TOZ-134-20, rifle, shotgun

Tula plant generates a range of great models. This popular conversion KO-44, OP-SKS, Argali, and self-filling small-caliber TOZ-99 as well as 122, as well as the famous TOZ-34.

From this almost famous «« rifle » has a more youthful sibling is the version TOZ-134-20. It’s lightweight, small-caliber version with precisely the same trigger system and also securing system. The weapon is really rare, outdoors market are not discovered, it is seldom seen live, also experienced seekers. Summary of gun TOZ-134-20 Searching smooth-bore weapon with upright trunks.

Details of the trigger are

taken virtually the same from the TOZ-34. The main difference is in the receiver block , which has an overall clutch replacement breech and also tube shafts, in the middle part of the United combining. The barrels are chromed. The top restriction is complete choke. The lower left cyndrical tube, the bullet . Advantages and also drawbacks This is an extremely rare weapon, nearly beyond repair.

Reasonably light– weight from the trunks ofthe twentieth caliber does not go beyond 2.6 kgs.

  • To achieve this outcome, I had lots of information of the systems– based USM, launch lever, trigger guard is
  • construct from light weight aluminum alloy. The coupler style of the breech enables you to transform the barrels, establishing tube 28 or 32 quality.
  • Mount trunks only in between the intermediate coupling avoids their contortion, so celestial( hit at one point
  • )does not constantly function. On the breech of the barrel block has a factory recess creating bar type « swallow tail ». You can place optics.

Image shotguns TOZ-34


To a greater degree, is a commercial rifle that made use of to search video game birds, hares, foxes, little ungulates. It can be seen as a training tool for exercising abilities in intending.


The weapon was produced (or produced?) wood poliestireno Lodge. In the base case, 20-gauge, the top barrel is full choke, lower barrel.

Attribute The worth
Type Bokflint (upright trunks)
Trunk The top chalk, the reduced cyndrical tube, chrome layered network
Quality 20, 28, 32
Size of stems (mm) 600 for 20-gauge and also 550 for the 32nd and 28th qualities
Weight (kg) 2,4-2,6
Size (mm) 1020
  • Smoothbore gun with a vertical arrangement of trunks. The channel and chamber are chromed. Top the trunk with the narrowing of the «« complete choke », the lower bullet, round.
  • The barrel block equipped with coupling of the breech, enabling the setup of the tubes 20, 28 or 32 gauge (a number of the exact same size). Trunks signed up with at the center of the size of the clutch with the Cam system to manage celestial. The gap loaded with plastic strap, which plays a more attractive duty.
  • Views– low plank and also bronze fly augmented groove type «« sync » on the breech ring of the clutch.
  • The base of the trigger, launch lever and also trigger guard made from light weight aluminum alloy, repainted with black hammer paint.
  • Locking of the barrel block on one of the lower latch. Kuroki hidden with looters. 2 triggers– the front is accountable for the shot the top barrel, the back– bottom.
  • A mechanical fuse that blocks the sear and also trigger. The checkbox lies on the neck of the Lodge.
  • Polupoltina the bed, the butt plate is steel. Foregrip with a button latch.
Packing and also picking

Nobody saw this gun in the original packaging and does not understand about its arrangement. Probably, a cardboard box and also nothing more.

The principle of operation

The weapon works with traditional bokflint principle. Unlocking is done by the bar located on the leading side of the receiver. When it leads the way to the right, the lower lock moves in as well as out of pairing with an intermediary in the wheel barrel system.

Broken trunks tab on the bottom side of the pad to the forearm actuates the pusher of the trigger and cocking the trigger. The fuse when securing is instantly launched.

For unstressed descent Kurkov open up the receiver device, switch on the fuse and also hold back both trigger. Lock barrel system and also launch the hooks.

  1. To open the barrel block, make sure the rifle is unloaded.
  2. To shut the system, press the release switch of the lower arm as well as eliminate it by pulling the front edge down.
  3. To unlock the barrel block, eliminate it from the hinge, revolve the receiver.

The gun is not found in the free market. With hands it can be purchased for 10-12 thousand rubles.To find anything cheaper won’t be simple. Proprietor examines This weapon is light-weight as well as rather plain

to the problems of use. Prone to deformation of televisions trunks and also crossing when capturing.

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