Tikka T3 Sporter, rifle shotgun

Carabine Tikka T3 Sporter (Tikka T3 Sporter.223): functions of layout and operation

Modern and also comfy, carabiners, created for usage in professional hunting, have excellent technical attributes, which provide enough chances to utilize. Due to the advanced layout assurances maximum comfort throughout usage, as well as the ergonomic shape permits you not to really feel trouble in using such carabiners neither guys nor ladies regardless of hand size.

And also amongst the designs that has acquired one of the most popularity today, it is essential to designate the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter.223, not accidentally ended up being specifically preferred in contrast with analogues of various other suppliers. As a result of its characteristics created by the manufacturer, supply an opportunity to utilize it not just specialist seekers, however Amateurs and also novices firing a gun. Safety and security of use, convenience of use, the most crucial parameters that offer increased interest to this version.

Introduction of tools

According to the viewpoint of the majority of owners of the rifle design Tikka T3 Sporter.223, the very best function it can be called efficiency, considering that it permits its use in numerous areas. Searching as well as sport shooting, procurement of first skills of capturing from specialist weapons — — all these possibilities gives the rifle version Tikka T3 Sporter.223. The expense it is among the biggest in contrast with analogues of other makers.

Already taking this rifle out of the packaging, can recognize the reasons for its popularity: its look instantly attracts attention, and small dimension integrated with relatively reduced weight makes it very easy to operate any body as well as physical capabilities of the arrow. Typically Finnish rifles differ from their counterparts of European makers, with a premium performance and also a great deal of positive feedback quickly attracted the attention of expert shooters of weapons.

Advantages as well as disadvantages

When it comes to the most objective evaluation of any type of type of carabiner can be gotten by comparative analysis with comparable models. Since the checklist of advantages as well as drawback of the version will enable to contrast it and also to recognize the staminas as well as weaknesses of the rifle.

The most essential benefits of the version of the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter.223 need to include the adhering to features:

  • the optimal ratio of the measurements: the overall length 40 inches barrel size is 20 inches, which ensures maximum ease when using;
  • tiny recoil when shooting, which is also the maximum comfort at the area of butt on the shoulder offer the possibility to make one of the most exact shots;
  • adding weight at the expenditure of the weight of the barrel a little, that is not even noticeable in the procedure of the model.

Using modern-day synthetic materials in the manufacture of bed for Tikka T3 warranties long conservation of its original top qualities: sturdiness, appealing appearance and also high resistance to mechanical anxiety. On a bed made of artificial materials, no unfavorable impact no distinction in ambient temperatures or moisture, which is possibly when the version is utilized in the area.

Plus you must likewise point out the opportunity of even more quick as well as complete fit the measurements of the rifle to a certain arrow.

The disadvantages, according to the owners of this rifle can be attributed to the absence of walk on the bed, yet his absence with a revenge kompensiruet usability notches as well as the neck butt. Some negative remarks concerning the product shop Tikka T3: polymer material, which protrudes a little beyond the General contour of the butt, produces a little hassle in the conduct aimed fire.

Tikka T3 Sporter.223 (image)

The purpose of the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter.223 Utilize the rifle version Tikka T3 Sporter.223 maybe in professional searching as well as sporting activities shooting, as well as for the procurement of initial abilities in the advancement of capturing


Ranges The market today supplies a selection of versions of the Tikka T3 Sporter.223, made with laminated flooring as well as developed for the professional hunting and specialist participation the shooting competitors.


With efficiency analysis it is possible to make the optimum full understanding of the capacities of the version, its benefits and also usage opportunities. Including modern-day layout, the rifle version Tikka T3 Sporter.223 is proven, and also it can be suggested for use by expert hunters and budding lovers shooting guns.

Specifications Carabine Tikka T3 Sporter.223
Native land Finland
Appointment Hunting, sporting activity shooting
Sight Semi-automatic carbine
Sort of quality .223
The complete size of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold building, has an oxide finish that does not corrode

The presence of the moving screw enables optimum price of fire of the rifle, the hit accuracy is specified as the abilities of shooting as well as flawlessly adjusted optics of the weapon. Reduce of use, the ability to readjust the fundamental high qualities made the model Tikka T3 Sporter.223 one of the most regularly bought by both specialists and also budding lovers shooting.


Style features of the version of the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter.223 can use it easily: the absence of complex systems as well as the simplicity of control allowed to make this model the most comfy, also for teens. The smooth operating of the trigger, a comfy bed from modern-day plastic material with high resistance to various mechanical stresses, as well as specific customization options, — — all this allows you to have no troubles with the operation of the rifle.

The trunk, which is the major positive component of any kind of type of rifle, consists and also has an optimum size of two parts: a lightweight alloy and polymer product. Making up 1/2 of the complete size of the rifle, the barrel has an ergonomic shape and when equipped with the appropriate optics provides excellent efficiency array and discovery capturing.

Picking and packing

The carbine is presented up for sale in plastic packaging which it is covered to stop damage on the situation. The version in a cardboard box engraved with the name of the item.

The principle of procedure

Heavy barrel that permits you to make the most precise shots, best for bullets of practically any caliber. This lessens the quantity needed for shooting.

The sequence of activities is the characteristic of any kind of modern-day carbines: send me cartridges is performed by pressing on the trigger, which has a really smooth flight (which should also see the advantage of this version). Substantial excellent quality optics for optimum sighting of committed shots.


The procedure of taking down entails the possibility of removing the main architectural parts. This may be required when repairing the rifle, modernization, renovation as well as cleansing.

The removal of the dies, flies and view is executed making use of an usual screwdriver as well as does not pose major troubles.

Tuning rifles Tikka T3 rassendren below.


Upgrading this design, or its adjusting, implies the possibility of installing an optical sight with all the very best functions from a third-party supplier. This has a favorable impact on the opportunity of obtaining extra precise shots.

According to many owners, riflescope, readily available in the standard setup, has extremely good technical ability as well as can be used in the procedure of the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter.223.

Testimonials and also costs on the Tikka T3 rifle (Tikka T3 Sporter.223 and.308 win) discussed below.

Quick release bracket MAK for Tikka T3 (Tikka T3)

The product rate
  • The value indicator of the model can be considered in comparison with designs with the exact same technical capabilities are instead autonomous: from different sellers, it can vary from 135 000 to 146 000.
  • Version Tikka T3.30-06 Sprg can be acquired in the online store at a rate 61700 rubles.
Proprietor assesses

The proprietors, in addition to buyers, keep in mind the timeless appearance of the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter.223. Its technical qualities permit to recognize the abilities of weapons, in this application it is possible for various functions: for professional hunting and also for educating as well as showing off shooting.

The ease of control of such a rifle is figured out by its straightforward tool and also fit gives optimum comfort while shooting.

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