Saiga MK (7. 62 × 39 mm) rifled weapon

Carbine «« saiga MK » done 03– this is the portable variation of the private rifle based upon the AK-104 chambered for 7. 62×× 39 mm. is Produced in the Izhevsk machine-building plant. Summary of the saiga MK 03

Self-loading rifled carbine «« saiga MK » 03 7.62 mm, calculated under the cartridge 7. 62×× 39 mm. is Created on the basis of the AK-104 having a gas outlet system of recharge.

Done 03 is geared up with a barrel length of 336 mm.

  • When folded up, the stock folding device obstruct the trigger. Lodge, pistol grasp, handguard and also cut the vapor tube is made from black plastic.
  • The carbine is equipped with a sighting device similar to an AK-104– column bracket with a slider and a closed fly at a high brace. Bands for installing optics is not given.

In the factory variation features a five-charging shop, can optionally be furnished with a 10.

Advantages as well as drawbacks
  • The trigger mechanism of the rifle similar to an AK-104, yet merely no sear automatic fire, the shutter with three degrees of locking. Therefore, «« the saiga» of MK » in the efficiency of the 03 can be thought about as trusted and also «« unbreakable » representative of firearms.
  • Because of the short barrel has an effective range of shot is less than 300 meters, and the precision of hits corresponds to samples of armed forces weapons than hunting.
  • The functional designs are dated, the butt is not hassle-free enough, it is not that adjustable, yet also the shock-absorbing recoil pad. Because of the short barrel the audio of the shot a lot «« hits the ears.»
  • » Is not feasible to put optical views without tuning, brutal as well as iron rear view and also front sight are not equipped with fiberoptically strings.
  • Lots of proprietors of this rifle I want to have the store, at the very least in size similar to a battle with a capacity of 30 rounds. These are not available.

The saiga MK 03 use 7. 62×× 39 mm(picture)

Purpose Rifles, a certificate to own which can just be gotten after 5 years ‘ undisturbed property of (recorded)smooth-bore hunting weapons. Due to the short barrel is positioned as a tool for protection, however there are lovers who go searching with him. With a successful shot at a distance of 100 metres you can take a moose.


In the fundamental variation of the carbine «« saiga MK » efficiency 03 is outfitted with a plastic supply and a barrel length of 336 mm.

  • It can additionally be a metallic framework, made from plywood, walnut.
  • There are options to install the barrel size of 415 mm with a muzzle brake.

These features are the saiga MK 03 use 7. 62×× 39 mm

Attribute The worth
Type Self-loading carbine
Size (mm) The 7.62
Cartridge (mm) 7. 62×× 39
Systems charge Vapor
Shooting mode Single
Barrel length (mm) 336
The ability of the store 5 or 10 rounds
Length folded up (mm) 575
Complete length (mm) 815
Weight of magazine (kg) 3,6
  • Self-loading carbine with a folding stock. The trigger mechanism is activated powder gases taken out from the barrel through the air vent pipe.
  • Design repeats deal with AK-104, the only point «« the saiga» of MK » the efficiency of 03 various– the absence of automatic fire sear. Stipulation is made for obstructing the trigger when folded up.
  • The pistol grasp, butt supply, forend and also trim the air vent tube in the base case is made of black high effect plastic.
  • Sights– the conventional AK rear sight-range with a slider and high closed fly, which is constructed from steel.
Packing and choosing

The rifle is available in a cardboard box without markings and also additionally ingibirovany covered in paper or plastic film. Total with cleansing pole, cleaning (container in the dental caries of the butt) and one store on five cartridges.

The concept of procedure

Based upon the use of a portion of the propellant gases from the birthed, which actuate the trigger device.

  1. The carabiner is removed from the guard by decreasing his flag, located on the appropriate side of the receiver down.
  2. The bolt carrier is returned, what do you wish to capture the very first phalanx of the index finger of his right-hand man over her arm, and afterwards let go to slide herself intensely as well as with a distinct click, returned to its initial position.
  3. When you return the bolt the cartridge from the store be sent out to the chamber, the bolt secures the barrel as well as rotates network. All at once, the army is USM as well as the setting of the trigger hook on the sear.
  4. After pushing the trigger the hammer is released and strikes the drummer USM, which skewers the firing pin the primer of the cartridge. Takes place shot.
  5. Part of powder gases when the shot is returned to the gas pipe and also continue the piston of the bolt, requiring her to relocate backwards and compress the spring return device. The result is an army of USM and the filing of the cartridge from the shop to the line loading.
  6. When you return the bolt back under the activity of the springtime return device of the action happens, similar to declare 3, after which the rifle ready for an additional shot.
The order of partial disassembly
  1. To separate the shop from the receiver.
  2. Get rid of the cleaning pole.
  3. Sink corrugated square switch on the lid of the receiver and to separate herself upwards and in reverse.
  4. By gaining ground to bring the grooves of the clutch return system and also to eliminate it along with the spring from the groove of the bolt.
  5. To relocate the bolt back. After the launch of the piston from the gas tube smoothly, avoiding snagging quits the larvae of the shutter guides on the receiver, remove it, return and also up.
  6. Eliminate the cyndrical tube stopper of the securing framework, which slanted itself down, and also the cyndrical tubes rotate clockwise.
Feasible tuning

It is to establish external tactical body kit. The system and also barrel of the rifle are not subject to modification.

  • The most common tuning is to set up the receiver cover with the band under the extents.
  • It is possible to replace the forend with Picatinny rail for tactical flashlight.
  • You can install a various muzzle brake.

All tuning components are in on the internet stores. This is one of the most practical choice of boosting the style.

The rate and also the testimonials concerning the saiga MK 03 usage 7. 62×× 39 mm are given below.
the saiga MK 03 cost


The official price of the «« saiga MK » implementation starts from 03 23440 rubles.

  • The carbine is trusted as every little thing gotten in touch with the production of problem «« Kalashnikov »
  • . There is a great the quiting power of the bullet at ranges up to 150 meters and not too good accuracy.
  • In the standard version of the noise of the shot very effective on the ears arrow.
  • Layout and also comfort designs are plainly out of date, however moral complete satisfaction from belongings of a «« Kalashnikov » outweighs all the drawbacks.

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