddle. He dip– provisions Fire and Lock.
  • Shop with hinged lid, the button is inside the trigger guard, on its anterior branch.
  • Bed polupoltina, hazelnut timber, impregnated with oil. The butt is directly, without pillows and steps. The butt pad is rubber, it is not managed.
  • There are a couple of external sights– the back view on a V-shaped bracket with a slider and also a remote line and an open unregulated fly at a high bracket.

Devices Sabatti Rover 870 reviewed below.

Picking as well as loading

Rifles are shipped in cardboard boxes, supplied with the tricks for readjusting the stroke of the trigger as well as disassembly (splitting up of boxes and also receiver boxes). Attached warranty card as well as manual.

About making use of the carbine Sabatti Rover 870 quality 9 3х62 explained below.

Sabatti Rover inox SS 870

The principle of procedure

To bring tools in battle position move the circuit box (located to the right of the receiver, with the deal with of the paddle) forward up until it stops. On the bed opens the red marker. Lift the deal with of the paddle, pull the stalk back, make the stacking of cartridges in the store, and also if it was done, feed the slide forward and push the take care of into the groove of the box. The tool is ready to fire. You can desert the split second of the shot as well as placed the trigger Assembly of the rifle on the fuse, sliding package back.

  • If package guard is moved to the Lock position back to the quit, open up the white pen, it obstructs not just the trigger as well as the trigger firing pin and also the screw, lift the take care of impossible.
  • Cartridges in the shop are piled from the top, with the window in the receiver. The treatment of loading from the side of the trigger guard to the forearm ineffective and difficult. Making use of the flip cover of the hopper is greater than justified by the demand to quickly defuse the tool: after the search or for security when disassembling as well as cleaning the tool.
  • To open the receptacle lid, press the lever situated on the inner side of the front branch of the trigger guard.
  1. Open the receptacle cover shop by clicking the lever under the trigger guard.
  2. Get rid of the tool from the guard, sliding package ahead until a red marker.
  3. Raise the handle of eviction and take him back, ensure that no cartridge in the chamber and also on the line of loading.
  4. Press the lever to the left of the back plate of the receiver and also remove the screw.

If necessary, get rid of both screws behind and before the trigger guard with the essential supplied as well as eliminate the box from the receiver with the trigger mechanism and also the barrel. The separation of the trigger as well as the disassembly is best done in the Armory workshop. The very same applies to the extraction of the striker and mainspring from the bolt.


The design of the rifle does not consist of any type of enhancement procedures, except the setup of the brackets or places for optical views. Preference is offered to high separate braces, because at the blocked home window of the receiver loading will be difficult.

Complying with are the cost and the testimonials on carabine Sabatti Rover 870.308 Win.,.30-06 Spr., 9,3 х62, 7 mm Rem. Mag and also.338 WinMag.


Carabine Sabatti Rover 870 are from 55 to 65 thousand roubles.


The owners claim that the carbines Rover is a genuine workhorse, really plain and simple to utilize. The size of the spreading ellipse remains in the range of 10 cm, which is satisfies a lot of the hunting.

Possible jamming of Russian 7.62 rounds with devjatikratnika bullet as a result of the distinctions in the standards of neglect: 7.92 mm international and also residential 7,82 mm. Various other dimensions fulfill the requirements of NATO, so this accident does not take place.

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