Swarovski Z4i 3-12 × 50 SR 4A-300 I view optical

Graceful optical view Z4i 3-12 × 50 is efficiently suited to all types of tools. With 12x hobby, with a lens diameter of 50 mm and its capitivating perfection, this range is a good option in most equivalent scenarios on the search.

Universal in application, with light factor and selectable aiming mark, he’s a practiced fulfills all the requirements of the integrated optical view on all variety of distances.

EASE Really light weight compared to other extents with a 4-fold rise Resilient light weight aluminum body completely soaks up impact If preferred, comescomplete with tire(

  • SR)PRECISION Clear reticle at the 2nd level, gives the greatest precision in any way ranges HigH gRid technology makes certain a clearly distinguishable luminous point for
  • an accurate shot Fast adjustment of the sight– in clicks
  • PERFECTION High light transmission — for precise shooting, also in golden
    • Inspected optics supplies high comparison as well as optimum intensity at the sides

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