Swarovski Z4i 1,25-4 × 24 L 4-I rifle extent optical

For a traditional searching paddock hunter need a reliable optic view– like brand-new Z4i 1,25-4 × 24.

This design is particularly well fit for scenarios where you require quick responses and a great evaluation. ALLEVIATE Extremely lightweight compared to other extents with a 4-fold boost Long lasting light weight aluminum body fully soaks up influence

If wanted, comes complete

  • with tire( SR)PRECISION Clear reticle at the second degree, provides the highest precision at all ranges HigH gRid modern technology makes certain a clearly
  • distinct luminous factor for an exact shotRapid adjustment of the view– in
  • clicks EXCELLENCE High light transmission — for accurate shooting, even in golden Inspected optics delivers high contrast as well as optimal intensity at the edges

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