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Why not simply stored in so-called Bins of the Motherland! It turns out that there is trophy and also carbines Mauser 98K German Wehrmacht. Or rather, what was left of them after salvage on the battlefield.

That’s from the scrap Tula arms as well as Vyatsko-Polyansky plant «« Molot » gather carbines KO-KO 98-98 M1. This tool is highly controversial. When it comes to recurring top quality as well as shooting opportunities. Its purchase is mostly like trying to win the lottery «« sporting activities lotto ».

Summary carbines KO-KO 98-98 M1

Timeless bolt rifle model 1898. Historic rarity. Going «« with the woodland of pine» » from parts of rifles of different design years, so all the huge parts of the serial numbers are various. The same stigma is only modern-day.

Carbines CO-produced 98 TOZ (manufacturer of the famous TOZ-BM, TOZ-122, 120, 99, 78, 88 etc.). This so-called perestane tools. Mazeroski original barrel replaced with contemporary,.308 Win chambered for 7,62×× 51. He reduced by two inches (in between the muzzle cut a fly no vacuum), it was not possible to fix a bayonet. There is no H-shaped trend on the coupling of the forearm, over which were hung the bracket on the deal with of the bayonet-knife.

  • The reason for perestilki is, apparently, a wish to not just customize weapons under usual quality, but excessive deterioration of initial parts. On the receiver boxes of the stamps 39 as well as 41, is carefully shaded pockets of deep rust, as well as comparable flaws. The applicant as well as the shop cartridges in it, left the initial, however to make up for the size of the sleeve (of the quality.308 Win she is 6 mm shorter) in obolonnya the groove of the receiver pin is placed. The size of the stems of the sleeve in both instances is almost identical– of 11.95 and also 12.01 mm, so the larva shutter is left original.
  • Carbines KO-98 M1 (VPO-115) created Vyatsko-Polyansky machine-building plant «« Molot »(the most proizvoditel Vepr pioneer, Super, hunter and Snipe HPE-201-M, 201-05, and so on). It is virtually initial Mauser 98K with original barrel caliber 7,92 х57. It includes all the aggressive indications– an area for installing a bayonet-knife. The Assembly is made on the exact same concept from various models. Nevertheless the recurring as above, because the receiver boxes are manufacturing facility marks 44 or 45.

In both situations, the ballistic tag, as is done with residential rifles Mosin, Tokarev and also Simonov, the tools are placed.

Disadvantages and advantages

For enthusiasts of historical interests to touch a «« actual » Mauser 98K is the reason for reverential adoration. From an useful point of view, the advantages of possessing such tools is low since it is outdated and has too much wear.

  • The Assembly of parts from different versions robs carbine enthusiast’s value.
  • This carabiner makes sense to contrast only with comparable rarity– hunting rifle KO-44, the civil variation of the Mosin rifle.
  • The top quality of manufacture of parts of the rifles produced in Germany till 1944, slightly higher than in the USSR. Hereafter year it compares to the tools of the Wehrmacht actors and milled parts are changed with built. It is not constantly particularly high, as in any type of mass manufacturing in war time. It makes no feeling to lick each pin of the tool, which in a couple of days of usage may be under the treads of the container or in the ditch.
  • Steel Mauser 98K exceptionally unpredictable to rust, the rifle requires constant care as well as cleansing. To fire it will be with a clam in the barrel, however sniper precision can be failed to remember.
  • In the most effective situation, the precision of the battle will be within 2 MOA, but probably will need to choose four systems.
  • Long rifle barrel according to the bullet muzzle velocity, so you can strike targets at distances as much as 300 meters with basic and also 1500 meters with a telescopic sight. However, its stopping power is low. Moose it’ll blow with, after which he will die somewhere around 10 kilometers from the location of hunting on the principle of «« do not obtain you to anyone ». This is specifically real for the cartridge.308 Win, shooting which needs the sniper to make a hit.
  • Three-position fuse Mauser 98K and a latch on the left side of the back plate receiver makes sure that you won’t lose your paddle throughout transport that the Mosin rifle is widespread.
  • Packing as «« mosinki », leading just, which in itself is not as well convenient, and also in pristvolnyh versions further exacerbated by the lack of ability to use clips.
  • The inconsistency in elements that are only in theory suitable to each other, results in the reality that the pressure put on the stopper when refilling, can be too much. Typically dragging the shutter end settings as well as utykanie cartridge when chambering. The same marvels are observed with USM, the trigger of which might be hard, soft, with really short or, alternatively, lengthy stroke. All this is only examined in a functional method.
  • Cartridges of caliber 7,92 х57 rare and pricey. And you can get to the trunk with the army variation of the IRS under a pointed bullet of 1944, which is a couple of tenths of a millimeter more than private weapons. Interior ballistics of the barrel in this instance deteriorates, and the precision becomes poor.

The trunks, produced by TOZ, are of poor quality. The size of the birthed (on the Donets gunning) varies from of 7.64 to 7.66, fulfilling the cartridge chamber with the estimates or cavities.

  • The comfort designs of the Lodge is not optimal. Because of the lack of notches on the fore-end as well as hold the rifle hard to accept cold hands or in the rainfall. The incline of the manage is too flat, consequently, lasting vysalivanie might experience pain in the wrist. Metal butt plate is not the best absorber of effect, which is fairly significant.
  • Installment of optical views is the demand to show locksmith skills. On the receiver there are no recesses for them. Typically you remove bench totally (Unscrew it) and also placed a Picatinny rail, personalized.

