Taurus CT9 G2 rifle

Taurus carbine CT9 G2 is a total analogues of a cops submachine gun, customized to fit the requirements of civilian weapons. In contrast to the «« older brother » Taurus CT9 G2 is only for solitary capturing.

Taurus CT9 G2– second modification civil submachine weapon from the renowned Brazilian company TAURUS. For a long time the company generated only guns as well as revolvers. Nonetheless, took the order from the Federal police of Brazil to establish a submachine weapon for law enforcement. The attempt was so successful that the light showed up as well as the civilian variation of the weapon, asserted as a hunting rifle.

Evaluation Taurus CT9 G2 carbine

Taurus carbine CT9 G2 for evident factors, rather various from his combat adjustments– in particular, the possible settings of fire. Below autofire is omitted, it is allowed to discharge only single shots.

The second distinction– a full butt. The police variation is outfitted with a telescopic folding buttstock, civil– fully open.

CT9 G2 model established under quality 9 * 19 and also 9 * 21. The latter is an alternative to the quality 9 * 19, since in numerous nations it is forbidden to make use of weapons for the civil authorities as well as military bullets. Furthermore, if 9 * 19 plainly classified as a gun cartridge, 9 * 21 may relate to the breeze.

This quality has great quiting capability and lack of punching that enables you to utilize it as ammo for protection.

Disadvantages as well as advantages

Gun-machine gun– cops model was developed for battle operations in metropolitan settings, that is, in concept, as a tool for long-range shooting was ruled out. A typical distance of 50 m bullets stacked in a circle 10-15 cm

  • One of the biggest benefits of the gun– convenience. The carabiner is made of polymeric product supply and also forend, aluminum receiver as well as slide group, particular sections of the very same slide group, reinforced with steel inserts. Shock-Kursovoy system is made completely of steel. On the whole, the version is quite light for its dimension and also quality.
  • Very simple and also easy disassembly of the rifle was discussed repetitively by users. Yet truly, re-entry may create some problems: lubricating substance supplier does not be sorry for.
  • The handle of the handgun that a lot more comfy when firing, is put at an angle of 30 levels, has forecasts to hold.
  • Relocate the trigger free, journalism pressure is 2.5 kg. Reverse short, which enables to decrease the time in between shots.
  • Fire is hassle-free as well as from the right as well as from the left shoulder. The cocking manage is found on the shank, it can be moved from the best side to the. While shooting it remains inactive, which secures the rifle against ingress of dust and to maintain weapons of different grip in this instance it is more convenient.
  • On the moving and also friction components are gratitudewe grooves, so that the carbine can be used in the most extreme climate condition.

The disadvantages of the product consist of the complying with.

  • Established views are usually tiny in dimension that causes the shooter unknowingly to strain your eyes. But they are rather easy to take apart to mount another sight– collimator, as an example.
  • Capturing is performed with a shut bolt, which deteriorates the warm sink. Upon termination of the shooting cartridge is in the chamber. In theory, this constantly presents a hazard of spontaneous combustion of gunpowder if the shots were terminated proactively.

View of the Taurus CT9 G2 carbine

Purpose Taurus carbine CT9 G2 is formally certified as a hunting

. Due to this, there problems with the procurement of ammunition– 9 * 19 Luger, as an example, due to the fact that the cartridge is certified as a sporting activities. Actually, the tools more frequently made use of for sports and recreational capturing, as well as for self-defence functions. The outcome of the examination from a standing position with different ammo at 50 m, the diameter of the circle is equal to 195 mm. the Maximum range is 150 m. With increasing distance changes the trajectory of the bullet, that is, before the shot requirement to be changed when aiming, when shooting a self-loading carbine illogical.


As a result of the existence of a ban on making use of specific calibers on light there were 2 versions of the authorities carbine:

  • under quality 9 * 19— near the muzzle has a smooth barrel, barrel size 407 mm;
  • under quality 9 * 21— string M14 * 1, muzzle to install a compensator, silencer or flash suppressor. The size of the barrel like the police variation– 200 mm.

Cartridge 9 * 21 has the exact same length as the cartridge is 9 * 19, yet the sleeve it is longer by 2 mm, i.e. 2 mm bullet sits much deeper in the pocket. The ballistic attributes of the ammo are the same. The muzzle energy is 9 * 19 above– 569 J. J. vs 504. Greater energy because of barrel length, not the efficiency of the cartridge.


Indicators of both adjustments of the Taurus CT9 G2 are really close. If the selection is to depend solely on the availability of ammunition.

Specs Taurus CT9 G2
Quality 9 * 19 9 * 21
Overall length mm 924 800
Total size, mm 68
Overall elevation (without publication), mm 223
Barrel size, mm 407 200
Weight without magazine, kg 3,2 3
Weight with shop, kg 3.7 V 3,5
Fly Unregulated polymer
Pillar Pillar and also rear– pivoted double upright as well as horizontal adjustment
Ability, PCs 10 or 30
The concept of operation Semi-free swing shutter
Controls Reciprocal placement
Trunk Cold-rolled steel
The paddle product Steel
The materials used The polymeric product, light weight aluminum, steel

Ability is additionally determined by the legislation of the nation. Standard capability is 30 rounds. But provided the limiter it is 10 rounds.


