Sabre Defence XR-15, rifles

The accuracy of hitting the target, the ease of Doyle cartridge as well as spectacular ejection after a shot, one of the most simple methods of maintenance as well as lubrication of tools make it the most liked among these, from UK.

Only with reputable as well as trusted good friend — — a weapon that can be helpful on hunting and also on the walk, throughout the

journey. Summary of rifles Sabre Defence XR-15 as well as XR-15 R

The friendly team of the «« Defence» » made real that today is appreciated by all hunters and lovers of traveling. Contrasted to its predecessors there was a much more extensive change, and the carbine from a trusted battle devices came to be the right-hand man of the fishermen, manufacturers, specialist hunters as well as walkers with weapons.

Today’s carabiner has a high power, precision and also good precision.

Advantages and disadvantages

Defense can be called distinct. Basic plain design, the sensational form of body components, modernity, appearances, sophistication. The programmers provided the best shape of the stock lowered the recoil, the wood components are dealt with as well as polished. Brought in by the reasonable costs and also simplicity of acquiring approval.

Amongst the significant shortcomings can be called a considerable impact, the demand for disassembly as well as handling of the oiled aspects of the trigger device.

Carbine Sabre Defence XR 15 cal.223 Rem

Purpose Rifles Sabre Defence XR-15 as well as XR-R 15, as the whole product array, designed for Commercial as well as amateur searching.

  • : XR-15 to quest birds as well as small killer
  • and XR-15 R on the removal of huge, hungry and fast monster.

Has actually proven itself on the search for the wolf, wild boar, elk and also even birth.


In the domestic market carabiner this category is stood for by 2 major species of model: Sabre Defence.

  • XR-15
  • XR-15 R.
p/p Technical indication Ed. izm. The value
1 Evaluate size . 223 Rem
2 Total length cm 90, 00
3 The barrel size cm 50, 80
4 Weight discharged kg 3, 50
5 The capacity of the shop cartridge 10

Execution of recharge due to the valuable energy launch of the propellant gases and return spring system. In the procedure of the shot there is a circulation of gas to the concentration camp of the barrel channel.

The rotation of the stopper along the axis brings about the securing channel. Secured in a fuse, a high quality of reliability premium quality chrome coating barrel network as well as the chamber.

Packing and also choosing

Conventional kit in the application of interpretation contains the complying with records:

  • Individual technical certification systems.
  • A top quality certificate.
  • The certificate of the company on the issue of weapons in this classification.
  • For a full summary of the disassembly, cleaning, lubrication as well as reassembly of the rifle.

The packaging contains wrapping the fueled oil fabric or unique paper packaging and carton box with logo design of a company.

The concept of operation

Basis comparable models of the rifle — — using the energy of movement of the powder gases.


Taken apart breech mechanism as well as shop. All activities are performed exclusively according to the attached user’s manual, for the classic AKM system.


Rate spread of tools from the base model– 1100, 00 bucks. U.S.A. to 1250, 00 dollars. United States. Concerning the very same money will cost you the Taurus carbine CT9 G2, Maier M03, M98 Mauser, Mossberg 930 SPX to Shot a complete plan.

Proprietor evaluates

The huge bulk of users indicate that the quality, effectiveness as well as simplicity of procedure as well as maintenance. Disappointed with the model, primarily those that are either poorly grasped this version in practice, or typically not aware of hunting weapons.

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