TOZ-194, rifle, shotgun

Due to superb technical attributes, presented today in the sale of searching rifles large spectrum of task permit you to acquire such a design, which will greatly fulfill the demands of the shooter.

Incorporating the safety assured by the maker for proper operation, with a substantial share of the shooting, the supposed technological attributes, they vary in look and also capabilities for usage.

Amongst one of the most preferred versions from the Tula maker (by the hands of his artisans generated the infamous TOZ-34, 44, Argali) specifically trustworthy showed a rifle version TOZ-194, which belongs to the course of pump.

His gadget was relatively simple, which is essential for the implementation of the partial dismantling and also tonirovania and reasonableness of the whole style: the comfort designs of each structural part in combination with ease of use and also supply optimal comfort in the process of procedure of the rifle.

Small kickback advises of the mistake of the made shots, but the top quality of shooting (discovery, variety of bullets and also precision) are provided with technological criteria that were put down by the manufacturer.

Testimonial of the shotgun TOZ-194

This model attracts attention with its outside design in simple, timeless design, and also attributes. Design TOZ-194, which is verified in the search for small birds as well as small animals, along with in the application of the security of personal farms, farming crops as well as for self-defense, well-stocked, has a great deal of favorable evaluations from proprietors. Modern and high quality, it is developed by the manufacturer, which enables it to operate with the best comfort.

Modern layout promptly attracts the attention of buyers, a classic design buttstock and also a barrel, made only from high quality contemporary materials, highlights the version due to the absence of unneeded and disruptive arrowhead details. And also it greatly identifies the high quality of the made shots. At the very same time as patterning, targeting, specified by technical features largely became the basis for the reviews of the owners, which are mostly in the process of procedure of any type of sort of tools approximate precisely shooting prices and also the quality of the shots.

The list of benefits as well as negative aspects of this version mostly allow you to obtain an image of the carbine. The basis for this model was taken a gun TOZ-94, which likewise had fantastic recommendations from the proprietors, boosted and acquired a more full type.

Advantages as well as disadvantages

A significant number of advantages, the minimum variety of problems — — it can be referred to as the version. The most crucial advantages of the carbine TOZ-194 ought to include the following characteristics:

  • the possibility of quick partial disassembly — — this high quality is especially crucial in the procedure of the rifle in the area, when you need to re-install any type of architectural component or the accomplishing of minor repair work of the gun;
  • attractive appearance, accomplished using all-natural timber (birch) top notch pre-treatment, which guarantees long-term conservation of the good looks of look. This is very important throughout active operation of the rifle in the field, when a high likelihood of falling under the water, when temperature level changes, high air moisture;
  • the existence of several modifications with some unimportant differences enables you to choose the carbine, which will greatly meet the needs and also wishes of the buyer;
  • price — — this enables you to buy this design even purchasers with minimal funds;
  • the detachable barrel makes the greatest ease to perform the disassembly of the rifle.

The presence of rear sight with the opportunity of ventilation includes accuracy made shots, and the elongated shape of the barrel contributes to a great discovery shooting. The most convenient type of shutter (longitudinal moving) provide very easy cocking of the trigger and make the shot, well-cocking mechanism supplies great performance capturing. Making use of chrome in decor and the manufacture of the shutter to ensure maximum safety also in area problems: high humidity, rising and fall temperatures as well as touching the rifle in the water.

Drawbacks of the version TOZ-194, according to proprietors, virtually untreated.

Shotgun TOZ-194

Purpose Carbine TOZ-194 found its use in hunting tiny animals and also small birds, in addition to in the application of the security of personal farms, crops, as well as

  • for protection. It is made use of to protect farming land, and also innovation.

The marketplace today supplies numerous varieties that enable you to choose one of the most suitable, which will mainly fulfill the demands and also dreams of the purchaser.

The types of versions consist of:

  • choice 194-01that has the rear view that offers terrific sighting each shot, as well as gun grasp;
  • option 194-02, which is equipped with a number of muzzle add-ons and the ability to alter stores of different capacity;
  • kind 194-03 with a set of muzzle accessories and also discovery pole;
  • 194-04 variant with a shortened barrel and plastic take care of.

In the manufacture of the stock utilized wood of trees, which will certainly permit you to run the rifle under field conditions without losing its charm — — beech as well as walnut. Rubber damper provides comfort in the procedure of shooting.


For any type of contemporary carbine, the most enlightening may be considered to be its technical specifications. With the help of technical characteristics it is possible to get one of the most complete image of this carbine. The following technical information about the version TOZ-194 offer a suggestion of its qualities and possibilities.

Requirements Carbine TOZ-194
Native land Russia, Tula arms factory
Consultation Hunting tool and tiny game as well as birds, shooting, fun, target practice
View Single-barreled carbine
Ability cartridges From 5 to 9
The complete length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The elevation of the design 202 mm
Weight 3,89 kg
Size 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold building, has an oxide covering

In this version, inside the trunk there is no thread — — the rifle is a smoothbore. Manufacturer supplies one of the most basic disassembly, as well as this is identified by a simplified mechanism.

The simplicity of the design of the searching carbine TOZ-194 enables very easy disassembly without use unique equipment that is often required for present repairs or when clearance. The cost is manual, which additionally adds simplicity to the procedure of disassembly.

The caliber of ammunition used — — 12/70 with a non-metallic sleeve.

Picking as well as packing
  • To the carbine in the sale is attached a matching top quality certification and also key.
  • It is Packed in a cardboard packaging with details on the side with the name of the item as well as info about the company-seller.
The concept of operation

The capacity to make the shot of this gun just appears when fully installed in functioning setting the butt. Beside the store invested cartridges, with them to shift the maximum even more to the rear of the store.


Prior to performing a partial disassembly needs to initially examine the shop in the absence of cartridges. After that, the Department store, the opening of the shutter by designating it back, and after pressing the shutter release button to eliminate the shutter as well as separate.


To carry out tonirovania must execute a variety of pipes works which will make the procedure of shooting a carbine better. For example, can be installed front sight, as well as handguard.

The product price

The expense of this design is fairly cost effective for many buyers. Rate on average is around 350-420 USD.

Proprietor examines

Proprietor evaluates give a concept concerning the high quality of the rifle and also its capabilities. So, customers, there is an opportunity of choice amongst the here and now in the sale of varieties TOZ-194, which vary in outside design, and its tools and also characteristics. This gives you the possibility to find this sort of carabiner, which will greatly fulfill the dreams of the purchaser.

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