Stefano Fausti Progress, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Related to modern versions with outstanding specs, shotgun Fausti Stefano Progress of the Italian producer (he additionally generated as well as classy) that has a great deal of favorable comments regarding previous designs, has actually currently become one of one of the most popular and popular.

This results from the extraordinary capabilities of the carbine, allowing you to utilize it exactly how to involve large as well as middle video game, and for trainings of accuracy. The comfortable design, appealing appearance as well as contemporary layout is important benefits of this version came to be particularly popular about obtaining good responses from proprietors.

In spite of the relatively high price, shotgun fausti stefano progress integrates maximum quality of shooting, guaranteeing high precision of the made shots, variety of the bullet and also the called for precision of the shots, as well as the thoughtful design of a shotgun: even ladies and teenagers that pick to learn the fundamental skills of capturing from expert weapons, will comfortably get useful skills. As soon as you try to utilize the carbine version stefano fausti progression, will not wish to make an application for hunting and various other entertainment brand names such tools.

Review of carbine Fausti Stefano Progress

This Italian brand has long been strongly established in the Russian market. Numerous purchasers and proprietors, there is a high degree of elegance of the entire design of the shotgun, the unique design of the butt as well as barrel and also normal attributes of all on the marketplace models: style as well as brevity «« look », superb specs as well as the perfect fundamental, which enables to provide this carbine as a present or start utilizing it instantly after purchase.

A straightforward gadget as well as procedure mechanism of the rifle allows you to operate it to every person: its usage does not trigger troubles also for newbies. A relatively small mass of the rifle as well as its dimension does not create discomfort in use, and also the simpleness of the plan allows to obtain the basic skills of shooting firearms.

Disadvantages as well as benefits

The multitude of favorable reviews from owners, and purchasers, a great shooting rates and also attractive layout, which can be called a particular feature of the manufacturer — — one of the most crucial benefits of this design

. Think about the advantages of a shotgun are the complying with criteria:

  • simple partial straightforward that may be might when called for or repairing weapons;
  • all natural materials used all-natural products decoration of the design, have excellent handling, allowing you to enabling attractive appearance for appealing long time;
  • ergonomic shape — — this quality provides the greatest high quality gives you biggest the carabiner;
  • good firing rates for maximum excellent shooting of hitting optimum of opportunity rifle;
  • the elongated stem without the slightest change of shape, which tiniest the optimal trajectory of the guarantees;
  • high initial speed of a bullet that gives you the ability to hit targets offers at a considerable distanceStrike

As well as while some customers might associate the increased price to the only considerable drawback of the thought about a searching rifle, the price is quite reasonable: exceptional performance of fire, safety assured while capturing as well as a lot of great evaluations are essential elements that figure out the final cost of the rifle.

Carbine Fausti Stefano Progress

Purpose At first, this shotgun was intended just for shooting hunting: striking the game medium and also large sizes, this weapon additionally has various other opportunities for usage. Carbine models of fausti stefano development is well-established for learning the initial skills of shooting, as a result of its relatively little as well as small dimension, low weight and ideal balance of useful parts, which discusses the ease of use.

A carbine version stefano fausti development can be made use of for training precision: his striking characteristics provide the possibility to find out shooting abilities, participate in sports. This also adds to its fairly light weight with density of the entire tool.


For firing waterfowl for the video game normally used caliber cartridges 12/76 to take care of are really away from the target. Various other calibers (.243 Win.;.270 Win.;.308 Win) are additionally well fit for specialist hunting, totally allowing the carabiner to reveal their technical abilities put down by the Italian manufacturer.


Trendy design, use high quality products for completing of the butt, multiple barrel linings, — — all this must be credited to one of the most essential benefits of the version stefano fausti development, which immediately bring in the focus of purchasers. His technical capacity to determine such aspects as the series of the bullet, its rate and lethality. The precision and also efficiency of shooting in any way on the market today designs from this Italian manufacturer the highest possible, because the interest in versions of fausti stefano progress is stable ahead.

Specs Carbine stefano fausti advance
Native land Italy
Visit Hunting, sporting activity capturing, target technique, educating new
View Semi-automatic repeating rifle
Kind of caliber .22 -250 Rem.,.243 Win
The complete size of the body 1 170 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The elevation of the version 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Size 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide covering

The design has a particular «« appearance» — » — making use of natural timber enhances the aesthetic value, and although parts made from all-natural timber, can withstand mechanical anxiety, special appearance immediately attracts attention as skilled experts as well as newbie beginners who can examine the technical abilities of this version.

  • The opportunity of utilizing the carbine version stefano fausti progress in the training of beginner shooters an advantage, and this adds to the simplicity of the layout of the rifle, as well as the dependability of the entire structure, ensured by the manufacturer to ensure the exemption of accidents.
  • The uniformity of the structural parts (barrel and butt) the size and auto mechanics of the procedure, good technological parameters, high effectiveness of each done shot and also the capturing criteria are crucial for the analysis of tools.
  • Longitudinal rolling shutter Stefano Fausti Progress (Fausti Stefano Progress) guarantees the smooth circulation of ammunition, as well as the simplicity of motion of the trigger gives the fast performance of the shot.
Picking and also packing

Standard tools is thoroughly thought out: excellent quality riflescope, foregrip and front sight, correctly mounted, give a comfortable operation of the rifle. Design fausti stefano is development in the event, made from plastic, which perfectly protects from feasible external impacts. The carabiner is connected to the oil appropriate for the lubrication of the barrel as well as the system.

The case is in a bundle on which is written the data regarding the design name, regarding the company-manufacturer. The individual is provided a quality certification to acquire a rifle, and his personal passport.

The concept of operation

Carbine of the model stefano fausti advance its begins at the time of introduction of cartridges in the shop, and after that send them the barrel with a trigger system. Maintaining springtime comes out when bring a sharp impact to the demonstrator now is a shot.


Partial disassembly stefano fausti progress is straightforward as well as calls for no special devices. This offers you the chance to pursue her also in the field.

Handguard and front view removed making use of the essential supplied in the set.


Tuning, or refining, is performed by replacing the here and now in the base of the optical view. Can additionally replaced the front sight and also handguard.

Reviews and also rate shotguns Stefano Fausti Progress (Fausti Stefano Progress) is provided listed below.

The item cost

The expense version stefano fausti progression by many purchasers is thought about high, yet this cost results from making use of top quality products when making supply and making the barrel. Number the price from various dealerships might vary significantly; it is about 350 520-375 580 rubles. Rather costly, of program. Testimonials Great reviews concerning the version fausti stefano development is attributed to a combination of all essential problems for efficient reliable shooting as well as striking the target: high initial speed of a bullet, the absence of imperfections in the device of the carbine, excellent technological qualities. Numerous proprietors, and purchasers, the thought-out layout, which ensures optimum ease of usage, as well as compactness. Eye-catching appearance additionally indicates a whole lot when picking a design, and also fausti stefano development, with sophisticated appearance, enables you to obtain a genuine aesthetic pleasure from utilizing it.

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