Shotgun Baikal MP-133

Based on its design version IZH-81. In Russia it is not much less popular than in United States pump-action shotgun Mossberg 500. Made use of in self-defense, for hunting as well as sport capturing.

Pump activity smoothbore shotgun MP-133 was launched at the Izhevsk mechanical plant (it creates the MP-94 Sever, MP-18МН, Mr-143, the OP-SKS, etc), until 2013.

Description shotgun MP-133

Pump-action shotgun 12-gauge. Store grenade, tubular, there is a opportunity of its substitute with an extra capacious.

Created as a classic poliestireno box from beech timber or walnut as well as is made from high influence plastic. In the schedule there were examples with a folding stock and also gun grasp, and also sawed-off shotguns, which had only the gun grip.

Advantages as well as downsides
  • Easy and also trusted to run weapons. Pump-action mechanism for refilling necessarily noisier than a bolt plug or a busted barrel, so it is not ideal for certain kinds of pursues where added treatment is needed.
  • Was provided with 3 types of chamber: 70, 76 and also 89 mm. quality But just the twelfth the gun, the MP-133 that restricts the user base, given that its impact, especially with a folding «« device » butt, and not just the hard– harsh.

Unlike the Mossberg 500, MP-133 there is an opportunity to alter the shop on even more capacious.

  • The style has a slide catch aspect, which none of the models of tools with pump action method of reloading. It can assist to get rid of the cartridge from the chamber as well as to avoid feeding the following that enables you to carry a rifle with crammed magazine.
  • The larva of the swinging shutter, it locks the breech screw, the catching projection in a groove in the breech, it enhances the security of making use of the weapon, however, most significantly, it enhances the shooting efficiency. Battle rifles sharp and also heap.
  • Forend rifle short, in the preliminary placement is away relative to the receiver. On the winter search, when wearing a thick layer, can reach it, can be problematic.
  • The trigger system has three settings of locks: the weapon will not discharge when not completely shut shutter, the fore-end is secured after submitting in a cartridge chamber, a mechanical bar (situated on the posterior branches of the trigger guard) obstructs the trigger.
  • Optional gun supplied with a set of changeable muzzle tightenings, and on the strings of the barrel can be screwed brake-compensator or a silencer. It fires and fired every one of the rooms, and bullets of various systems.

Shotgun Baikal MP-133 (picture)

Purpose The weapon is utilized for: searching self-defense sport capturing. The variety of intended shot to 50 meters.

  • Selections Was produced just in 12 scale, but with the screws 70, 76 and also 89 mm. In the base instance, the barrel had a cylindrical drilling, optional arms equipped with unpredictable chokes 5 types, permits you to shoot lead or steel shot, and also bullets «« Paradox » (rifled exploration, fosbery).
  • Bed classic poliestireno framework of strong beech wood or walnut, in addition to from high-impact plastic. Stock with supported recoil pad and also straight comb, inclined relative to the axis of the barrel.
  • There was a version with a folding stock taken from the AK-74 the «« hundredth » series, and direct handgun manage. As well as rifles with a single pistol manage, made from wood or plastic
  • . The collection of discovery tools contains a strong bronze trims and also flies. Optional mounted vented band, and for the solution design, the rifle back sight and also front view.

Model Mr-133К has a tubular under-barrel, and detachable box publication ability of five rounds. It is really uncommon.


Technical qualities of the shotgun MP-133 are offered below:

Feature The value
Kind Shotgun
Trunk Smooth
Quality 12, the chamber length 70, 76 or 89 mm
Barrel size (mm) 510, 540, 610, 660, 710, 750
Store Tubular, under-barrel, ability of 4 rounds, with the possibility of altering the bigger
Size (mm) 1040 (with a barrel length of 510 mm)
Weight (kg) 3,3

Shotgun with pump-action type reload. Shop tubular underbarrel.

  • Frame shutter with two strictly taken care of rods (for Mossberg 500 they are detachable). The larva moving, it secures the barrel network on one tooth catching over the intermediary of the breech.
  • The receiver is of light weight aluminum alloy. Home window hopper for ammo lies in the lower face. It’s shut Elevator supply cartridges. In the first design, the Elevator was solid, later on it made a through longitudinal cut.
  • Movable handguard gets on the shop, it constructed from the exact same material as the butt.

