Toucan VPO-210, rifle, smoothbore tool

Due to the selection of the design most appropriate for performing both Amateur as well as expert hunting, today offered the best possibility to locate for our functions this alternative is a hunting rifle that will best satisfy specific requirements as well as to ensure the safety of operation, convenience and convenience of usage.

Among the most robust, comfortable to utilize carbines ought to remain on the model Toucan/ VPO-210, which has for a long period of time stands out of the consumers because of its exceptional outside layout as well as the favorable responses obtained from owners of the rifle.

Considering the carbine is well established in the procedure of operation because of the reasoning of each structural part, an unified mix of details and also absence of excess. The design with the optimum comfort you can utilize guys that have plus size hands, women with fragility of the Constitution, as well as even teens — — the quantity of recoil when shot in the model is fairly small. This indicator offered a good abstraction of the gases created when making a shot. Likewise lots of there is an excellent look: eye-catching look as well as exceptional technological characteristics put down by the producer.

Testimonial of shotgun Toucan/ VPO-210

Among the analogues presented on the market today, searching rifle design Toucan/ VPO-210 can be thought about one of the most preferred. Due to the fact that technological attributes incorporated easily of usage, it offers good efficiency shooting, which took into consideration such factors as the series of a bullet set the preliminary rate of a bullet, firing precision, which affects the efficiency of striking the target, and discovery that rifle Toucan/ VPO-210 is best for a balance in between form and length of the barrel.

To comprehend the complete image of the performance of its functions carbine Toucan/ VPO-210 needs to perform its main features, which are split into advantages and imperfections. The list permits you to obtain an initial opinion on the efficiency of shooting this carbine. Outstanding high quality of shooting, durable style, favorable evaluations can be thought about legitimate indicators of the top quality of shooting, comfort designs all structural parts of a rifle.

The design has a broad area of applications: it is well-proven practical experiences to engage targets in the hunt for amusement, training accuracy and involvement in sports and for self defense.

Having a quite sensible and budget-friendly for most of customers, worth, this carbine has a very little variety of issues, which do not have significant merger on the high quality as well as the procedure of shooting him.

Advantages and also downsides

Taking into consideration any type of adjustment of a modern-day searching rifle, primarily the focus to its exterior design. This number greatly figures out the level of demand for it. And also «« look » of the model Toucan/ VPO-210 must be taken into consideration one of its major benefits: made in the traditional style without unnecessary details that distract user interest from the procedure of firing, the carbine is a streamlined style that facilitates the process of its procedure. Timeless design incorporated with the thoughtfulness of its style have to be taken into consideration an important benefit of the taken into consideration carbine.

With the assistance of this model can be struck as far fixed or moving target. Comfy style, every detail small and the weight of the carabiner enables it to be made use of for training novices: an easy design, no unnecessary distracting parts and also convenience of usage made the version Toucan/ VPO-210 is just one of the most hassle-free for experts as well as beginners alike.

Additionally the advantages of this version include the adhering to attributes:

  • top quality modern-day materials made use of in the development of the rifle, making it more resistant to outside conditions, mechanical effects and going along with area conditions of searching;
  • the reasonableness of the style, which describes the high level of ease of this version;
  • «« emphasize » design — — store rotating type, made of resilient plastic. The publication capability is 3 rounds. The smart design enables it without unneeded delay to hand in these cartridge into the chamber;
  • presenting a thoughtful smooth semi-automatic carbine of the version has no analogues in the contemporary arms market. Detachable rib has a reduced weight due to using alloy in its structure;
  • the body of the trigger is not made of polymeric product that is rather much less self-confidence on the part of the customer, of a metal alloy with light weight mass of a body is far more trusted than any kind of also of highly durable polymer material.

The benefits Toucan/ VPO-210 can be credited to the fairly economical price, which greatly determines its rate of interest among purchasers with various financial abilities.

Nonetheless, there are a number of shortcomings, which attract the focus of the user in the process operation version. The drawbacks Toucan/ VPO-210 can be credited to the somewhat enhanced general weight of the entire structure of the rifle (she is 3.2 kg); the dreams of the professionals will certainly see this carbine considering as much as 3 kgs.

Additionally an imperfection of some proprietors taken into consideration external design: basic, traditional lines do not give the necessary elegance to this carbine, however, did not significantly affect both the process of shooting, and also performance shots.

