TOZ-106, rifle, shotgun

Available on the arms market various designs of hunting guns can stun even one of the most experienced enthusiast of shooting weapons. As a result of their characteristics, technical capabilities and also exterior design permits you to choose a design from the entire collection, which to a greater extent will satisfy the needs of the buyer.

Among the lots of most popular versions single-barreled carbines must stay on the rifle version TOZ-106 (MC 20-04), which is shown in the search for small animals and also tiny birds, as well as in the execution of the protection of private ranches, agricultural crops as well as for protection.

Easy design, common for all designs of the Tula maker (also recognized designs Argali, CO-44, CO-98, TOZ-134-20, TOZ-BM) as well as relatively reduced weight incorporated with portable size permit you to utilize this design for both men and women with a fragile Constitution.

Overview of weapon TOZ-106 (MC 20-04)

Showing itself at its finest at reasonably brief ranges (within 30-50 meters), rifle TOZ-106 (MC 20-04) handles loss stationary as well as moving targets. Having a fairly tiny mass, the version can conveniently be transferred over fars away, which is specifically crucial for those who use the rifle for specialist hunting conquering considerable distances. Modern design instantly draws in the interest of buyers, a classic style buttstock and also a barrel, made only from high quality contemporary materials, highlights the design due to the lack of unneeded and distracting arrow details. And also it mostly establishes the top quality of the made shots.

Given that the primary function of this design need to be considered to be used in expert searching, crucial is the top quality, as the possibility of fast disassembly: easy disassembly and also procedure of centers in the area, when not offered a conventional set of tools. Ergonomics all structural parts guarantees the ease of use of the rifle, the smooth strolling of the trigger as well as absence of complexity when pushed makes certain the targeting.

Advantages and negative aspects

Modern and also adapted to the area problems, the rifle design TOZ-106 (MC 20-04) is well established as fit for objective (expert searching) as well as for entertainment — — it can be made use of for shooting training, marksmanship training, participate in sporting activities. Wide location of use — — among the primary advantages in contrast with other models with comparable attributes. Besides, considering the carbine is the most simple to make use of and also in the field, and in everyday life. Created form, the ergonomics of every layout information, all made considering the carbine is especially eye-catching essentially buyers.

The advantage of the model need to include the complying with top qualities:

  • the possibility of reducing the minimizing of dimension carbine by adding the — — length folded this model does design exceed 530 surpass, which is very convenient for hassle-free transportation regular transport rifle;
  • the ease of movement simplicity the activity, allowing you to permitting and smoothly swiftly shots efficiently not feel a strong impact;
  • affordability is an important cost that makes essential attribute especially in demand;
  • need performance of fire — — sighting and range of a discovery, variety determined by its velocity and provides an excellent speed and also offers, both striking and in motion;
  • the possibility of quick partial disassembly — — this quality is particularly important in the top quality of especially vital in the field, when you have to reinstall any structural part or the carrying out of minor repairs of the gun;
  • attractive appearance, achieved using natural wood Appealinglook) attained making use ofAll-natural timber guarantees long-term preservation top quality the attractiveness of appearanceLong-lasting This is necessary throughout energetic operation of the rifle in the field, when a high chance of falling into the water, when temperature modifications at high humidity.

The existence of a rear view and also front view permits to enhance the sighting of the continuous fire, a comfortable bed most comfortable butt hinges on the shoulder as well as with a relatively tiny effect provides far better loss the objective. The visibility of back sight with the possibility of air flow includes accuracy made shots, and the elongated shape of the barrel contributes to a great discovery capturing. One of the most convenient form of shutter (longitudinal sliding) provide simple cocking of the trigger and make the shot, well-cocking device provides good performance capturing.

The visibility of the latch, which securely secures the barrel of the rifle folded up, guarantees the reliability of the building, and a rubber recoil pad adds convenience to the process of its procedure. Resilient usage carabiner are provided by the use chrome in several architectural components, which helps with maintenance and protects against the very early look of corrosion. This is especially important in situations when the use of the carbine in the area at high moisture and also the chance of coming under the water.
In contrast with comparable models 3rd party shotgun TOZ-106 (MC 20-04) stands out as a result of a combination of appealing technical functions and a fairly budget friendly expense. This is what mostly attracts the interest of buyers. The proprietors have actually already begun the exploitation of this model enable you to obtain an extra detailed idea regarding it.

A significant disadvantage of this carbine include the intricacy of the branch-filled cartridges shop from the body of the gun. For this we have to make use of unique tool which may not always be available.

TOZ-106 with various boxes

Purpose To use this version for entertainment(training accuracy, participation in the sports of target capturing)and also searching medium-sized and also little animals, and also for self defense and protection of their home. Selections

Provided ranges of this rifle, furnished with a sighting rod and also butt which are made from different types of wood. Their technical attributes stay at the originally high degree as well as provide both a high degree of need for the model, and favorable proprietor reviews. There are also examples with a plastic stock.


With the assistance of technical attributes it is possible to acquire the most total picture of this carbine. The complying with technical data about the version TOZ-106 (MC 20-04) offer an idea of his top qualities as well as abilities.

Specs Carbine TOZ-104 (MC 20-04)
Country of origin Russia, Tula arms manufacturing facility
Consultation Searching medium and also small game and also birds, capturing, enjoyable, target technique
Sight Single-barreled carbine
Capacity cartridges From 2 to 4
Complete hull size, consisting of folded 1 120 mm (not more than 530 mm)
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The elevation of the version 202 mm
Weight 3,89 kg
Size 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold creating, has an oxide layer

Having eye-catching to customers expense, model TOZ-104 (MC 20-04) immediately attracts attention and also ensures an assured need.


Maker offers one of the most basic disassembly, and also this is figured out by a streamlined mechanism. The simplicity of the style of the hunting carbine TOZ-106 (MC 20-04) enables very easy disassembly without use of unique tools that is commonly required for present fixings or when clearance.

Prior to executing a partial disassembly should initially examine the shop in the absence of cartridges. Afterwards, the Department shop, the opening of the shutter by designating it back, as well as after pressing the shutter release button to separate as well as eliminate the shutter.

Packing and also choosing

To the carbine in the sale is connected an equivalent top quality certification and also passport. It is Packed in a cardboard packaging with info on the side with the name of the product and details regarding the company-seller.

In control with the client this version can be outfitted with a cover for the shoulder, rifle as well as belt strap, bandolier, bags, instance. All of this includes ease to the operation of the carbine.

The principle of operation

The capacity to make the shot of this gun just shows up when completely mounted in working placement the butt. Beside the shop spent cartridges, with them to shift the maximum additionally to the back of the store.

When cocking is moving cartridges from the shop in the chamber, when you push the trigger takes place shot.


Not require any certain skills to run, carbine TOZ-106 (MC 20-04) can easily undergo partial disassembly that is necessary for executing tonirovania as well as repair service.


This design for improvement of the capturing can be totally tonirovania. A variety of basic plumbing job can attain substantial improvement of shooting rates.

The product cost

The expense of this model is reasonably cost effective for most purchasers. The cost averages around $ 300.

Proprietor reviews

Modern and also advanced supplier, the rifle design TOZ-106 (MC 20-04) copes well with the tasks: beat fixed and moving targets from a distance of 30-50 meters, training accuracy as well as for home entertainment. Lots of proprietors discover unparalleled density of the weapon: hassle-free design enables maximum convenience to run it, the relatively little size guarantees easy transportation.

Lots of mentioned the opportunity of tonirovania as a crucial and also: small changes boost the high quality of fire, its precision.

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