The trigger mechanism is hammer kind, the hook and the force on it are not regulated. Fuse triple action:

  1. obstructs the trigger, which switch on the back branch of the trigger guard is changed to the left, vertical to the axis of the barrel;
  2. the slide stop lever situated above the trigger obstructs the activity of the frame as well as fore-end;
  3. click stopping device obstructs the feeding of the cartridge from the shop when moving the forend and the screw.

The set of discovery tools in the basic variation contains a solid bronze trims and flies. Optional collection of vented strap, and rifle rear view and also front view of the open type.

  • Store tubular with a capacity of 4 rounds in the base instance. There is a positive possibility to establish a more capacious shop.
  • Polupoltina bed, made from strong timber or plastic, with a shock-absorbing butt plate. Models are offered with folding supply, extracted from AK «« hundredth» » series, as well as direct gun deal with. When folded the trigger is not blocked. In the versions, developed for protection and self-defense buttstock, just a pistol grasp.
Packing as well as picking

The gun comes in a cardboard box. Optional plan includes five types of changeable muzzle contractions, gadgets for cleaning. Connected passport, the Protocol of capturing and also instruction manual.

The concept of operation

The equipment of shop is made with the home window of the bunker to the bottom side of the receiver. The cartridges fit muzzle of a cartridge instance ahead as well as dealt with blade. Unacceptable use of ammo, geared up with a pointed bullet.

For the declaring of the cartridge in the chamber foregrip vigorously shifted back to the butt. Throughout this motion the spent cartridge instance is extracted from the chamber as well as removed via the window of the receiver. Move cock the drummer and takes the Elevator up to the line of loading and the ammunition from the store. During the return (onward) motion of the forearm, the cartridge is inserted into the chamber and also swinging the cylinder stopper involves with its tooth for a cutout in the breech.

If capturing is postponed, glide the security switch on rear trigger guard branches to the left and lock the trigger. You can additionally click the lever on the trigger and secure the screw. In this case, the forearm is fixed.

Before shooting, slide the safety and security switch to the right and unlock the bolt by pushing once again on the delay lever over the trigger.

Button razor cartridges, situated on the appropriate side of the receiver over the window of the shelter store permits you to do several procedures.

  1. To eliminate the cartridge from the chamber and also shut the chamber without feeding a cartridge. To do this, click the clipper and also distort handguard by moving it back and forth.
  2. Quick transform cartridge type. As an example, with packed shot bullet. To do this, click of the clipper, slide the fore-end back, placed the cartridge with the appropriate tools, through the window of the receiver to the Elevator feeder, slide the handguard ahead.

We will certainly currently examine the disassembly of the MP-133.

  1. Release the tool several times shivering forearm up till it secures right into the back position.
  2. Get rid of the nut on the front face of the store.
  3. Get rid of the candidate and also the spring cartridges.
  4. Result from the barrel companions to the receiver.
  5. Get rid of the screw from retention by continuing the lever on the trigger.
  6. Pull the fore-end as well as remove it from the pipe shop.
  7. Get rid of the screw and also separate from the shutoff body with the larva.
  8. If necessary for fixing, knock senseless the two pins above the trigger guard, and also remove from it a block trigger.

Currently consider the upgrades-tuning, Mr-133.


Feasible change in store for a more thorough, but for that you need the coupler that attaches the barrel as well as extension tube. Seekers change butts, mounted on the receiver plate or the bracket under the optical view installed on the handguard for tactical accessories. For instance, laser tip or flashlight.

The cost of shotgun MP-133 is offered below.


Shotgun with full sized beech Lodge and a chamber size of 76 mm 14200 rubles. Testimonials seekers shotgun MP-133 is offered below.


The weapon is able to fire any factory ammo or hand loading, if the sleeve is not pumped up, and also the sealing are done nicely. The most effective precision is observed in versions with chamber length 76 mm. Recoil is very strong, it is required to be prepared mentally and also physically.

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