Sauer 202 and also 404, threaded weapon

The fabulous German arms firm Sauer produces a wide range of smoothbore as well as gunned hunting tools. There are going shopping carbines, assigned by letter 202, and 404.

They include a modular style– you can transform the barrel, having a tool with different characteristics.

Description of rifles Sauer 202 and also 404

Sauer 202 and 404 that store the rifles with longitudinal slide (bolt) screw.

A feature of the layout is that you can change the barrel, leaving the exact same receiver box.

  • Design under the icon 404 is an up-to-date variation of «« 2»hundred 2 », varying from its precursor in the fact that when you alter the barrel within teams of the exact same quality does not transform anything, and in between the teams, just the larva of the shutter.
  • 202 required and also transform the billing screw. Differ and also formulas fuse: «« two hundred and also second » there is no chance to eliminate weapons from fight squad, «« 4» hundred four » the chance was there.

Both versions have a cantilever (suspended), as well as the connection with the fore-end is a special bolt, which opens the connection when you turn a quarter turn (via unique essential SAUER SUS supplied). As a result of this carbine Sauer 202 and 404 can be fully taken apart and also compactly packaged for transportation or long pedestrian crossing.

Carbines are significantly various form of the butt supply (palaestrina in both situations): 202 it with a comb as well as the pillow under his cheek, the arrowhead (Monte Carlo) as well as has a slope down; butt 404 right, without cushions and also ridges.

They have the exact same design. It has six combat tabs (2 rows of three) as well as a smooth stem. The larva shutter removable. The turning as well as movement making use of the «« manierisme » handle.

The style of the carabiners can be used the receiver not only steel, however likewise of light alloy, given that the locking the barrel cyndrical tube stopper engages with its public component (the principle of piston stopper from artillery systems of caliber 100 mm and also above).

A collection of calibers 202

Package Sauer 202 caliber:

  1. Mini:.222 Rem.,.223 Rem.
  2. Tool:.22 -250 Rem.;.243 Win.;.25 -06 Rem.; 6,5 × 55; 6,5 × 57;
    .270 Win.; 7 × 64;.308 Win.;.30 -06 and 8 × 57 IS; 9,3 × 62
  3. Magnum: 6,5 × 68;.270 Wby. Mag.; 8 × 68 S; 7 mm Rem. Mag.;.300 Win.
    Mag.;.300 Wby. Mag.
  4. Large Game:.375 H&H Mag.;.416 Rem. Mag.;.458 Lott.

Carbine Sauer 202 Classic.308 Win (picture)

404 Establish caliber Sauer 404: Medium:.243 Win.;6,5 × 55 SE,.270 Win.; 7 × 64,.308 Win.,.30-06

Spring.; 8 × 57 IS; 9,3 × 62. Magnum: 7mm Rem. Mag.;.300 Win. Mag.; 8 × 68 S;.338 Win. Mag. The advantages and also disadvantages of designs type basic rifles, Sauer 202, and also 404 defined listed below. Advantages and drawbacks Coming from the arms firm Sauer is the very best suggestion, dependability and quality of the manufacture of tools no doubt.

  • The trigger system Sauer 202 flexible. There are 3 choices: straight rifle (without warning); over shneller– more peaches, lower the burden on the trigger; as well as a suit– with the gradual increase of stress and anxiety on the hook. The arrow is available in the all the readjusting screws, the stroke size of the hook.
  • Sauer 404 in the trigger system just one alternative– straight rifle, with the adjustment efforts descent. I question what can be adjusted and the longitudinal setting of the hook inside the trigger guard.
  • The reality that the barrels can be transformed is a plus as well as minus tools. The fact that the receiver remains in position, this means that the range must alter and lug out the change again. As a version– to have a set of sights that is not always feasible. On top of that, the optics is placed on brackets Remington, so sights for a typical Weaver rail as well as Picatinny rail may not be suitable.
  • The carbines are equipped with external discovery device adjustable in 2 aircrafts as a whole as well as an open fly at the highest brace. For some it’s a blessing, others a high front view will certainly seem feasible challenge when moving through thickets.
  • Not provided with swivels for installation of a bipod, as if the developers are devoted to exclusively running searching.
  • The bar to fetch the store lies on the lower arm, he sank in it and also is activated by pressing back. In wintertime, when hands in handwear covers, such activity can be tough.
  • In the «« second hundred » fuse straight activity recessed switch at the back plate of the receiver, after that USM is blocked totally. It turns off by pushing the switch under the trigger guard upwards. Just how hassle-free is it can solve only the hunter.
  • In «« four 4 » the formula of the fuse an additional. The inclusion of USM («« Fire »)is produced in the change box up, then bottom out the bar of removal from fight army. After clicking it, you can glide the circuit box down and release the rifle.

All the carabiners are provided with the receiver boxes as well as valves under the left arm.


And also Sauer 202, as well as 404 Sayer has its own design number, so broad, that it is time to obtain perplexed.

