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Shooting was constantly a priority of a certain part of the population. The possession of tools as well as dexterous property of them at any moment in history was a prominent martial art.

Specific hit in the function, simplicity of chambering the cartridge as well as the cartridge ejects after the shot, the most straightforward techniques of maintenance and also lubrication of the rifle make it the most chosen among analogues on the marketplace of hunting weapons.

Review of saiga Spanish 08

The design staff of the company «« Izhmash» » has actually absolutely made something that has not formerly made any kind of company that produced weapons. In the structure of the commonly propagandirovat in the last century, the conversion of the famous creation of the Soviet gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov in the first place the unification was adapted for shooting ammo, adopted on the arms of the Alliance.

Then came a deeper adjustment and the carbine from a relied on fight units came to be the right-hand man of the fishermen, producers, specialist hunters as well as pedestrians with weapons. Specifically as, like his ancestor, the carabiner has a high power, accuracy and excellent accuracy.

The SAIGA (5. 45×× 39) use 08 DTK (image)

  • Disadvantages and also benefits The carbine features lots of advantages, including a basic plain style, the sensational form of body components, modernity, visual appeals,
  • sophistication. Designers have established ergonometrics the shape of the stock minimized the recoil, the wood parts are treated and polished.
  • Attracted by the sensible rates and ease of obtaining consent.

Amongst the significant imperfections can be called a considerable influence, the need for disassembly as well as processing of the oiled aspects of the trigger mechanism.

  • The saiga implementation of the 08 series, as well as the whole product array, made for Amateur and also field extraction of huge, rapid and starving monster.
  • Has actually confirmed itself on the quest for the wolf, wild boar, elk as well as also bear.
  • The effective enforcement carbine 08 in the removal of little victim and also birds.

In the domestic market saiga this classification is stood for by 3 fundamental kinds of the model:

  • 01, equipped with properly designed supply, the muzzle device is missing out on.
  • 08, design DTK.
  • 08, the circumstances with the built-DTK.
p/p Technical indication Ed. izm. The value
1 Gauge dimension 5, 45 x 39
2 General length cm 92, 50
3 The barrel size centimeters 41, 50
4 Weight discharged kg 3, 27
5 The ability of the shop cartridge 10

The idea of the device is easy, reasonable and trustworthy. Implementation of recharge as a result of the beneficial power launch of the propellant gases and return spring system.

In the procedure of the shot there is a flow of gas to the concentration camp of the barrel channel. The turning of the stopper along the axis results in the securing network. Secured in a fuse, a high grade of reliability excellent quality chrome finish barrel network and the chamber.

Packing and also selecting

Like various other models in Izhevsk business, common kit in the application of analysis contains the complying with documents:

  • Individual technological certificate systems.
  • A quality certificate.
  • The certificate of the firm on the problem of tools in this category.
  • For a full summary of the disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and reassembly of the rifle.

The product packaging includes covering the oiled textile or special paper packaging and also container box with logo design of a business.

The concept of operation

Basis comparable versions of the rifle — — making use of the power of activity of the powder gases.


For performing dismantling it is essential to launch the receiver network from the ammunition and also see to it that the tools will certainly not be able to produce a random shot. Then disassembled the slide device as well as shop. All tasks are carried out solely according to the attached user’s manual, for the classic AKM plan.

Evaluations as well as rate on the saiga MK 5,45 x39 Spanish (acapella) 08.


Price spread of tools from the base design– 650, 00 us dollars. U.S.A. to 815, 00 bucks. U.S.A..

Owner reviews

For evaluations it is difficult to judge the weapons, because everybody is trying to find specifically what it is best suited. The substantial bulk of customers show that the top quality, effectiveness and also ease of procedure and maintenance. Disappointed with the version, mostly those that are either improperly mastered this model in technique, or typically not knowledgeable about searching tools.

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