The weapon is fairly heavy, in running order it evaluates more than 4 kilograms.

Carbine KO-98 (picture)

Purpose Carbine KO-98 is used for searching medium-sized and also small ungulates and killers. Shed goals is feasible at ranges approximately 1500 meters when using optics as well as approximately 300 meters from the outer sighting gadgets.

TO-98 TO-98 M1
Type Repeating rifle with a screw breech
Quality .308 Win 7,92 х57
Barrel size (mm) 580 600
The variety of gunning 4 4
Step, direction Right
Store Integrated (fee top)
Capacity 4
Length (mm) 990 1110
Weight unloaded (kg) 3,9 4,1

Carbine bolt-on bolt. Barrel made from carbon steel, blued, rigidly attached to the forearm. The best four string connection with the threaded receiver.

  • Receiver open, steel, round, grated from a solid billet. The recesses for placing optical sights on the leading face there.
  • A bolt with 3 lugs– 2 near the larvae, the other on the stem, near the take care of. The tooth extractor one end of the demonstrator stays at the level of the mirror shutter.
  • On the left side of the back plate receiver situated on the latch that launches the shutter when disassembling.
  • The circuit box has 3 placements: turned to the left– « Fire»»; established vertically « Stop»», the bolt stays mobile; turned to the appropriate complete lock the trigger and bolt body (stored position). To place it upright (off) just when the cocked shooting pin.
  • The program as well as the pressure on the trigger is not adjustable.
  • The store is integrated, the filling just from the top, via the window of the receiver. Complete extraction cartridges feasible while pushing the latch (made use of stycos bullets) situated in front of the front branch of the trigger guard, and eliminate the cover from the feeder.
  • Views only external. This back sight with remote line and also metal front sight with detachable cover.
  • Polupoltina bed from beech wood or birch. The forearm is long, narrow. Buttstock with metal buttplate and a straight comb, with a solid down inclination about the axis of the barrel.
Packing and picking

The rifle is available in a cardboard box. In addition to keys as well as the instructions in the bundle absolutely nothing else.

The principle of operation

The design of the screw as well as trigger system is such that the placed on battle squad comes at a time when the bolt manage is increased, indicates that the back plate of the drummer, out from the screw body by 10 mm. the pulling back handle back casing is gotten rid of, and also when applying the stalk ahead there is a lifting up of the cartridge from the shop as well as feeding into the chamber.

Prior to loading bolt handle is lifted and the squad drummer. After that, the fuse box can be raised straight up. The screw is returned, giving access to the feeder store. In the design, KO-98 M1 caliber 7,92 х57 there is a groove under the cage for 5 rounds. It is inserted into it, the bullet of the top cartridge raised forefinger, as well as on the bottom of the sleeve nadavlivanie large, then the entire pack of ammunition recessed in the shop. The clip is held weakly, she quits when relocating the slide onward, it doesn’t need to draw as the «« mosinki » or SVT. In the version, KO-98 chambered for 7,62×× 51 ammunition filled right into the store individually.

When converting circuit box is in the stowed setting (totally to the right) is a removal of a drummer with cocking as well as securing of the trigger with the screw body. To bring weapons in fight position, it is needed to rotate the check box to the left and also elevate the deal with of the shutter, and then lower it, maintaining the stem back.

Disassembly and Assembly of breech carbine KO-98 described below.


Prior to cleaning as well as putting the bolt weapon is released, to which the flag is readied to «« Stop »(turn-up), and bolt deal with a few times to empty the shop, play ago.

  1. Draw the bolt back until it stops.
  2. Pull the left lock on the left side of the back plate of the receiver.
  3. The output gate of the receiver.

The splitting up of the barrel to the receiver from the Lodge is gotten in touch with considerable initiative as well as feasible damage of the parts. As a result, this should be done just when absolutely required.

  1. Press the latch of the front plate of the lower arm on both sides. Slide it to fly (utilizing the cover it is launched).
  2. Draw the spring filled latch.
  3. Glide the 2nd metal pad forearm to fly.
  4. Get rid of the wooden trim on the breech of the barrel.
  5. Get rid of the feeder cartridges and the cover, which struck a bullet or screwdriver with Phillips head on the lock situated before the front branch of the trigger guard.
  6. Get rid of the two screws– one behind the trigger guard, the various other in front of the bunker store.
  7. Remove the block of the trigger guard with a mandrel of the bunker.
  8. Different the box from the barrel to the receiver as well as trigger mechanism.

Often you need to disassemble the shutter. This is done by the cocked shooting pin.

  1. Take the screw with the left hand, a check of the fuse right.
  2. The revolving back plate of the drummer for this sort of the bar in a counterclockwise direction, get rid of the percussion device from the screw body.
  3. Uperevshis head into the hole of the grommet (round steel plate) butt, appealed the firing system and also launch the stopper backplate, then revolve it counterclockwise.
  4. Eliminate the demonstrator and also springtime, clear the check box of the fuse.

Carbine is worth from six to 10 thousand rubles.


It transforms out that the weapon is very sub-par if you desert the extreme enthusiasm for the ownership of presumably actual Mauser 98K. The precision of the fight hardly match the three units of the MOA, the influence is strong. Hefty tools that need consistent interest– cleansing, lubrication. For newbies it is much better not to carry out whatsoever, since a miss on butchering area is an injured animal that makes certain to vanish.

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