Schwabe AT the 4 × 24-01 optical sight

The view 4×× 24 is developed for intended shooting from a carbine «« the»Tiger », 4 × 24-1 carbine « Vepr »,

« saiga ». Sight resistant to sand and also dirt and also runs in temperature levels ranging from -50 to +50? C. Illumination of a reticle permits to aim in the twilight. The gadget as well as concept of job The view representsthe optical tube with the device of input of angles

of view and side improvements. Optical plan of the scope includes a lens, a relay lens system as well as eyepiece.Moving mesh is both deals with located over as well as to the left if viewed from the side of the eyepiece. Job order To establish the view on the tool, seeing to it that the guide bar on the carabiner matches the measurements of the mounting bracket.Make the zeroing of the tool with a sight according to the instructions

for zeroing.Sights can be furnished with different kinds of meshes, which you can utilize to estimate the distance to the item. Guidelines for care and storage Protect the view from bumps and falls.After working with the weapon in wet climate, thoroughly clean and also dry it.For security of the optical components of the sight from damage and contamination, you must save theview with a plastic eyepiece lens covers.The

area that holds the view must be dry, the temperature level not below +5? Without any sharp fluctuations, humidity not more than 80%. Native land Russia Brand name refinery Novosibirsk Supplier’s service warranty(years )1 Web weight (kg )0.75 Gross weight 1(kg )0.8 Visible zoom, ratio 4 Angular field of the optical system, degrees 6 Light lens size, mm 24 The elimination of the exit pupil from the last surface, mm 68 Linear

  • size of a
  • field of view on 100 m distance, m 7 Voltage illumination grid, 1.5 (AA battery)Fitting size of the round component of the sight, mm 25,4 Overall dimensions, mm, not even more 343х185х79

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