Steyr Mannlicher AUG Z A2 rifles

The Austrian arms company Steyr Mannlicher in 1977 creates the AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr), which for a number of technical specs as well as styles– modular, kind aspect bullpup– is unique.

It is approved on arms of unique systems in more than fifty countries, including Italy, Ireland, Germany, USA. In restricted amounts it pertains to Russia. Based upon the model produced Steyr AUG civilian version, marked by the index Z.

Description of the carbine Steyr Mannlicher AUG Z A2

Self-loading carbine, the mechanisms of which are driven by part of the powder gases When discharged (gas engine), removed from the barrel. Has kind aspect bullpup the trigger onward, it remains in front of the shop. A function of the design is modularity– you press one button it can be taken apart into 3 main blocks: receiver, screw carrier as well as the buttstock with trigger.

For adjustment to the demands of private weapons rifle does not have the capability to shoot bursts, also it has no quick splitting up of the barrel. Publication dimension minimized from 30 to 10 rounds.

Disadvantages as well as benefits
  • Kind factor bullpup dramatically decrease the measurements of the rifle. So, what is the noncombatant variation of Z’s a limited fit in the needs of the regulations of the Russian Federation on civil tools.
  • The argument regarding the benefits and disadvantages of tools with a forward activate amongst followers of guns and also airguns are continually kept. A common denominator is still not located. Specifically, it is believed that the displacement of the bolt in the AUG-Z to the butt improves the accuracy of the fight, and the arrowhead less complicated to move fire from one target to another.
  • To a better level on a reasonably small top quality rifle is affected by the fact that she has revolving cyndrical tube bolt with lugs. Model submachine guns with a free entrance– KSO-9 «« Krechet » PCA-0– scatter of bullets is much bigger.
  • A weapon with a Picatinny rail, pillar and flies had not. The bracket strap is rather high, so those who are accustomed to the classical circumstance of the Lodge when aiming can be somewhat uneasy.
  • When developing NOV the objective was to duplicate the dependability of the Kalashnikov. Austrian engineers have actually solved this problem only partly. The rifle is capable of shooting with water in barrel and also withstand contamination from dust or sand. This gas engine has a flexible area of the network. When getting into the mud and the rifle jammed. To return to shooting, it is essential to distort the screw.
  • The rifle has a large number of concealed pockets where dust gathers, as well as most of its components, accompanied with terrific precision. It requires careful upkeep. In area problems this condition is not constantly practical.

When capturing in the vulnerable placement, the specific location of the store complicates its replacement. He is made from clear plastic to ensure that you can regulate.

  • In design AUG a lot of plastic, even USM besides the springs, all made from it. This promotes weapons, yet subjectively it does not look dependable. At the very least from the viewpoint of Russian hunters.
  • Also the use of plastic as well as aluminum makes the weapon simple, and the weight 3.6 kg. Carabine Browning Bar caliber.243 Win– steel and timber– evaluates the same.

Photos of the rifle Steyr AUG-Z/ A2,.223 Rem

Purpose To a better extent is a tool of protection. Reasonably lengthy barrel allows the usage of the AUG-Z for searching at short ranges. Aim might be Fox, bunny, grouse, wild boar-pig. Adult moose can not consider grumble as well as black complaint caliber big.


In addition to the base versions based upon AUG A2, generated self-loading carbine AUG-Z A3 submachine gun blowback AUG-Z A3 chambered in 9×× 19 (Parabellum).

Attribute AUG-Z A2 AUG-Z A3 AUG-Z 9 × 19
Type Self-loading rifle with gas piston
Form variable Bullpup
Quality .223 Rem .223 Rem 9 × 19
The pitch of thread (inches) 9
Barrel length (mm) 508 508 420
Ability 10 10 25
Overall length (mm) 790 830 702
Weight without magazine (kg) 3,6 3,8 3,3
  • Self-loading carbine, operating on the principle of gas engine. The barrel is chromed outside covered with blueing. On the muzzle brake short fixed-compensator. The return mechanism is located on the appropriate side of the receiver.
  • Kind factor bullpup. Trigger guard with the hook positioned before the store. At its anterior branches of the repaired arm that replaces the handguard.
  • Bed plastic in its dental caries is put the trigger Assembly gotten in touch with the trigger pull.
  • The gate framework with 2 spring-loaded poles. The larva shutter turns due to making use of Kapinovo groove. She has 7 lugs. Possible hand-operated setting for shutter hold-up, what is the focus on the left side of the receiver, which engages the deal with of the screw (it should show up).
  • The mechanical fuse lies on top of the posterior branches of the trigger guard. To bring in placement «« Fire » it is essential to change to the left to open a red mark.
  • USM AUG has no translation check box settings of fire. In battle arms it happens in the 2nd phase of pressing the trigger. Single fire– click the warning (rise in effort). Auto– pressing the trigger till it stops. The civilian variation (index Z), the second phase is shut off.
  • For installation of optical sights on the receiver is set to high bracket with a Picatinny rail.
  • Bunker ten store lies behind the trigger guard, his latch– further to the butt plate. Store from a clear plastic product, dual row.
Packing as well as choosing

Can be found in a cardboard box. In plan devices for cleansing, rifle shoulder bands (the band). Accompanied by a certificate and handbook.

The concept of operation
  • The rifle utilizes the reloading component of the propellant gases from the barrel. Prior to shooting it is essential to verify the accuracy of the control placement of the gas piston. If the tool is tidy, and also the top quality of the ammo is not in doubt, his notched ears should be in front of a small label. Otherwise, they need to relocate to the big.
  • Before packing the tool is placed on the fuse– click on the left side of the receiver on the button situated on the rear branch of the trigger guard. To get rid of the shop button is pressed on the rear of the shelter. The cartridges suit the store in two rows. The store is embeded in location with a distinctive click.
  • Bonus guard is the setting of the «« slide catch»». To do this, the handle of the bolt is returned and turned upwards. She involves the outcropping on the receiver and holds the framework in its rearmost position, in which drummer is not cocked as well as the cartridge in the breech is not sent.
  • Before firing the rifle is eliminated from the slide stop, and also the manage shall be sent out forward with a light push. During the capturing she disengaged the screw provider, and is always in the severe front position.
  1. Place the rifle on secure, expel, take the bolt back and the deal with to elevate as well as catch the walk of the receiver.
  2. On the appropriate side of the Lodge, over by the shelter shop, find the black switch of the contactor and also press it.
  3. Divide blocks of the butt and also barrel with gas piston.
  4. Extract from the block barrel screw provider with the overviews, and also springtimes.
  5. Push down on the recess in the butt plate, simultaneously with this motion, get rid of the sling swivel.
  6. Remove the buttplate, eliminate the trigger device.

When dismantling army tools to branch the trunk utilize the switch situated on the left at the base of the deal with. It is recessed, the handle is turned clockwise and also the barrel separates.

For disassembly of gas piston should press on the gas regulator and revolve it so that the groove was vertical to the barrel. The regulator is gotten rid of in the direction of the muzzle cut, and the piston and bounce back.

Evaluations as well as the purchase price of the rifle Steyr Mannlicher AUG Z A2 is given listed below.

  • The weapon chambered the gun is 153 thousand rubles.
  • AUG-A2 Z in the maximum setup– 190 thousand rubles.

The carabiner very easy to use. The bed enables you to fire offhand. Precision is adequate, fit in two devices of the MOA. With mindful use bounce does not take place.

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