The tiger rifles

The layout embraced in 1960 by the Soviet army self-loading rifle Dragunov was so successful that it is still used in many countries, and in China it duplicated, yet under a different name.

Consequently, the look of a collection of searching carbines «« Tiger »– adapted to the civil problems of SVD– it has actually come to be rather an all-natural phenomenon. They are valued for simplicity as well as reliability, although, similar to any type of adjustment of armed forces arms, are not incredibly high in tiny top qualities.

Summary of Tigr carbine chambered for 7,62 h54r Semi-automatic rifle operating on the principle of making use of component of the powder gases from the barrel. Is adjusted to the problems of the private variation of the SVD rifle caliber 7,62 x54r(Mosin rifle cartridge with a cartridge with side at bottom ).

For this objective it has a brief barrel and also the ballistic tag, magazine capacity lowered to five rounds, cleaned up the mounting brace of the bayonet, mounted brake/ flash suppressor. Varieties The carbine « Tiger » — was produced on special orders, because the early 90’s to 1996. The least modified version of the SVD. The conversion included reducing the barrel and installing the shop with a volume of 5

  • shells. The muzzle is short» and also incomplete. Rail for mounting optics was calculated for the installation of armed forces PSO-1 sight. The very first models were outfitted with wooden orthopedic butt without the buttplate and also plastic overlays on the shank. Consequently, we began to mount shock-absorbing recoil pad, fore-end additionally began to lack wood. A carbine « the Tiger » carried out by the(Spanish)01– gotten used to international requirements, is an attempt to « Izhmash » to go into the American market weapons. On the receiver(left)attached rail for placing tactical devices.
  • Butt obtained sort of shoulder remainder»– 2 steel pipes on the top is turning the cushion, a back plate made of polyamide with shock absorbing butt pad. The pistol hold is practically vertical, forearm straight slits for exit of gases. These products are additionally made of polyamide. The trunk got a lengthy flash suppressor effectively minimizes recoil. As a result of the boost of the size of the butt stock the trigger is moved back, made some modifications to the style of the trigger device. The carbine « Tiger » in Spanish 02 version with a folding steel stock framework with rotating pillow under his cheek arrowhead. When folding of the box is obstructed, the trigger Assembly. The carbine « Tiger » in Spanish 03– the effort of adjustment to the needs of shooting offhand. The butt as well as the bed is made from
  • solid wood(beech, birch).» Butt with a cushion « Monte Carlo » as well as groove on the neck of the Lodge for the ease of the grip. The carbine « Tiger », carried out 05– virtually a go back to the initial SVD. Optional is possible to set up long (620 mm)barrel, flexible gas engine. The fire trap is constantly set up long, cylindrical. This distinguishes it from previous versions, enamalware in the base situation short conical flash Hider. Butt orthopedic, from laminated timber. Carbines searching Tiger on the basis
  • of SVD Disadvantages and also benefits Reliable layout, it is reputable as it might appear at first glimpse, due to the fact that SVD is a hybrid of the Kalashnikov attack rifle and also
    SVT. In practice there are situations
    • when the carbines with uncontrolled gas engine in conditions of constant searching, gone along with by an autumn of the tool in the water, overload filth or sand, stopped working. Self-loading rifle Dragunov was never considered a sniper, it has actually constantly been a means of fire fortifying of a motorized infantry platoon, enabling to hit
    • targets at arrays from 600 to 1500 meters. Reducing the barrel did not add the carbine « Tiger » nor the precision, nor the accuracy of the fight. Impacts the figure as well as the reality that the size of the gunning it is not the same– one set bigger than the various other by «0.1 mm», which is made to identify the bullets as terminated from noncombatant weapons. The butt of the rifle is not developed for capturing offhand, it is practical to involve targets from point-blank variety. Professional arrowhead point out that padding on the butt only to develop the line of sight with the optics to the rear sight as well as front view they are too expensive. The rubber butt plate on a frost dubeet, this results in the reality that the bullets are flying somewhat above the target. Cartridges 7,62 h54r created to beat workforce, they offer high variety and flat trajectory. The bullets have inadequate stopping power. If you use typical ammunition if hit is not deadly, bullet passes right through
    • . The exact same transoms injured game is always related to wonderful difficulties, due to the fact that men are boars or moose in this case is very hazardous. In the procedure of adapting tools to international requirements, the developers of « Izhmash » has made springtime loaded shooting pin, the idea of which is hiding in the mirror the shutter. Due to the massiveness of the screw might spontaneous setting off excessively sensitive
    • primers guides cartridges imported when not fully completely secured barrel. In general, the carbine « Tiger » turned out rather adjusted to the Russian conditions of weapons, yet international professionals meticulously did not call him not only a sniper however likewise searching, preferring to discuss a replica of the army rifles. Purpose The carbine is designed for hunting big ungulates.

