Sentinel 2.5 * 50 evening vision Sight with side mount

Sentinel 2.5 x 50 due to the high gain of light ensures a superb image while searching at night. Integrated IR emitter permits you to continue the search even in the full absence of natural light sources such as the moon or the celebrities.

The range additionally can be made use of throughout heavy rainfall without worry to break his honesty, however it ought to be born in mind that the tool is not entirely waterproof. Based on PNV Sentinel 2.5 x 50 made use of picture intensifier TUBE 1st generation making sure target acknowledgment at distances as much as 150 meters. The concentrating system permits you to concentrate on targets at ranges from 5 meters up to the optimum distance discovery.

The instance is constructed from sturdy product makes sure reliable security of the TUBE from mechanical anxiety that takes place when shooting, allowing you to establish the view on the weapon to.308 as well as similar qualities recoil.

The targeting takes place using ballistic reticle with alternative of getting in of changes on the distance to the target as well as alternative between environment-friendly as well as red discovery lines. The red shade has far better comparison

, convenience therefore improving well discernible function, while the green shade is suggested when you float over improperly discernible goal allowing you to avoid the overlap of the discovery line. In the scope Sentinel 2.5 x 50 uses the power supply supporting voltage, offering the same degree of illumination no matter battery charge. Powered by 2 up and down organized battery is able to offer an evening vision sight for

70 hrs. The charge level can be established utilizing a special indication if it lights the green light implies the battery level is typical, whereas a traffic signal implies that the battery will certainly last an optimum of 30 mins of job.

Electro-optical Converter Generation of EOP 1 Brand IIT EP33U Supplier IIT JSC « Ekran-optical systems » The country of origin of the EOP Russia The zoom variable of television times 0,5 0,45 … The diameter of the functioning

IR illuminator The wavelength of the
IR ozvet., nm 805 Comparable power IR —

illuminator, mW 100 The checking out range Variety of detection, m (item 1.7 m tall, the lighting of 0.05 Lux

(1/4 moon)) 150 Food Supply voltage, V 3 Sort of

batteries 2xAA Battery life(with

IR), humans resources Battery life(without IR), hours 70 Making use of the tool Type

reticle red/green rangefinder mesh Price per click, mm/100m 20 Shock resistance on rifled

tool(acceptable worth E0), joules 3700 Shock resistance for smooth Defense( enabled dimensions )— Options mounting

brace on the tool Weaver

, Weaver

Long, Weaver-Auto

, Elk, side(

saiga, Tiger ), Prism 14/200 Physical as well as operational characteristics Lens product glass Situation material Titan Tripod mount, inch — Mounting type for

mounting additional Accessories 1 * Weaver Operating temperature level array, ° C

— 30 …+40 Protection course (according to IEC 60529)IPX4

Attanayaka, Yes/no no

Waterproofness, Yes/no no The existence of the remote control device Yes

Size, mm 270 Width, mm 90 Elevation

, mm 100 Weight, kg If 1 Guarantee period, years 3

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