Image of the carbine VPO-210 Toucan

Purpose The mix of the capability to use Toucan/ VPO-210 when it comes to hunting and training marksmanship and defense of the version made her appearance a carbine with a vast field of use. Have actually verified it for fun, target capturing and participation in the sports of target shooting. Varieties Offered replacement choke tube with different diameters, which permits to use the model Toucan/ VPO-210 for different sorts of hunting as well as for target interaction: located close and also much, moving as well as stationary. According to owner evaluations, this carabiner can be made use of for searching on medium and also large pets.

Also uses designs, the butt of which is made from strong wood, which dramatically enhances the General perception of this carbine. There is, in addition to the basic design under 20-gauge, also offered carbine ammunition 12-gauge.


Integrating several positive attributes relative to the external layout, absence of extra parts in the event and also its thinking, carabiner Toucan/ VPO-210 has exceptional technical qualities, which largely influence customer need for it. With efficiency analysis you can obtain a concept regarding the opportunities of shooting of the carbine. Below are the most essential specifications Toucan/ VPO-210, which offer the optimum quantity of information on the top quality of the made shots.

Specs Carbine Toucan/ VPO-210
Native land Production Association «« Hammer»
» Appointment Searching, sporting activity capturing
View Smooth semi-automatic 20-gauge (or 12)
Capacity cartridges 3
The overall length of the body 1 120 mm
The size of the barrel 660 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Size 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide layer

Smooth-bore semi-auto shotgun, made from excellent quality sturdy black plastic integrated with lightweight metal alloys, design Toucan/ VPO-210 is simple to operate, has high wear resistance. This quality is particularly vital when the frequent procedure of the rifle in the area — — hunting, when moving it over considerable distances.


From the view of the framework depends mostly on the procedure of the carbine. Lightweight aluminium alloy provided the barrel Toucan/ VPO-210 essential for comfortable operation easily, which positively affected the operation of the carbine. This allows even beginner shooters to find out the basics of shooting 2 Kurkov delivers accuracy shots. The brilliant layout of the sight and also of the rifle as a whole supplies an enhanced shooting prices.

The simplicity of the design Toucan/ VPO-210 allows you to dismantle it for cleansing and reconstruction in a short time even in the field, without making use of unique devices as well as devices.

Packing as well as choosing

The fundamental package for this rifle included several cannon muzzle add-ons. Model Toucan/ VPO-210 Packed for protection from unfavorable impacts (temperature, moisture, and also mechanical shock) right into a soft movie, the sale is put in a cardboard box. The carbine is provided at the time of its procurement an individual passport, a certificate of top quality for this type of firearms.

The principle of procedure

The principle of procedure of the model Toucan/ VPO-210 is relatively simple, that allows even newbies to work with him. Irregular bowel movements carbine rotating locking mechanism is made on 2 emphasis (battle). The location of the return spring of the shutter remains in the body of the box rifle.

To perform the shot you wish to send out the cartridge to the shop of the rifle, then clicking the start aktiviziruyutsya the action of the springtime in the type of a sharp press on the cartridge from the cartridge chamber, the cartridge goes into the barrel and you shot.


Performing disassembly Toucan/ VPO-210, it might be needed to fix, at its set up cleaning. The stem connecting the box to the butt is screw technique (with a screw), which can quickly be unscrewed. Fiber optic front sight removed from the barrel by unscrewing the screws. The gas center is likewise very easy to disassembly. The details of it are made from alloy steel and afterwards chrome-plated to preserve its high qualities.

The trigger Assembly removed from the receiver by pressing lightly on the launch switch.


For performing adjusting by lots of owners set up greater capacity, the store, and also can likewise be changed barrel (muzzle) of the nozzle.

Evaluations of the eyes of the proprietors and also the rate of a searching rifle Toucan/ VPO-210 Other and also 20th calibers are given below.

The item rate

The cost design Toucan/ VPO-210 is taken into consideration by the majority of owners are rather inexpensive. She has to do with 27-30 thousand rubles.

Owner assesses

The viewpoint of the proprietors of the version Toucan/ VPO-210 mostly positive: one of the most important are the firing rates, which in this carbine is high. Desire to include a little beauty in look is just one of the most usual. The weight of the rifle Toucan/ VPO-210 not as well visible in the course of its procedure, it can be used for shooting women and also teens.

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