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Compact in size as well as made form offers ease of usage by men with huge hand, and also a fragile ladies, as well as teenagers. Reasonably light weight permits you to quickly transport the rifle, feeling its weight also when moving over cross countries, which is specifically crucial when used in the search for substantial ranges.

Deal today sale carbines are intended for specialist searching as well as training precision for amusement objectives, have superb standard equipment, excellent capturing performance, and thus possess the qualities laid down by the producer that allow you to hit the target also at a significant range and also moving.

Among the analogues of foreign and also residential manufacturing, you must stay on the version a carbine Strasser RS14 renowned producer George. The sports jacket as well as the Austrian company, which has incredibly positive reviews from purchasers as a result of its attractive «« look » and also from owners that have actually been able to appreciate the technological capabilities of the rifle. As the previous version of this line, Strasser RS14 has an uncommon system quick change barrel that permits not only to rapidly execute a partial disassembly of the rifle, yet to use cartridges of various caliber. This is specifically useful for targets of different dimensions and getting over the bullet to various ranges.

Summary of carbine Strasser RS14

Combining a stylish look as well as absence of unneeded details that just complicate the procedure of the carbine, Strasser RS14 has a variety of advantages prior to analogues of other manufacturers. The capability to quickly accomplish a partial disassembly of the carbine, which is particularly vital when utilizing it in the field, and also carry out adjusting to improve its qualities make the version Strasser RS14 intriguing for fans to spend enhancing tools.

The mix of simple design, innovative and also contemporary device, quick modification barrel to make use of cartridges of different calibers have made the design especially eye-catching for several buyers that have an interest in obtaining the remarkably excellent quality of shooting in the classic version of this sort of searching weapons.

The benefits as well as drawbacks of the rifle Strasser RS14 given listed below.

Disadvantages as well as advantages

Repeating rifle with a longitudinally-sliding shutter system, Strasser RS14 offers not only targeting high efficiency, however also ensures the safety and security of its use. This attribute (shooting security as well as dependability of the layout) made by the manufacturer, which deals with key client requirements and also modern-day technology.

One of the most significant for this carbine advantages of the version Strasser RS14 include:

  • quality products from which is made the butt and also barrel guarantee exceptional performance of fire — — the sighting, the precision, the speed of a bullet, while maintaining the look of the rifle, even under these conditions, as boosted humidity, decreasing temperature level as well as also obtaining weapons in the water, which can occur when utilizing it in the area;
  • the traditional style has straightforward lines and is fully integrated dimension of each structural information;
  • making use of polymeric products of last generation, which are differentiated by raised resistance to external influences (humidity, temperature, mechanical damage);
  • all-natural timber used for the finishing of the butt, particularly treated, it is additionally vital to maintain the appealing appearance of the rifle considering its operation in various conditions of shooting;
  • great construct top quality, guaranteeing simplicity of usage as well as safety of weapons;
  • there is the opportunity of installing a fast launch brace that is made use of to readjust the firing as well as to make it extra sighting;
  • excellent standard devices.

Having provided benefits, the design copes well with the objectives (defeat the purpose, as well as it might be both the average and also large pet, making certain the convenience and safety of shooting) and at the same time pleases the eye with its design. As well as thanks to density and small weight of the carbine is easily moved as well as can be used for training in shooting females and teens.

Reasonably high expense can be taken into consideration as one drawback of the considered carbine, which complicates its acquisition under the restrictions of the budget plan. However, a significant variety of favorable attributes, an eye-catching appearance and also a lot of positive comments from proprietors remains to «« hold» » the version of Strasser RS14 among the starting points in terms of need and sales.

Pictures of the rifle Strasser RS 14 Standard

Purpose The primary objective of this rifle — it is beat the function of hunting. In the viewpoint of the majority of proprietors as well as its capabilities, it can likewise be made use of for target shooting, training accuracy. Varieties Because of the possibility of fast modification barrel, this rifle can be utilized for shooting ammo of various quality. ).