    Primarily from ambush or from high seats.» Specs Feature The worth Kind Self-loading carbine with a gas engine Dimension( mm)The 7.62 Cartridge type 7,62 h54r Barrel size (mm)530, 620 optional Ability 5, possible to install fight with a capacity of

    10 rounds Length(mm)1090, with a lengthy barrel 1220 Weight( kg)3,9 Layout Self-loading duplicating rifle with a gas engine, situated 5 Full size(mm)1240 1240 1240 1297

    1297 With a folded length Ave(mm )971 971 971 1028 1028 Weight(kg)5,8 5,8 5,8 6,1 6,2 Array(m)1000 800 1000 1200 1500 Style The rifle barrel cantilever, heavy-walled, fluted and also four-chamber muzzle brake compensator. Made of stainless-steel, rifling acquired by donovania. The receiver is cylindrical, is machined from a steel bar.

    Connection with the barrel taken care of. The breech bolt transforming.

    The manage is connected to the stem with screws. Larva with 2 lugs. Stem with spiral grooves, it’s obtained 2 openings for discharging the gases break. The trigger mechanism with an adjustable force of the descent. The manufacturer supplies 2 options of building and construction: Varmint with a pressure of 0.5 to 0.9 kg or Hunter, from 0.9 to 1.5 kg. Fuse three-position, the check box is located on the back plate of the drummer of the shutter. Position « ahead up until it quits, » in which open red dot permits you to cock the projectile throughout activity of the shutter and shoot. Rearmost setting of the checkbox locks the sear, the firing pin and also the screw. Intermediate the demonstrator and also the sear , it is used in the tools of shop as well as an insufficient disassembly of the rifle.

    In the cocked problem of the firing pin shank protrudes at the very least 3 mm from the butt pad of the drummer, it endured the 5 Full size(mm)1240 1240 1240 1297

    1297 With a folded length Ave(mm )971 971 971 1028 1028 Weight(kg)5,8 5,8 5,8 6,1 6,2 Array(m)1000 800 1000 1200 1500 Style The rifle barrel cantilever, heavy-walled, fluted and also four-chamber muzzle brake of a pillar with remote line and also flies at a high brace. There are two straps for installation o

  • optical views: on the cover of the receiver and also on the left side of the airplane. Itself receiver is made by milling. Handguard can be wood or nylon, with openings for airing vent or without them. The orthopedic butt, and also steel plastic or laminate. There is a variant, constructed from strong timber with padding « Monte Carlo ». Packing and also selecting The rifle comes
  • in a cardboard box. In addition Packed in a secured plastic bag. In the standard package has a store, cleansing(brush and also RUB in a metal box), along with replacement components for the trigger sleeve, and a springtime firing pin. Enhanced bundle has a telescopic view with
  • brace, oiler, cleaning pole. Connected technological information sheet, user guidebook.
  • The principle of operation The carbine operates on the principle of gas engine. When terminated, component of the propellant gases are picked from the barrel and gets in the gas chamber over it. They press the piston, which actuates a pole with a spring relaxing in the bolt. Theshutter is changed back, and also the larva reverses as well as goes out of engagement with the joints on the breech of the barrel. During its further motion extractives the used cartridge case from the shooting chamber, compresses the spring as well as the firing
    • pin is cocked firing pin. Throughout the forward activity of the shutter extracts the round from the publication and feeds it into the chamber, then locks the barrel. For the tank « Tiger » should expel from the receptacle by pushing the latch situated between it
    • and the trigger guard. The cartridges are stacked in two rows, startled.
    • After installation, save the location the weapon is
      gotten rid of from the fuse, which is
      • long (short created for disassembly)bar on the best side of the receiver is decreased right down. For firing the bolt service provider is drawn back and released for a vigorous back. A weapon with a round in the chamber you can put the security on. After firing the last cartridge slide is to the hold-up in the rearward setting. To get her back, you can remove the shop or a little poddelnosti the lever back then launch. In models with flexible gas piston alters the setting from « wintertime » to « summer season » is made by turning the sleeve, which flange involves behind the projections of the clutch, gas piston, located to the left.
      • Disassembly Expel, to misshape the screw, to create a control descent. Press the short bar situated on the left, the back plate of the receiver. To get rid of the cover of the receiver and also eliminate the derive from the bolt. To move the bolt back, increase its back side and is eliminated from the receiver Assembly with the larva. Transforming the striker clockwise and remove it. Get rid of the bar of the fuse, having it different from the sear. Eliminate the trigger Assembly. Lower the bar on the front face of the receiver pads down. To shift the clutch barrel lining onward. Remove the right and also left fifty percents of the barrel cellular lining. To move back the gas pusher mechanism, whereupon the piston from

      the chamber. Remove the pushrod Assembly with the springtime. Rate as well as proprietor testimonials on the carbine Tigr 7,62» X54R mm and Х51(SP 01, 02, 03, 05)are offered listed below. Reviews and also rates The carbine is from 55 to 70 thousand rubles. Carbine has satisfactory

    • craftsmanship and integrity. The direct fire array– making use of column and flies
    • approximately 300 meters. With optical sight it is possible to defeat targets at ranges as much as
    • 800 meters. Precision equivalent to three units of MOA. The return is sharp as well as strong, with a brief flash Hider possible loss of sight. Orthopedic butts for capturing with hands awkward

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