TO-30 WITH, a rifled weapon

In General, mostly all sniper rifles as well as searching rifles in Russia as well as the previous Soviet Union was based on a trilinear Mosin rifle. Da-30 is a boosted version of the rifle Mosin example 1891/1930 G.

Overview of carbine KO-30

Version 1891/1930 g was a Dragoon rifle with a different sight and also a streamlined chamber. Defense were made use of as a battle in the mounties. After the Second World war weapons completely out-of-date and also was abandoned.

The shortage in great hunting carbines led to the truth that the Mosin rifle was seized from a storage facility and converted into a searching rifle. In most cases the rifles were prestolny under a various quality. Model da-30 WITH authentic.

Rifle model 1891/1930 g release are today collector’s value.

Advantages and disadvantages

Carbines made on the basis of the Mosin rifle was a little different. In the fight variation, the screw take care of was short and straight. The sniper model arm much longer and curved downwards. The basic importance it has now what: army weapons, especially issued later on, in 1944, took part in the infantry strike, that is, played the function of a bayonet weapons. And shooting such application impacts very adversely.

The sniper variant is using omits. Appropriately, the model made on the basis of the sniper rifle, you’ll be a much higher ballistic performance.

Advantages the weapon has the following:

  • the sniper optical sight is mounted. On a regular fight carbine this is not feasible;
  • on designs because 1930, is placed a round box, in the left side you can see 2 cylindrical openings or traces of their brewing. This is likewise an indicator of the sniper, i.e., rifles with great precision;
  • a remarkable attribute of the Mosin rifle– barrel quality. This is indicated by the clean therapy of the trunk and also old blueing. The barrel as well as chamber chrome;
  • the weapon is created for hunting big video game– swine, elk. Shell bullet quickly pierces via the brother-in-law in trunk girth thick at a distance of 100 m;
  • the variety of the bullet is 3 km;
  • to utilize the rifle in all climate condition at temperatures from -50 to +50 C.

The disadvantages of the item are as follows:

  • shop have to full of bullets «« one» by one » to prevent zabrakovanie Welt sleeve leading cartridge behind the reduced edge;
  • the screws protecting the bed to the trunk tend to damage. For safeguarding the screws you need to comply with, as this affects the accuracy of fire;
  • the high quality of weapons is highly based on previous use. Rifles produced after 1942, is identified by poor quality of the barrel and also in principle are not designed for use as a sniper rifle.

Carbine KO-30S (images)

Purpose Design TO-30– carbine in a medium caliber. Made use of as a hunting rifle in the removal tool and also huge pets– red deer, swine, elk.

  • Utilized for fishing birds– grouch, capercaillie.
  • For leisure shooting weapon is hardly ever utilized– as well serious caliber.

Under the rifle FOR-30, along with TO suggest 91/30 exchanged a searching tool battle carbine sample 1891/1930 g. the Difference in between specific adjustments are so minor that most of the times is ruled out as a different types.

  • One of the most famous version of KO-30 optical sight. And its placement is such that making use of an open fly is possible without removing the OP.
  • Generated a modification, equipped with just an open mechanical view.
  • KO-91/ 30 M– is furnished with the new created barrel with chrome finish as the barrel and chamber. And can be found in 2 designs with different length of barrel: 550 mm with a complete size of 1,055 mm, and 610 mm with a length of 1115 mm.

The ballistic features of a sniper version of the rifle is sufficient to consider this model among the most dependable as well as sought after on the hunt. However, it needs to be remembered that the efficiency of each specific weapon depends upon exactly how as well as how much time it was utilized.

Option The worth
Caliber, mm The 7.62
The ability of the shop, the variety of PCs 5
Spotting range, m 300
Precision (diffusion radius) 75
Resource shots, items 2000
The mass of weapons, kg 4,0
Size of arms, mm 1232 (less)
Barrel length, mm 745 (much less)
Muzzle velocity, m/s 730

Product weight is noted without any type of other gadget or an optical sight, but with a loaded store.

Barrel size and also length of the rifle can vary depending on the alteration.