Carbine Sauer 202 is:

  • Classic— basic design with walnut stock.
  • Sophistication— between the gun and also the butt take care of has a with hole for simplicity of grasp by the thumb.
  • Outback, Synthetic Hardwood boxes made from plastic, are different colors.
  • Shutzen— carbine with wood stock, handguard which extended to the muzzle.
  • Take Down— bed with a detachable forend.

Sauer 404 from the checklist of options in short:

  • Classic— base version.
  • Elegance— through opening in between the butt and also the pistol handle.
  • Synchro XT polymer bed with a via opening like the Elegance as well as the height-adjustable pillow Monte Carlo.

It is a civilian rifle made use of for hunting big ungulates and also killers.

Sauer 202 Sauer 404
Type Shop rifled carbine
Gauges Mini:.222 Rem.,.223 Rem.

Tool:.22 -250 Rem.;.243 Win.;.25 -06 Rem.; 6,5 × 55; 6,5 × 57;
.270 Win.; 7 × 64;.308 Win.;.30 -06 and also 8 × 57 IS; 9,3 × 62

Magnum: 6,5 × 68;.270 Wby. Mag.; 8 × 68 S; 7 mm Rem. Mag.;.300 Win.
Mag.;.300 Wby. Mag.

Huge Game:.375 H&H Mag.;.416 Rem. Mag.;.458 Lott.

Tool:.243 Win.; 6,5 × 55 SE,.270 Win.; 7 × 64,.308 Win.,.30-06 Spring.; 8 × 57 IS; 9,3 × 62.

Magnum: 7mm Rem. Mag.;.300 Win. Mag.; 8 × 68 S;.338 Win. Mag.

Length of stems (mm) Mini: 510, 560, 600
Tool: 510, 560, 600
Magnum: 600, 650
Huge Game: 600
Tool: 510
Magnum: 560
Huge Game: 620
Shutter kind Bolt with six docking lugs (three in row)
The ability of the shop (requirement) Mini: 3 rounds
Tool: 3 rounds
Magnum: 2 cartridges
Big Game: 2 cartridges
Medium: 3 rounds
Magnum: 2 cartridges
Huge Game: 2 cartridges
General size (mm) Mini: 1115
Medium: 1115
Magnum: 1170
Large Game: 1120

(with barrel size 600 mm)

Medium: 1015

Magnum: 1065

Big Game: 1125

Weight (kg)Mini: 3,5
Tool: 3,5
Magnum: 3.7 V
Large Game: 3,8

3,22 with wood stock

Of 3.26 with a polymer stock


Shop rifles bolt-on screw.

  • The design Sauer 404 bed removable, the barrel is repaired, and also the Sauer 202 barrel uploaded (console). You have the alternative of changing the barrel, with the box as well as the receiver remain the same.
  • In both cases, the bed polupoltina, but the Sauer 202, the butt has a padding Monte Carlo and tilted downwards.
  • The shutter with 6 battle forecasts. The trigger device is flexible. Inspect box several fuse placed on the back plate of the receiver. The bar of removal (closure) lies before the trigger.
  • The eject lever is on the lower arm (recessed flush). The back view on the high brace with the mounting intermediary of the kind «« sync ». Fly open, high. Strap for optics Remington.
Packing and also picking

Packaged in a cardboard box, the set consists of:

  1. The carbine with the gotten rid of stopper (placed independently).
  2. One standard shop.
  3. The secret to damaging the box, forend, butt.
  4. The key to altering the barrel.
  5. The user’s manual.
The concept of procedure

Loading and also squad firing system produces longitudinal activity of the shutter.

Transforming calibers
  • The rifle Sauer 202 quality adjustment feasible between teams of Mini and Medium, along with Magnum and also Big Game. Other combinations of this action impossible. When changing the quality of changing a billing chamber as well as a store.
  • Adjustment of caliber at the Sauer 404 is made easier. Within the groups of Medium or Magnum only changing the barrel, and also the transition between the teams of the requirement to change the cyndrical tube lock.
Altering the barrel
  1. To discharge the gun, eliminate it with cocking (spring damaged).
  2. check package of the fuse in position «« Fire» » (red dot) as well as elevate even higher at 2 mm (for Sauer 404).
  3. Pull the relapse.
  4. Click the posterior branch of the trigger guard as well as imbedded it, remove the shutter entirely (Sauer 404).
  5. Eliminate the handguard, eliminate the bolt end with the essential supplied.
  6. A special wrench readied to Unscrew the 3 screws on the breech.
  7. Withdraw the barrel from the receiver.

For Sauer 202 the 2nd paragraph is avoided, and also for complete retraction of the shutter it is essential to press the front branch of the trigger guard.

Testimonials as well as cost on the rifles and also Sauer 202 traditional 404 is given below.

Prices and also testimonials
  • The Sauer 202 rifle, depending on quality of performance and also the range is from 252 to 510 thousand rubles. Sauer 404 is not offered in Russia.
  • The proprietors are satisfied with their tools, yet keep in mind that the very demanding operating problems. Cleansing, lubrication, and also other activities must be performed with rigorous consistency.

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