Swarovski Z6i 2-12 x 50 II SR 4A-I rifle extent optical

Graceful form as well as a brand-new function is the improvement of the Z6 riflescopes with a sixfold boost, has excellent optical homes: useful mechanisms for the drum with a range of changes for optical sight.

And detuning from parallax make maximum use the tool, and the innovation SWAROLIGHT with auto shut-off setting observations with the backlight increases the battery life. Versatile in use– forest, dusk, and also area Swarovski Z6 2nd generation.

Among the new remedies: a more portable backlight module, rise in increments of X6, the securing device for the drum with the range of the amendment, the detuning from parallax with addiction on the 100-meter mark, hassle-free change ring on the zoom degree, car allow tilt sensing unit reticle with illumination optimized electronic devices of the gadget, extending the battery life, a 50%increase in field of view, 50%more zoom variety, 19-50 %even more range in between the eye and the sight, and so on. The main benefits of optical views Z6 and also Z6i — The globe’s largest array a zoom( 6-fold). — The globe’s biggest field of view.Alignment of the crosshairs in the second photo aircraft, and also takes place rise just

object of guidance, therefore the dimension of

— the crosshairs stays the very same.
— It is a best coated optics for especially far-off area sight with optimum clearness along the sides of the photo. — Alignment diopters. — A rectangular variety of setup of a viewfinder on all values, also on severe positions of the setup variety. — Microstructure surface area to stop recurring reflections inside the sight when backlit. — Reliable defense from injuries when the effect because of the boost in the distance from the eye at a range of 95 mm, as well as the style
—, this distance is 120mm. — High-precision change of lines of a viewfinder and density of capturing also from the weapon of the big qualities. Gadget installation a no point without tools. —
A simple basic tube(it is used with an overview rail SR and without it).
— — Rugged real estate made of light steel, resistant to scrapes covering. — Absolute water resistance to deepness of 4 m(0,4

bar). — Delivered with a safety cap

—. Proposed solar lens hood for designs Z6 1,7-10 × 42 & 2-12

× 50.

— — Z6i: in the extent of delivery includes a battery for lighting up the crosshairs as well as the extra container for it.

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