TOZ-124, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Comfort when capturing is supplied by the functional designs of each design information and also the possibility of replacing the classic butt on the gun grasp makes it possible for the most hassle-free to operate the carbine.

A great deal of positive feedback regarding both the abilities of the version as well as the exterior layout of the carabiner enables us to call it among the most frequently acquired models. In comparison with counterparts with similar attributes carbine TOZ-124 (Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod) has a slightly smaller sized mass and dimension, which facilitates its transport and use.

Standing for a bolt activity rifle intended for performing searching, rifle version TOZ-124 (Tula arms Plant, understood for such items as the TOZ-106, TOZ-194, TOZ-94, TOZ-99, TOZ-78, MC 21-12, TOZ-87 and TOZ-88, TOZ-124, TOZ-BM, TOZ-34, TOZ-54, TOZ-120, TOZ-200, KO-44, OP SKS, TOZ-97 ««»Argali », and so on )well tried and tested as well as for home entertainment, self, training and also marksmanship protection.

Its high quality, figured out by the manufacturer, allow to obtain a high rating shooting at a fixed target and moving. Paying attention to themselves by purchasing a carbine of this design never ceases to astonish and in the process of its procedure.

Search shotguns TOZ-124

By analyzing the technological features set by the manufacturer, the carbine TOZ-124 (Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod) shows outstanding results for the following signs:

  • the range of a bullet (which is established by its initial rate);
  • accuracy — — this parameter establishes the performance of each shot;
  • sighting permits you to assess the degree of damage the target at different distances.

The reliability of the whole framework, the possibility of quick partial disassembly as well as tuning guarantees that the demand for the version. And affordability becoming an included benefit for followers of the widely known manufacturer — — Tula arms plant

. The classic design of the body of the carabiner gives a constant passion to him. Application in the layout of the carabiner of all-natural timber premium quality makes his «« look » is particularly remarkable: the unique therapy of all-natural materials helps to make sure the preservation of the appealing look of the design in a long time, protecting it from the results of dampness and also temperature level.

Utilized in creating the version for an aluminum alloy when creating a stem box has actually identified its toughness as well as long-term preservation of ideal form, and this is particularly essential if you regularly use the rifle in the field when there are different type of mechanical influence on him.

Compare the number of favorable high qualities as well as imperfections in the design offers the chance to understand the level of its performance. Indeed, the relevance of a quality hunting rifle, like its density as well as fairly light weight, is suggested when it is lengthy wearing, and also the model is small size — — it additionally helps with the finding out process of newbies.


Online you can find video evaluations on the rifle TOZ-124. Advantages and also downsides The design provided by the Tula arms plant can be considered among the most effective: the most important for any kind of rifles are shooting prices, as well as TOZ-124(Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod)amazed its owners by striking fixed targets at brief distances,

  • as well as relocating at higher ranges. simple and also fast fitting weapon for a details arrowhead;
  • an easy tool, which allows to apply the version TOZ-124 (Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod) also to beginners. Consequently, integrated with the simplicity as well as simplicity of reloading provides you the possibility to use it as a reasonably simple knowing model;
  • the compactness and reasonably reduced weight enable easy transport of the rifle — — this high quality is particularly important when the active procedure;
  • basic procedure operation, leading to a balanced device of the rifle.

Adding the apparent advantages of a carbine TOZ-124 (Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod) economical cost, you can get the reason for the appeal of this model among our in-house equivalents.

The drawbacks, according to the proprietors, carabiner for angling and specialist hunting TOZ-124 (Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod) is not exposed.


Carbine Tula arms plant is made for business and professional hunting, training accuracy. Additionally in its abilities, it can be used for protection.


Searching specialized shops provide two type of this carabiner:

  1. TOZ-124 is developed for cartridges of calibre 12/76 Magnum;
  2. TOZ-124-01 cartridges of caliber 12/70.

The caliber used in the capturing of the carabiner, guarantee the defeat of also the big game.

Both species did well throughout the quest, usage for amusement and self defense.

Specifications TOZ-124 you will certainly locate below.


Technical criteria permit to analyze the capabilities of the model. Developed by the manufacturer, they specify essential efficiency indications dedicated shots.

Specs Carbine TOZ-124
Native land Russia, Tula arms manufacturing facility
Visit Hunting, sporting activity shooting
Sight Pump-action smooth-bore carbine
Capability cartridges 5
The overall length of the body 1 120 mm
The size of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the design 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Size 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold building, has an oxide layer

The family member simplicity and simplicity of the framework of the version TOZ-124 enables maximum convenience to create its procedure, it is important for those that have actually just started understanding the scientific research of capturing from the professional arms.

Dependable layout ensures the security of shooting the rifle: the presence of non-automatic securing device gets rid of the threat of unplanned shot. The major positive part of the rifle TOZ-124 can be called a butt, barrel. The barrel and the butt well stand up to temperature level adjustments throughout procedure of the rifle in the area, not worried of mechanical influences, as well as this allows them to keep an eye-catching look both when the temperature level changes and high humidity (that’s what the signs have the greatest effect when searching).

Picking and loading

In marketing the rifle remains in plastic packaging and also cardboard box — — this aids to reduce the effects of mechanical anxiety on the carabiner. The set consists of compatible inserts for the carbine.

On package there is info regarding the version name, manufacturer.

The principle of procedure

The principle of operation of a repeater version TOZ-124 is reasonably straightforward, making it very easy to work with him. «« Native» » can hold 5 cartridges, which when you press the trigger move the trunk. Utilizing flies is figured out by the target, the optical view gives you the chance to enhance the efficiency of each shot.


The analysis of the discovery tool is accomplished by removal of the rear sight; the front sight is not detachable. Disassembly can be created repair service, when cleansing the barrel. Mount the stem to the body of the box is a screw which conveniently Unscrew.


To enhance the efficiency of shots on the trunk box can be placed optical view, which enables you never ever to come close to the target.

The cost as well as the testimonials shotguns TOZ-124 is provided below.

The item price

Taking into consideration the rate of the rifle for searching from Tula supplier has to do with 8 500 — — 10 150 rubles. From various suppliers, the expense may slightly vary, but the rate might still be taken into consideration fairly cost effective.

Owner evaluates

The overall impression from any type of design of the rifle is developed from a combination of expense, look as well as technological abilities. Proprietors, and purchasers, first kept in mind the eye-catching look of the rifle of the version. The use of natural wood, appropriately treated for the preservation of its species, boosts the interest to this sort of butt.

Relieve of usage, opportunities for extensive usage is likewise essential when selecting a searching rifle, and also carbine TOZ-124 is confirmed by these parameters.

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