  • To the basic version barrel ideal ammunition quality.243 Win.;.270 Win.;.308 Win.; 6,5 x65RWS; 7 × 64;.30 -06 Spr.; 8x57IS; 9,3 × 62, which are flawlessly fired and also show a high performance of fire also at fars away. These assesses are well astonish little as well as medium video game.
  • For replacement variant of the barrel of the Magnum type cartridges are utilized with the complying with qualities 7mm Rem;.300 Win.Mag &&.375 H – H with a length of 60 cm. it Should be kept in mind that the existence of a special advanced replacement system best for throwing barrels made it possible just as well to strike a variety of targets also at a significant range.

Technical characteristics of the carbine Strasser RS 14 is offered listed below.


By evaluating the possibilities supplied by the producer and also presented in the form of technical features, it is feasible to acquire one of the most full picture of the most essential parameters of a searching rifle.

Below is a table with the primary technical information of the design.

Specifications Carbine Strasser RS14
Maker The Austrian firm HMS and designer searching tools Horst blazer
Consultation Hunting, sport shooting, target practice, educating new
Sight Semi-automatic duplicating rifle
Sort of caliber .22 -250 Rem.,.243 Win., 6,5 × 55 SE,270 Win., 7 × 64,.308 Win.,.30-06 Spring., 8 × 57 IS, 9,3 × 62
The total length of the body 1 100 mm
The size of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the design 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide covering

These alternatives strongly show what are the next shooting prices of any kind of design of a searching rifle:

  • the performance of fire;
  • the initial speed of a bullet;
  • the variety and precision of fire.

Concerning the simplicity or intricacy of use can be evaluated by the layout version. The simpleness of style identifies the ease of operation of the carbine version RS14 Strasser, as well as additionally allows it to be used for teaching beginners.

The uniformity of each component on the size and also approach of procedure, good performance of resistance when making a shot, high capturing effectiveness — — these parameters are necessary for assessing the top quality of tools, and they are figured out by the system devices and also the total style of the rifle.

The barrel is made from quality stainless steel, specially processed technique (chilly forging), to safeguard it from the impacts of wetness and temperature level changes. Longitudinally-sliding rotating shutter gives easy feed cartridges from the publication to the barrel and the smoothness of the trigger makes certain fast and very easy the Commission of a shot. A durable plug-in system finest secures shooting from the probable danger of damages from the stress of the gases because of its stamina.

Picking and loading

Fundamental carbine is good as well as advanced quality view and also front view, handguard mounted properly make certain the use of the rifle. Carbine Strasser RS14 is the cardboard bundle on which there is information on the version name and also supplier. Issued a certification of quality for the carbine and his personal key.

The principle of operation

Searching rifle Strasser RS14 starts to act considering that the intro of cartridges in the shop as well as sending them to the barrel by a trigger device. Restricting the round in the magazine the spring brings out a sharp blow to the demonstrator’s shot. Front view and fore-end ensure the accuracy of the shots, their secure accessory to the barrel makes certain maximum shooting effectiveness.


Performing a partial disassembly of this version is simple: at the fore-end has an unique key with which you can rapidly alter the barrel and also to replace the optical sight, which in the basic arrangement, advanced. The front sight can quickly be altered using the trick.

Easy disassembly is particularly crucial to allow for adjusting and also execution of small repair work when necessary.


Tuning is carried out by replacing the optical view consisted of in the basic package, for a lot more powerful. Some owners change the handguard and also front sight that additionally has a positive result on the effectiveness of fire.

The price of the item as well as the evaluations about Strasser RS 14 is provided below.

The item cost

The price design is considered high, due to using high quality materials for enrollment of stock as well as making the barrel. Rate from various sellers can differ as well as it has to do with 330 520-331 580 rubles. Reviews Modern design, polymer as well as


products(timber walnut), fancy layout and also unique device for fast adjustment of the barrel — all of these advantages of the model RS14 Strasser made her especially preferred. Today this carbine has actually raised, that enables to evaluate concerning the quality of the capturing and also the effectiveness of the shots. Many proprietors noted the innovative construction,

making certain optimum convenience during use, as well as density.

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