TOZ-122, carbine, smoothbore tools

Referring to the most innovative designs, which routinely pleases its followers Tula arms maker, should include the model TOZ-122, which ended up being specifically popular as a result of the optimum combination of attractive layout and also quite budget-friendly cost.

Having outstanding technical data, mostly all versions have received a lot of favorable testimonials from purchasers as well as owners. Nonetheless, it remains in TOZ-122 proprietors discovered the very best shooting efficiency accuracy of shots, sighting and simplicity of usage.

Integrating the capability to utilize both for hunting and also training marksmanship and also protection rifle model TOZ-122 has actually obtained substantial popularity among buyers as well as fans of the Tula maker (known to the same, and such versions like the TOZ-99, TOZ-78, TOZ-88, KO-44, OP SKS, TOZ-97 ««»Argali », etc).

Listed below are the favorable features enable you to assess one of the most versatile design, its staminas. Thanks to advanced style the version is well matched for training beginners firing fairly low weight, compact dimensions and ergonomic design all building and construction information offer comfy use of the rifle, along with men, adolescents as well as women of a breakable Constitution.

Review of carbine TOZ-122

The advanced simplicity of the whole structure under consideration carbine provides the chance to a quick partial disassembly also in the field without special tools, which is especially crucial throughout energetic operation of the version. Exceptional quality of shooting, durable style, favorable evaluations can be thought about legitimate indications of the quality of capturing, functional designs all architectural parts of a rifle. With this searching rifle, you can take part in a hunting journey as medium as well as huge pets.

Modern appearance, use high quality products in the layout of the butt, making the receiver of a light-weight metal alloy based upon light weight aluminum by cold creating has allowed to make this design among one of the most hassle-free in operation as well as reliable because of the guaranteed excellent quality performance.

Multi-charge hunting carbine TOZ-122 deals well with all its job: Amateur as well as expert hunting, target practice, participation in competitions in sport capturing. Considering the carbine is well developed in the process of operation due to the thinking of each structural part, a harmonious combination of information as well as absence of excess that can distract the shooter. The analysis of the positive as well as negative qualities of the design will enable to obtain one of the most full photo of its abilities.

Advantages and also negative aspects

The version is the initial rifled weapons Tula arms plant, designed for hunting, which has a larger quality than 5.6. Incorporating eye-catching «« appearance»», performed in classic style, and thoughtfulness of all the information, the simplicity of the system as well as involving essentially purchasers expense, design TOZ-122 turned into one of one of the most offered today. Comfy design, every information small as well as the weight of the carabiner enables it to be utilized for teaching newbies: a basic layout, no unnecessary disruptive parts and also simplicity of usage made the design TOZ-122 is among one of the most convenient for amateurs as well as experts alike.

Offered below the advantages of this searching rifle and also its drawbacks provide an opportunity to make your own viewpoint regarding the capabilities of the model.

One of the most important advantages of the version TOZ-122 need to include additionally these specifications:

  • the attractiveness of the exterior style — — natural timber properly dealt with, trusted, modern, very sturdy plastic products, not terrified of unexpected adjustments in temperature, humidity and also mechanical effects, the beauty of form — — all this right away attracts the attention of every customer. Such as have mostly all represented in the sale searching rifle Tula arms plant;
  • the reasonableness of the layout, which discusses the high degree of ease of this design;
  • great shooting rates, which are supplied as the reasonableness of the entire structure and also equilibrium of each component;
  • opportunities for widespread usage.

Included in the base riflescope with exceptional efficiency makes it possible for much more precise capturing. The visibility of limiters of high-strength plastic, rubber recoil pad, providing a comfortable head setting as well as the optimal size of the barrel of the rifle TOZ-122 makes the model a particularly comfortable even with prolonged use.
According to some proprietors, the design TOZ-122 is as well tight mainspring makes complex the process of cocking Kurkov. This problem the maker does not influence the rate of firing and lowers the performance of the made shot.

Picture TOZ-122

Purpose Perfect level of balance of the model permits its usage in various locations: carbine TOZ-122 can be utilized to take part in specialist as well as Amateur hunting, for enjoyable, capturing at targets to practice precision, to participate in competitions in sport capturing, protection. And also almost everywhere the indicators are among the highest in comparison with analogues.


In readily available selections of the design TOZ-122, in the layout of the butts which used wood varieties some trees with high hardness:

  • beech,
  • birch,
  • nut.

Technical attributes of the carbine TOZ-122 are provided below.

Quality bullets can differ: 7,62×× 51,.308 Wines.


Many thanks to the elegance of the whole layout, you can be certain as capturing of the rifle and its abilities, expanding its area of use. Below are the most crucial parameters TOZ-122 which provide the optimum quantity of details on the high quality of the made shots.

Specs Carbine TOZ-122
Country of origin Tula arms plant
Appointment Searching, sport shooting
View Gunned searching carbine
Capacity cartridges Two shops for 6 rounds in each
The overall length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 660 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold building, has an oxide finishing

Rifled searching rifle, made of high quality sturdy black plastic incorporated with light-weight steel alloys, model TOZ-122 is simple to operate, has high wear resistance. This high quality is particularly vital when the constant operation of the rifle in the area — — hunting, when moving it over significant distances. Numerous proprietors as a special benefit note basic design of the slide as well as checked the barrel which has a best consistency.


The device and also design greatly figure out the procedure of the carbine. Lightweight aluminium alloy offered the barrel TOZ-122необходимой for comfortable operation easily, which favorably affected the procedure of the carbine. The clever style of the sight as well as of the rifle overall supplies a better shooting rates.

Packing and also selecting

In the basic configuration of the rifle model TOZ-122 has an optical view, which is conveniently installed and gotten rid of from the receiver, the belt is to offer even more comfy transport of the rifle. If you offer to the purchaser a certificate of quality for the model and also her personal ticket.

The product packaging is carried out in a polymer movie that safeguards the carabiner from mechanical influences throughout transportation as well as in containers.

The concept of procedure

The concept of procedure TOZ-122 is relatively simple, that allows also novices to work with him. Constipation has a really basic construction, the securing is to stop (battling). The area of the return springtime of the shutter remains in the body of package rifle.

To carry out the shot you intend to send out the cartridge to the shop of the rifle, after that clicking the begin aktiviziruyutsya the activity of the spring in the type of a sharp push on the cartridge from the cartridge chamber, the cartridge enters into the barrel as well as you fired.


Carrying out disassembly TOZ-122, it may be necessary to fix, at its scheduled cleaning. The stem affixing the box to the butt is screw method (with a screw), which can quickly be unscrewed. Fiber optic front sight gotten rid of from the barrel by unscrewing the screws. The trigger Assembly eliminated from the receiver by pushing gently on the release switch.


For performing adjusting of the rifle TOZ-122 proprietors establish an even more capacious store, and might be changed by a fundamental optical view.

Price and proprietor testimonials on hunting carbine TOZ-122.308 WIN as well as other qualities are offered below.

The product price

The expense of the carbine TOZ-122 is considered by the majority of proprietors are fairly budget-friendly. She is about 26-30 thousand rubles.

Proprietor evaluates

According to the reviews of a lot of the owners of the design a carbine TOZ-122, this version Tula supplier’s tried and tested himself to be made use of as a searching and for enjoyment, as well as also in self-defence. The integrity of the style and also the simpleness of the system made it feasible to easily use it even for Amateurs shooting from this weapon.

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