From the original rifle is the bolt deal with as well as the presence of an optical sight.The trunk can be used or refined authentic. The rest of the structure is no different from the Mosin rifle. Carbine consists of the adhering to

Assembly systems: the barrel to the receiver, the barrel

  • , box, as well as additionally target block as well as the base of the front sight have a long-term link. The bore and chamber are chrome-plated– hence boosts the deterioration resistance of the product; the shutter Assembly– consists of the screw, extractor, trigger, impact tool
  • udarnikov kind, battle spring, the connection bar. Fuse is carried out in eviction– do not permit shot when chambering a cartridge; the trigger system– without warning; magazine instance single row setup of cartridges– all-in-one with the barrel. Capability is 5 rounds; open front sight as well as an optical sight. The last is chosen special braces. For shooting with open sight to fire OP there is no need; the rifle supply is made of birch. Packing and also choosing Requirement carbine contains the following: box; cleansing rod; screwdriver; the bushing of the breech
and the muzzle; handle

; RUB as well as oil weapon; the key of

  • the item
  • . For the modification
  • of the optical
  • view is provided: riflescope– 3.5 times, an optimum;
  • passport to the OP. The
  • principle of procedure The

mechanism of the carbine is no different from

  • the standard plan of activities trilinear rifle.
  • The shutter open by turning the deal with to the left. The trigger is moved back as well as springtime reeled in a partly– pre-preload. The striker projectile goes into the channel combating the larvae, the outcroppings are gone up because of the referral planes and also the barrel is unlocked. When the cartridge goes out of the store to the line chambering, the shutter is withdrawn back to the stop position. The stopper progresses, the cartridge is in the chamber.
  • The deal with resort to the right as well as shut the shutter. At the same time combat the protrusions
  • expand past the walks of the box and the trunk
  • secured. The activity spring is pressed more powerful– the last preload. Trigger– burn out of engagement with the trigger, the trigger is launched, the springtime comes out as well as the shooting pin of the
  • trigger with the pressure damages the pill owner is shot. The shutter is taken out back in when the extractor draws the cartridge instance from the chamber, and cutoff reflector throws her out of the receiver. When keeping, transferring the rifle as well as bring must be readied to « protection ». In this setting, a combat platoon is removing the box. Security brushthe trigger when it relaxes in a box that does not permit you to «commit a random shot. In that position, not also the shutter open. A needed need is the possession of rifles discharged is set to « security ». Ammo and rifle should be kept individually.

    Disassembly Disassembly and Assembly of gun is for cleansing as well as lubrication after capturing. This is not to put significant effort, or else possible deformation of the parts. Partial disassembly for lubrication, which includes the following: press the trigger to pull as well as open out the stopper; Unscrew as well as get rid of the cleaning pole

    . Eliminate the cover of the box the store; hold the bolt head as well as the

    • deal with is taken out the trigger until the screw cut
    • is not out of the nest ledge. Transform the trigger to the
    • left and as well as go; while holding the stopper, serves offers bar forward with combat larva and as well as separate from the bolt screw; the bolt separated divided the
    • strap; the striker of a striker clean demonstrator the gasket, push on press handle and take care of as well as press fightingSpringtime In this position
    • , Unscrew the trigger with the drummer and also take the drummer with springtime; battle spring off with a drummer. If the tool is assumed to be stored for extended periods
    • or carabiner has actually been subjected to moisture, the tool apart totally. The above action adds the following: the screws secure the tail and Unscrew 2 turns and also move on stocks ring; established the rifle in a vertical placement, totally
      • Unscrew the screws, detach shop box, and then the barrel from the bed;
      • removed from the store box latch cover; dismantle the trigger box for this carbine flip sight down and support so that the mechanism never ever rested. Unscrewscrew trigger springtime as well as press the trigger axis; disconnect the trigger spring from the hook. Setting up products are created backwards order. Cleansing and also lubrication is accomplished not much less than 6 hrs after the capturing. Tuning Method shows that
      • if we picked such a timeless rifle, it suits its proprietor entirely. Made available standard ways to fit the bed. If you want you can order and also mount a new bed. Testimonials and rates FOR carbines-30 WITH p/u and KO 91/30

        is provided below.

        Prices Rifle, CO-30 appreciated by seekers and it lives up to assumptions. The expense, nevertheless, readily available: the price of the rifle varies from 26895 R. to 32,000 relying on the problem

        of the barrel and its authenticity. Ammo for the carbine are as complies with: Extra cartridge 7,62 * 54

— tompakova bullet, brass cartridge instance. Worth 59 p. for PCs; cartridge oil refinery– bullet, tombac shell to prevent wear of the barrel– 98 p. for PCs; cartridge noise refinery with a bimetallic cartridge situation 22 R; cartridge increased accuracy

— tompakova bullet, bullet weight 9.9 g– 34 R;

  • cartridge S&B with superior ballistic performance, bullet weight 11.3 g– 161 R. Owner reviews For accuracy shooting, as technique programs, considerably impacts the quality of ammunition. For example, when making use of cartridges of high accuracy diffusion within the range 15– 16mm, which for
  • the sniper rifle the result is more than excellent. Cartridges « Extra » are positioned in a circle with a diameter of 20 mm. « Working » are a distance of 300-400 m in the existence of the rangefinder. The drawbacks of the hunters will certainly lug the weight of the tool and also a short focus PU.

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