Swarovski Z4i 2,5-10 × 56 SR 4A-I rifle range optical

Optical view model Z4i 2,5-10 × 56 exposes its advantages when searching in reduced light problems.

Equipped with a 56-millimeter lens, brilliant optics with high light transmission and also lit up view with the smooth dimming, the hunter will be particularly well prepared to quest in an ambush from dusk till dark.

ALLEVIATE Very lightweight compared to various other scopes with a 4-fold rise Sturdy aluminum body totally absorbs effect If desired, comes total with tyre(SR) PRECISION Clear reticle at the second degree, offers the highest precision whatsoever arrays HigH gRid innovation makes sure a clearly distinguishable

luminous factor for an

  • accurate shot Rapid change of the sight– in clicks EXCELLENCE High light transmission — for accurate shooting, even in golden Inspected optics provides high contrast and also ideal
  • sharpness at the edges

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