Taurus carbine CT9 G2 includes 3 major parts-the buttstock with handgun grasp fire control, the trigger Assembly with the lower receiver as well as the receiver with the barrel and also forend.

  • The butt with the manage is manufactured from impact-resistant plastic– can endure to blows on the concrete. The butt framework, the recoil pad with a huge corrugation, which enhances the retention of the rifle when you secure the shoulder. The front wall surface has a damper, softening the blow of the paddle. The gun hold has a slope of 30 degrees, there is podplay the walk for a far better grip. Under of the forearm band protected with slots for additional gadgets– flashlight designator. The bar can be transferred to the opposite side, as common it is put right. Team prialnik chosen the strap Picatinny rail. Front sight with white dot is not flexible, the back sight is flexible vertically and flat. Flip the back view has 2 openings– reduced with a white front view and also diopter. The front sight is huge, so shooting at smaller sized targets challenging. Prialnik quickly took apart, in their place, you can mount any kind of other sights– optical, night as well as collimator.
  • Receiver is made of 2 fifty percents– the upper as well as reduced receiver that is inherent to the American arms. The top is constructed from light weight aluminum, reduced receiver– steel chassis, covered with polymer. A connected component pins. Taurus carbine CT9 G2 comes from the group of self-loading. Firing is from a closed screw. This provides higher precision and also does not permit dirt to get inside the mechanism. On the side surfaces of the shutter are gratitudewe grooves.
  • The drummer is spring-loaded extractor «« Isakovskogo » kind, the reflector is a different component as well as is positioned in the upper receiver. USM hammer type is done totally of steel. Descent solitary phase.
  • Package of the fuse and reset essential shutoffs are duplicated, which permits with the very same simplicity to fire and also the right and also from the left shoulder. The fuse has 2 settings: «« S »– protection, this secures the sear, and 1 shooting.
  • Shops– steel double row. Their attribute– the feeder is made of intense yellow plastic, so also in bad light conditions evaluation of the rifle is discharged, it is not problems. The shop is inserted without rotation with a great distinct click. To get rid of a store, you need to press the secret on the lock behind the shop: it is recessed, so accidently hitting it hard.
Packing as well as choosing

Requirement tools consist of the following:

  • plastic instance for the rifle;
  • 2 trick;
  • 2 shop;
  • broach;
  • hex key;
  • gun belt;
  • the key of the product (there are Russian language).

Ideal for all rifle cartridges 9 * 19 Luger consisting of Luger+P. It’s bullets, cartridge– lacquered steel.

The principle of procedure
  • Procedure of the carabiner is really easy: the weapons were developed for combating as well as asks for fast paced activity as in the solitary capturing readily available for civilian weapons, and lines up.
  • The shop is charging customers one at a time. Affix the shop to the carabiner in a released condition. The fuse is enabled and also the shutter is shutter hold-up. The lock is triggered with a loud click. Comply with the motion of the shutter force upon accession of the shop is not essential, as this leads to utykanie cartridge.
  • Capturing is executed from a standing position. The butt must have a great stretch in the shoulder, as when effect injuries are possible.
  • The distance in between the eye and also the entire need to be 5-6 cm Shooting can be made with both right and also left shoulder.

Disassembly is executed with no added tools and does not produce issues, because weapons were created for trouble-free procedure in all conditions and also the capability to rapidly deal with problems.

For cleansing as well as lubrication is essential to carry out the demolition provided for in the regulations. More complete can be performed just in the Armory workshop.

  1. Include the fuse, take the store, clicking the eject switch of the shop.
  2. The shutter is taken out to its rearmost setting to expel from the cartridge chamber cartridge. Inspect the cartridge chamber through the ejection window.
  3. Press the back receiver pin and take it out from the opposite side. After that remove the stopper and return spring.
  4. With a screwdriver press the securing heel of the store, offers heel onward, very carefully, to change the straightening of the springtime. Then eliminate the springtime shop.

Reassemble in reverse order.

Taurus carbine CT9 G2 is stored in a discharged problem as well as oiled. Store with ammo saved independently. If the tool is not in lubrication, usage as well as cleaning is carried out yearly. Also yearly you require to defuse the store and charge brand-new cartridges.

Throughout procedure cleansing is done after every 200 shots. The shop additionally requires to be cleaned up.

The cost on the Taurus CT9 G2 given listed below.

  • On the Russian market the Taurus CT9 G2 carbine is from 74140 R. R. to 89700
  • The expense of a standard suggerisco cartridge– 10-11 p. per pack 50 PCs.
Proprietor examines

Marketed weapons for shooting sporting activities and also enjoyment. The proprietors hardly ever make use of the rifle for hunting purposes: as well as the caliber malopodhodyaschimi, as well as array for searching not enough. The ammo for the carbine varies quite affordable cost, that makes Taurus CT9 G2 are rather appropriate weapon for training.

  • Significant prekladatele, ease of use– thanks to the pistol grasp. Very drawn in by the chance of shooting with the right and also left shoulder: as a rule, the selection for lefties is extremely little.
  • Not also successful is the front sight. Brought in by the possibility of its replacement with another sight, and also of any type.
  • A fairly easy descent, smooth running of the trigger as well as not extremely solid returns is a very good set of qualities of weapons for self-defense.

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